Month: March 2008

On the Road Again

I am sitting here or was sitting here people
watching while I wait for my next flight
which is 1 hour and 15 mins. I have another
L'Oreal assignment and this time I am heading
to Tampa, Florida. I am getting in around 12am
so I really should eat something but I ate
earlier and then snacked on the plane.I
know when I get in I am going to be
hungry and have a migraine but I am so
not hungry.

I hope this will be a great trip and the people
in Tampa are a fun group that love makeup.
So, Ill keep you posted and will be home
on Monday. Of course…I have my camera

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

Great News

Yesterday I was coming in the house and
you all know how my babies are they
rush the door barking and jumping and
crying for me to pick them up. As always
my phone rangs as I am trying to get
through the doors and I can hear the phone
announce Heidi. So I am rushing to get to
my phone. but my sensitive ass phone
hung up. So I hurry to put them outside
so I could call my agent back. Normally,
if Heidi calls then that means work. I call
the office back and Sylvia answer and
placed me on hold because Keith wanted
to speak with me. So I knew it was about
to be something BIG. Cuz Keith is the
owner. Keith comes to the phone after
leaving me a message. So he comes to the
phone sounding all dry in business with no
emotion in his voice. So, I couldn't read his
tone. He goes “I just received a call from the
NBA and they want to book you for next
year All Star in Phoenix, AZ”. He gave me the
dates and said she confirmed me but has
to get back to me about my crew. They may
just use a crew out there and I will be in
charge of them. So, how cool is that???
2009 I will be The Official Makeup Artist for The NBA All-Stae Weekend 2009.

BGD Makeup Artistry is Reopening

Girls…I signed a lease to a new storefront
on yesterday morning!!! I am so excited
about it. Now this time around I will only
be doing services by appointment only.
Because I am going to continue to travel
with L'Oreal and other clients I don't want
to get stuck at the store and limit myself.

Now I don't have a set date to open. I
have a lot of booked days that @ don't
have a lot of time to shop like I would
like. I still have to schedule going down
to city hall to get new permits. I have to
schedule lights, phone and etc to be
turned on. I need to order new checks
and all the things it takes to open. Maybe
this way I won't stress out because I
am not given myself a deadline. I am so
at the point in my life that I don't let
all of that simple shit stress me out
anymore. I am just grateful that I am able
to open.

So stay tune to see how things go…this
is so MAJOR!!

Glam LIfe of a Makeup Artist

What a spirtual weekend

I must say I have been so blessed to have so many amazing woman and men in my life. This weekend has been so spiritual for me. Friday I attend the press conference for the V to the 10 event that will be coming to New Orleans in April. It was such a crazy experience to see my boy Nagin cry and also say these words…you ready?
“He is a vagina friendly mayor”. I know right…
Anyway, I saw my girls Trintee
3 5 7 at the press conference and they are ready to jump on the band wagon to help me become and a – list makeup artist.
Wait I have to continue later….the wire is coming on and I have two mins to grab a drink.
WOW…the wire and the L Word….did you all watch it.

L’ Oreal Cosmetics 2008 Product Launch

You know I told you I had the honor to be invited to the L’Oreal 2008 Product Launch Training. Out of 250 makeup artists/stylists only 30 was ask to attend. I had to go out to Hartford, CT which was fine with me because I live to travel. I was so excited about going to the L’ Oreal storefront which was amazing. They had special edition items there that you will not see in other stores. The store is very contemporary very me bright and bold with tons of beauty items everywhere.

They had lined up speakers (Dominque Dawles) to come out to talk with us as well as had a celebrity makeup artist to do 2 looks. The makeup artist was Julia who works often with Anne Hathaway from”The Devil Wears Prada”, Lindsey Lohan, and Madonna.

I was able to room with my girl Debra from Houston…one of the girls who came down to help me out with All-Star weekend last month. Lisa from Dallas was invited out and I was so happy to see her and Elaine.

We received products and a very nice silver pendant necklace that said “EMBRACE LIFE”.

The only challenge for me was the flying because of the delays so I got in late late late.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

Going to L’Oreal VIP Event

I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight
and I am all out of breathe trying to calm my
crazy ass down. I left my cell phone in the car
playing around with Star. Ok, this is what
happen. I went to pick her up so she
could drop me off and then use my car
while I am gone. We do this all the time
when I have assignments out of town.
anyway she was teasing me about being
VIP that she went in purchased something for me
for my VIP trip. We pull up to US Airways
and she presented something to me as
I was getting out the car. It was a large
beautiful bottle of GUCCI perfume. You all
know how I luv scents/perfumes. I luv to
smell like I bathed in perfumes. I got so
excited that I when I gave my bags to the sky
caps I forgot to unplug my cell phone from
charger. I get in check my bags go through
security and noticed that something weird
was going on with me. My phone has not
rung not one time. I look in my handbag
and could not find my phone. I looked
in my carry on bag no phone. I started
freaking out. Really freaked out because
on this trip I did not bring my computer so
I would not have any access to my family
my emails or business. by now I am having
a panic attack. I am smelling amazing but
going into production not looking really
VIP right about now. I asked one of the stores
if I could use the phone and this lady
was so sweet she let me make a phone
call and I contacted Michael who told me
that Star saw the phone and was on her
way back to me. The airport employee allowed me to leave my
items with her as I run back to drop off.
I only had 15 mins to run back and get
to my gate before it took off. God was with
me I was able to make it back just in time
to sit down and catch my breath. I am
now sitting on the plane looking out the wondow
as I write this blog. I am so grateful to
have common sense people in my life.
So when I get back to New Orleans I
will take Star out to dinner and drinks.
I know she will love that. Well, I gotta
go have to turn the phone off.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist.