L’Oreal Tour/May 2008

HEY Guys…It’s Sunday and The L’Oreal tour is over and I am now home in New Orleans. Just wanted to share with you all pics from the tour. The tour was amazing this year. I met a lot of great new people from all over. I love when talented people can get together in gel well and not be on so stupid shit. But I got to see my old crew who I love deeply. I love how we all just help each other out and when we’re tired we give each other that push and supporting words to get us throught he evening.

Tara has more pics and I need to get them from her. Of course I’ll post them.


Gomez Family

As you know I am in Houston this weekend for the L’Oreal tour so while I am here I made time to sneak off to come see my mom and family (Princessis, Sunshine, Blake, and Darrin). I am trying to cram everything in this visit but of course it won’t be enough time. Princessis came with me to get more makeup for Kim Kardashian photo shoot on Monday. We decided that we are going to try to get together to go see New Kids On The Block if they come to New Orleans or Houston. We had such a great time together. She got a chance to see how crazy my life is and how demanding my clients are and she gets it now. I always say people think I exaggerate sometimes about how hectic it is or can be but when they hang out with me for a full day they see and they change there opinions about how they are feeling. Now they understand I don’t stay away or don’t call cuz I am being bitchy but I am really that busy.

So it was great to see everybody again it’s been so long and so overdue.

Tomorrow back to normal.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist


I am in bed trying to watch The Hills eating sunflower seeds and drinking a Corona beer. I am so tired that I haven't done anything but change my clothes turned on the tv and grabbed a beer. I am way to tired to fall asleep, you ever get like that.

The tour is going well. All of my favorite people are working. I am so glad that all of the dumb bullshit is not going on like last year. I just worry about my girl Roni cuz she been spotting and that's not good with her being 6 months along.

When I get back home my schedule is going to be crazy cuz I will be working with The Style network again. I have Kristin Holt on Sunday, The Kardashians on Monday and Thom Filicia on Tuesday. Two weddings next week plus 3 dates of L'Oreal gigs. So my schedule will keep me away from the studio and I still have to get Devin trained.

I am so overdue with calling Wendy and I need to just wake up about 5am to finish designing my Gambit ad and return emails and write up a few wedding contract.

So let me go get some sleep so I can get up in work.

Glam Life OF A Makeup Artist

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Sex & The City…Black version

Because we all have been crazy busy these last few weeks we decided to do our once a month get together at the Belvedere Vodka party at the W. Hotel on Poydras. The location was perfect cuz for the most part all of us were coming from downtown area that day. So instead of going home we met up for drinks at 5ish but for the most part we all started arriving about 5:30pm. I was able to go back to the studio and then pick up Star and head to the W. Hotel. So you all know we always have topics especially when the drinks starts to flow. Now stinky penis happen last year but that topic just won’t die with us. Regardless of where we are someone will stop and ask us about it or they have a comment about it. Laine, the bar manager at Whiskey Blue was there and he showed me the new living room. So we played in there for a little while. You all know how much I love DAMASK prints so I fell in love with the new decor. That will be my place to party whenever I go to the W. Laine told me about the SEX IN THE CITY party that they will be doing and asked if I would like to be a part. HELL YEAH…I’m on SEX IN THE CITY TEAM. So we decided that we will attend and wear our character shirts. Can you guess who’s who…. Brandy-Carrie Carlyn-Samantha Star-Charlotte Shontell-Miranda Michael-Mr. Big So drinks started flowing in the topics got so hot and intense that Laine bailed out on us. He couldn’t handle it. The girls said they will start buying febreze to keep with them at all times just incase they run into a man with a stinky penis. With hopes that Procter & Gamble make febreze for men with bad odor like they do for pets. Star flashed us inside the club and she hit the floor at the end of the night. Carlyn shared with us how to suck a chocolate drink/man and Michael taught the girls a lesson on how to get a good man and I am not sure who topic was black men vs white men. I have videos attached but they are so dark that on some you will not see anything but you can HEAR everything. Hopefully, you all will enjoy…sorry I can’t place all of the videos…they are way to X-rated. Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

Over Due

Girl, you know its been a minute for me to stop working today and sit down and do something for me. I am here at Serenity Spa inside of hotel Le Cirque on St. Charles Ave. The owner Daphane has stopped getting the place together for her special Mothers Day event on Sunday to do my manicure and pedicure which is OVERDUE…she is probably saying to herself she is a hot mess;))). I leave the day after Mothers Day to go on tour, yes with LOreal so I need to get my feet really massaged cuz you know how I suffer with my feet when I am on tour. The long hours on the platform really kills my feet. So last night Michael gave them a good massage so having them done now is a treat. It feels so good to do this FINALLY. It will be another year before I do this again.

After I enjoy my day here I am meeting Shontell for lunch at my favorite restaurant “HOUSTON’S” on St. Charles Ave. I am taking her out to celebrate her graduation this Saturday from Xavier University.

Then after that I have to get ready for our date at the W. Hotel. I got invited to this event and so I thought it would be perfect for all of us to attend. So I sent all the girls the invite so will be meeting later and lord knows what the hell is going to happen tonight. Cuz when all of us get together and drinks starts flowing lord knows what will come out of everybody’s mouth. So stay tune…..

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Radio show

Good morning….rise in shine. Its about 5:28 am and – am headed to my studio to do makeup and hair on myself for the radio show interview on WBOK with CJ Morgan and Vincent Sylvain. I have to be at the station for 7am so that is why I am up so early. Hopefully they give me a tape of the show so I can have Xavier put it on the website. Cuz I know 100% of you all are asleep and I'm not mad at you.

This is the info that they sent to me:

C.J. Morgan Morning Show

Schedule for Round Table Tuesday 05.06.2008

Co-host (7:00am – 9:00am)
Mr. Vincent Sylvain (Owner/Publisher, the New Orleans Agenda)

Studio Guest

Ms. Brandy Gomez-Duplessis (Owner, BGD Makeup Artistry Studio)

Ms. Daphne Johnson (Owner, Serenity Spa @ Hotel Le Cirque)

Ms. Patrice Williams-Smith (Executive Director, Business Resource Ctr. Of the Urban League of Greater New Orleans)

Starting Topic:
“Women Business Owners; Leading the way in the Recovery of New Orleans”
Well off I go..- hope my voice wakes up by then.

Glam life of a makeup artist.
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