Sex and The City…last day

Well today, I have 2 weddings both here in the city so I don’t have to run all over the state like it has been lately. My first wedding is bride Caroline from Memphis so I had to go to Bourbon Orleans to do her in a few of the girls. I didn’t have enough time to do any additional faces like they wanted cuz I have my girl Roma waiting for me at The Lowe’s. This is why I tell brides to make sure their girls understand if they don’t tell me in advance I won’t be able to add them on when I am done because I am usually booked for another wedding or assignment. That’s what happen with this group. I loved this bride she was amazing very gentle and her mom was very supportive and helped out a lot.

On my way down I saw Besty a friend of Jessica. We only met once but I know of her through Jess. Both Betsy and another young lady Natalie was also just wrapping up. Natalie is a stylist that came to my old Beauty Bar to do hair at an event I had. So I was able to chat with them while I wait about 25 mins for my car. I am so freakin out cuz they were making me late for Roma. How on a Saturday hotels are short staffed. Who’s the manager. Y’all know how I get talking crazy to everybody but they deserved it getting me all stressed and shit. I get in touch with Roma and baby girl was like our just send a limo to come get you. I was ready to jump in a cab and then they finally bring my car. Driving like a craze woman just making crazy turns going down one way streets driving on 2 wheels…really…i was.

I get to The Lowe’s and I don’t think I turned the car off before I start jumping out grabbing my bag, my kit and my purse. Now this group is just looking at me like they were scared to approach me. I’m cussing and yelling take my keys give me a damn tickets get out my way what’s wrong with y’all …hurry up…just being BOSSY… but I was mad that they were just standing there looking at me.

I make it up to Roma we are both on the phone talking to each other. I told y’all she’s loud like me so I can hear her voice so I am just following the voice. She tells me that they moved around the picture taken and everything was ok. Her husband like your good just relax we are on time. So I do her makeup and make her look amazing. This look is totally different from the first. More pink and this time I had to make her much much lighter. When I was done she looked like a baby doll. I touch up her mom when she arrived.

I had to freshen up so while I wait for the sitter to arrive I do my makeup and once I let her in I left to go back to the studio to change clothes and meet Michael so we could go to the wedding. She wanted me to come and attend and meet her uncle Governor Bobby Jindal and his wife.

When we get back to the Lowe’s the guys at the door and the valet guys all give me a hard time telling Michael how crazy I was talking to them and yelling at everybody down there. They thought I was cute so that’s why they let me get away with that foolishness. The wedding was beautiful very colorful and the food and music was nice as well. I love spicy food so that didn’t bother me. Roma introduce me to everyone and the table she had us sitting they knew who I was so that was a good feelin. She got me on the dance floor but I was acting shy. It was funny when I was touchin her lips up I went onto my skirt band to get the lip color and brush the security guys thought I was reaching for something and through the corner of my eyes I could feel them stepping closer to me to see what I was doing. So when she brought me over to her uncle all eyes were on me.

We stayed for a little while longer and then headed out cuz I still had a party across the street to attend. So one more clothes change for the evening this time in the car. You know like old times just take shit off anywhere.



Yes, the big night is finally here. We are all so excited!!! Didn’t hurt this morning like I thought. I was actually up at 7ish so I didn’t do that much damage to myself. I have a light day today at the studio. Michelle D. came by to get her lashes and my Saturday bride Roma Jolly came by for makeup and hair appointment. Yeah, her culture allows them to celebrate all week the wedding. I don’t even want to think what Michael and I and my girls would be like if we celebrated all week our wedding. I would be hurtin really I think I would have to get taken it to the hospital cuz it would be bad.

Now Roma was hurtin a little but she made it to her appointment. Shontell came by to get Envy and Devin and Carlyn and I have to meet up with them after work. The showing for our movie was at 7:10 and since we went to Canal Place it didn’t take me long to get there. When we picked the tickets up they were already sold out so I am so glad that we got our tickets early.

The movie was awesome…LOUD…but amazing. I have to see it again cuz I was so excited and so was all the other women and men that was that I didn’t hear everything with all the laughing and talking. I love the soundtrack and my favorite songs are “Labels or Love” by Fergie and New York Girls.

Our reservation for dinner at Houston’s Restaurant was for 9pm but they allowed us a little time to get there…Got that Juice….Dinner was amazing and I am so glad that my daughter was able to hang out with me and the girls. She said she needed a full day to recoup from all of us but I know she loves us even if we are a little OFF.


Sex And The City Pre Party

Tonight is the first event to kick off “SEX AND THE CITY” movie that will show on tomorrow night. In order for me to do this I had to take myself off the books well not completely off the books but I stopped taking clients at a certain time. Cuz what normally happens is I help to get everybody to look amazing and then there is never enough time for me to look GLAM. Wait till u see the pics I have lost some weight…U know who I am doing it right??? Lots of sunflower seeds, salads, pomegranate juice, cocktails, and grilled chicken. Really…that’s my diet:))))…And I have been able to get my big ass in my new skinny jeans from LA. I have about 10 more pounds to go. So, I rather lose money so I can take time to look just as good as everyone else…I KNOW…HOW VAIN…

So, tonight we have the first event at the W Hotel for 7:00pm. All the girls are coming out tonight and also my new baby girl Jamielynn. I got to Star for 7:00 and then we arrived at 7:15 so not to bad. Shontell was already there and she said it was crowded already. Earlier that day on my way home I stopped by to bring Lane the bar manager the gift certificates to place in the gift bag. Because I wasn’t looking to cute I illegal parked, ran in and thank godness he was right byt he door with the Stilleto Vodka reps. Of course they all wanted to talk but I told them I was in a rush can’t be seen looking like this. So gave him the package and got my ass out cuz I know I was going to need at least two hours to get ready. Yall know how much production it is for me when I get ready. I need the bathroom to be warm, smelling wonderful, the water the perfect tempertaure, music blasting, a few glasses of wine, a light snack, and all my makeup spread out cuz I never know how I am going to do my makeup. Tonight I wanted to exfoliate my skin and air brush myself with a bronzer so I had a lot to do. Plus, I stop and prance around the room and bathroom, then I have to play with my bling jews and so it takes some time if I want to be really cute.

So after all that bullshit I do we finally get there and have an amazing time. We had so much fun. Drinks was flowing all night so you know we were a hot mess. And yall know the the hotel does not have a dance floor but by the end of the night we created one when my baby boy Lil Wayne “Lollipop” came on. Actor Isaiah Washington took tons of pics with us and laughed at our crazy asses and said we really are the black verison of SATC girls…we tried to tell him!!!

A lot of associates came out and my Saturday bride Roma Jolly who is cousin to the governor Bobby Jindal came out an she inrtoduced me to all her entrougage. By that time I was feelin to good so I don’t really remeber who I met. I love Roma…she’s a party girl and loud just like me so we hit it off so well. When she came by earlier that day for the first time we laughed and laughed like old buddies.

I really don’t know what time we called it quit that night or how we ended the night. I know we took tons of pics and took lots of pics of us, the hotel did as well. All that damn dancing I will feel it tomorrow I bet. We had a great time I know that. I am so glad that I was smart enought to not schedule an early client on Friday morning. I love the gold key chains that was given to us. I am so glad they arrived in time for the movie.


The Kupcake Factory

Since I didn’t have anyone on my books today I took this opportunity to spend a fun day with my kids and Star. So we started out today at my favorite treat spot…The Kupcake Factory in Kenner. You all know I don’t do Kenner but this is so worth the crazy traffic. This is why my body looks like it does because of treats like this. My favorites are:Wedding Cake, Caramel Apple, White Chocolate and Double Vanilla.
Wait…I ate so much this time that my black ass got sick cuz I also had the Banana Foster gelato and a bottle of granny apple soda. The kids seem to enjoy the cupcakes and my baby boy Jordan loved the mango gelato.

If you all are looking for a great treat for mom, sister, bff or anyone special you have to get a dozen of cupcakes from The Kupcake Factory. If you want to get on my good side this is a treat with a bottle of Riesling wine or Champagne.

How Do You Spell Glam In The Hollywood South…B-G-D

Atlanta, GA. May 26, 2008

Answer: B – G – D

Those in the know know that in pursuit of your best reflection book celebrity make up artist Brandy Gomez Duplessis. That is exactly what happened when the Style Networks hottest family of fashion The Kardashians (Kris Jenner, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian) visited the Big Easy for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) annual national convention The Cable Show ’08. Also in Louisiana shooting a film, Kim Kardashian was pleased to discover that Brandy offers professional GLAM services on a level that she loves and looks forward to their next GLAM session.

Keeping up with the Kardashians – was the assignment on Monday May 19th for BGD Make Up Artistry Studio. After wrapping up another L’Oreal tour Brandy Gomez-Duplessis was in the right place creatively to rise to the occasion and shine. Brandy was armed with fresh new selections for summer from her developing line of cosmetics “Queen B” (the only line suited for such regality). BGD was assisted by GLAM squad members LA make up artist Jessica Deben and New Orleans hair stylists Cara Rost and Nicole Gaudin. Brandy successfully nailed edgy chic Kris Jenner’s signature smokey eyes. The reveals inspired high fives, hugs and smooches. She “loved her lips”. Kris graciously accepted a gift of 8 glosses from the “Queen B” line of cosmetics. When it came to Khloe, it was all about the eyes that day. Kourtney’s make up was done by Jessica and was also glamtastic.

Right: Kim’s look displays soft summer pastels featuring angel by MAC her favorite lipstick topped off with BGD’s most popular gloss Diamond $15. You know what they say ladies “diamonds are a girls best friend”. For an extra dash of GLAM on a hot summer night add lip sparklettes “Diamond & Pixie” $15 or her wet lip gloss $12 . Both products are available for purchase at BGD’s new GLAM studio on Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans.

Mirror – Mirror – best describes the celebrity make up artist’s eagerly awaited new studio. Beyond the richly pleated georgette Austrian sheer glamour panels on 3613 Magazine Street is BGD Makeup Artistry Studio. A collection of reflective surfaces from antique floor mirrors to sleek modern mosaic lighting set the mood. Her personal collection of music, carefully placed spotlights and chandeliers set the tone for a truly Divalicious experience. Even if you’re not a celebrity the Hollywood GLAM effect of the stylish contemporary décor, hottest product selections and pampering services offered will have clients feeling like one in an instant. If you’re not sure what to expect, open your eyes. The writing is on the wall in this studio. Engrained in the design plan are various displays from Brandy’s signature body of work. Professional services available are; air brush makeup, basic makeup, eye-lash extensions and brow shaping. These services are offered by appointment only. For studio details and pricing info visit

BRANDY GOMEZ DUPLESSIS – is a household name amongst the old and the new New Orleans. After closing her makeup store in New Orleans two years ago, she has decided to expand nationally. Four months after Hurricane Katrina, Gomez-Duplessis worked at Jose’ Eber’s salon in Houston’s Post Oak area. Since then she has been freelancing and traveling looking for a new place to perform her craft and grow her business. For over 10 years her makeup brushes have touched many faces from the famous Jordin Sparks, Deborah Cox, Hornets Player Chris Paul, Mayor C. Ray Nagin, Access Hollywood Maria Menounos, Football Players Brett Favre and Reggie Bush, R&B Singer Usher, Essence, People, Teen People and Paper City magazine and made appearances on Style Network “How Do I Look”, TLC, The Tyra Banks Show has toured with L’Oreal Cosmetics, travled to Mexico with Planet Beach for a photo shoot, and was the Official Makeup Artist for The NBA All-Star in 2008. Despite the increase in high profile work, she maintains one of her favorite make up staples: weddings. Brandy has painted many of New Orleans’ elite brides, and destination brides. She has travel out of the country for 50% of the weddings she does; her bridal make up is legendary. With elaborate wedding packages (one time applications-all day services), flawless make up, brides have booked her as far in advance as two years.

“Overall I was honored to have worked with them. I am just glad that finally the beauty and fashion industry has stop looking at me as just a New Orleans Makeup Artist and now as just a National Makeup Artist” – BGD

With another L’Oreal tour under her belt, a re-established presence on Magazine Street (one of the hottest shopping districts in the city) and Keeping up with the Kardashian’s one wonders how she does it. To learn more about the life and style of BGD visit

Fw: I will return calls

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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 12:58:15

Subject: I will return calls

Ok guys its just not enough time in the day. I have been trying to call everyone back as fast and when I can. Our times are different so it doesn't work when I can call you guys. I'm sorry just bare with me. I had a half of a day off on Mothers Day and a half day in Houston when I spent time with my family.

I am about to jump out the tub head out to do this Soft Sheen Carson

/L'Oreal assignment on the west bank at a church. Then at 2:45 I have to be on Toulouse to set up for a bridal party. I should be done at 6pm cuz that's the time the wedding start.

My girl Jessica from L.A. is helping me out with the last two locations of the Soft Sheen gig. I am so glad I have her still in town holding me down.

On Friday I had to give away another assignment to two makeup artists cuz I couldn't make that one due to the weather for the assignment I was working on. I still earlier that day had Soft Sheen.

I had Devin for the last two days and she has been a great help with answering my phone and taking messages for me. She's is such a sweet girl and I am glad I have her on my team. She has learned a lot in the last two days about how crazy my schedule is and she wants to stay around so that's a good thing.

Let me get out this tub before I be late.

People, I will try to make calls to as many as I can when I get off. I will be heading to the studio after the wedding so ill hit up as many of you all as I can. At some point I need to eat today. I just realize that I haven't eaten in two days maybe that's why my head hurts. Do red bulls count?

Shit Shit Shit… I forgot about Chris Paul party tonight. Shit! Gotta go bye


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Really quick

I know it's late but I just wanted to say really quick before Michael take my black girl from me. It feels so good to finally be able to come home and don't have work to do. If you all called me today you spoke with Devin. She's my new jr barbarella that is working with me. She's is right out of high school so be nice when calling, emailing or texting. She's reading it all. Ok gotta go
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