Month: June 2008

Multi tasking today

I am still working still on set for the Tabasco shoot and today and yesterday I had to take all calls both from the studio and my cell while on set. Well I really could not answer everything had to be done by email and texting. Then I have Michael faxing invoices and contracts for me. My thumb is in pain. I am conducting all my Essence assignments through my phone. Times and dates are changing every hour it feels like. Then I am trying to get Andrea the makeup artist from Houston organize. Susan from Times Picayune needed one more hair stylist to write about for next week article. I think she decided to go with Michael Fortune. Then in between trying to work on set doing makeup. I am over here sweating like a ho in church.

Michael and I will be working together during Essence on July 12th for Charmaine wedding in Jamaica. So today is the last day hopefully we wrap this evening cuz I still have to go to the studio to clean up for the Times photo shoot and get makeup for the wedding in Baton Rouge.

Ok, gotta go looking like we are ready to start up again so talent need makeup.


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Hey, I am on set for three days with Chef Jason. He's this tattoo harley davidson type chef that is based out of Orlando. He travels all over to restaurants to help with their menu updating the food we eat. He's crazy cool love his personality. We are shooting over at Savvy Gourmet on Magazine Street about 9 blocks from my studio. Call time not to bad, 8am and we are doing about 10 hour days until Friday.

While on set I have gotten so many amazing calls, times picayune, motion hair product, someone for Rosciv at 106th and park and some author call about using one of my pictures she saw in my ad for her book.

Its just 3:05 pm so the day is not over. I need a manager for cheap or another assistant. My schedule is going to be crazy next week.

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Thank God it’s Friday

Another long day today with 3 bridal consultations today and 1 makeup lesson and that’s something I don’t do often. 2 of my brides were from Baton Rouge area and 1 was from Atlanta. Each girl had different looks which I love because I love being creative when I work.

Sandra called me from New York to see if I was able to work with Essence Magazine again this year. It’s looking like it may be Angela Burt Murray again and Michele Ebanks. I love Sandra…she just wanted to lock me in and said she would called with more details on Monday. So I’ll keep you all posted.

Tonight, Mel event starts at 8pm and it’s about 7:13pm and I am still here at the studio having a great time with Katina teaching her how to apply her makeup for her trip in July to Jamaica. Let me tell you how crazy this is, I have a wedding in Jamaica one week before she goes. Maybe, I’ll just stay to help her out:))))

Can’t stay out to late cuz I have a all day wedding tomorrow at the Ritz Carlton and a bridal photo shoot early on Sunday at the studio so I can’t be tired.


Veuve Clicquot VIP Party

I met this awesome lady today that came to get individual lashes for one of her upcoming events. Her name is TAZ and she is a professional body builder that lives here in New Orleans. I am going to get her to help tone me up before I go on tour in September. You know how hard those tours are on my body, 12-14hrs days for one month is horrible. So, I am going to start preparing next month as well as do a checkup on my body since I am getting tired and exhausted and I need to make an appointment for my feet cuz of what happen last year.

So Taz was the only person I had on the books so after TAZ left I closed up studio and went to pick Envy up from work at City Hall and Star was shopping at Canal Place so I snatched her up and headed home. I really wanted to take my time for tonight event at The W. Hotel. I was invited to attend the VIP Veuve Clicquot Party about two weeks ago so I had time to plan what I wanted to wear. The event was from 8-11pm and I really didn’t know what to expect but when I got there I was told I was given a Cabana with flowing VEUVE CLICQUOT and HORS D’OEUVRES all night. There were only 4 given out and 3 were occupied by others like a hotel owner, a magazine owner and I am not sure who the other person was. So of course all eyes were on me when my black ass was escorted over. Throughout the night a few curious people kept coming in with different stories, somebody pretend they lost there purse, somebody thought it was a friends cabana, some guy came in and just started making himself at home cuz he assumed since we had the same associate it was ok to make himself at home. Anthony from New Orleans Black, his date and sidekick stopped by and enjoyed a few bottles. I was happy to see friends like Laura (my Honduras family) and Barbara. Perkins was there with Sean Cummings but I don’t know what’s going on with him and I.

Star got drunk quick….I didn’t see her drink that much but Star was feelin good very early. She said I was runnin my mouth so much that I just didn’t see her fill up her glass. The staff kept it coming every time I looked around we were getting a new bottle plus we had a lot of guest stopping by. Michael and Star was so pissed off about certain guest and people that kept coming in. But as I explained to him it’s not that serious. I was invited and I am going to leave it at that….but that is why I love that Mary J Blige song “WORK THAT”. Michael spent a lot of the evening taking pics of buildings and skylines cuz he is not good with dealing with fake people and/or black people who like to show their job positions with other black people.

Our boy Lane came up to see us and I wanted to joke with him about playing on my phone the night before. He called me like really late to tell me about the private event but he didn’t know that I was already invited. So he thought it was a great idea to call me late when he was wasted. So my voice mail shut him down and he called back so now I am ready to pop off but when I saw the number I knew who it was. So we laughed about that but it got really busy and then some local tv show came in to interview Laura so it was getting crowded so he got lost in the shuffle.

Charles who work at Harrah’s Casino came by. Star invited him over and of course I gave him a hard time because he has a girlfriend and a new baby. So I was like don’t bring all that negative energy over here. I don’t need girlfriend drama my way so he did that fake laugh but he really wanted to curse me out and throw my ass in the pool. But what was he going to do…really.

Beth Ann got on the mic about 11ish and invited everyone downstairs but we couldn’t play with Lane tonight cuz I had to go across the street now to see my buddy “DJ Captain Charles” who was having a smaller scale birthday party then what we is use to throwing at Harrah’s. Michael and Star didn’t want to go…they bitched the entire time as we walked over. But you know me I love a party and I don’t care about what type of music, people or who ever was over there. I can party with all types; low class, middle class and high class. It was crazy over there and I actually could not take 3 steps without seeing people I knew so you know I stopped and talked holding up the process of just going in saying hi and getting out. I finally made it over to him but I was freaking out how he had security and shit. But I love how he has grown. Charles see us and he comes down and if he didn’t that would have been a problem. But, that’s not his style he is a great guy so he wouldn’t play me or Michael like that. To much history with him. I was trying to get a dance in cuz Lil Wayne song came on but they snatched me up so fast before I could get my arms up in the air and do my favorite pose. In my mind I was heading to the VIP area to order a drink….I was VIP across the street so I thought that meant I was VIP over at Harrah’s. But really I was going to go to the bar but one had my arm and the other was pushing me from the back. I bet they planned that shit when I was talking…and I didn’t get a chance to take pics!!!!

I’ll see you tomorrow night at The W Hotel in the french quarter for the summer movie flick “The Devil Wears Prada” one of my favorite movies.


Tipsy Tini Thursday

After wrapping up a makeup application with Melissa aka DJ Soul Sister for the OFFBEAT Magazine photo shoot that comes out July 08 the Essence issue I had to head out.

I had friends in town that I met when in living in Houston through my girl pal Anna Garcia. Jim couldn’t hang out but his other half did and boy did she have a great time. The Ritz Carlton Hotel is giving this VIP Red Carpet special invite party called Tipsy Tini Thursday. It will kick off an every week event there so on Thursday this may be a regular summer spot for me.

Michael and Fe came together and we met up downstairs in the lobby. Carlyn showed up later. Drinks were waiting as you walked the red carpet. Food such as raw oysters, sushi, and grilled shrimp and chicken was being served. Michael was excited about the cigars that was being made on the spot.Because it was warm they had a young lady walking around misting you if needed with my favorite evian water.

The event was from 5pm-7:30pm so enough time to feel grown like we did something before heading back to the studio to pack up and get ready for my long crazy day tomorrow. 1 commercial being done in Baton Rouge, a wedding in New Orleans and another in Baton Rouge.


Active Day

At first I didn’t want to tell everybody that I had a 12 noon interview today with Times Picayune because I didn’t want to jinx myself. Susan came by and she interviewed me for about an hour. We basically just talked and laugh so it didn’t feel like the typical ones that I have had in the past. This article should run in July in a the fashion WISH insert. SO be on the lookout for that plus I’ll keep you all posted.

She may use some of the info for another piece that she will be doing in the living section of the Times Picayune. We schedule the photographer to stop by the studio on Wednesday to take a few pics of myself and the studio. Lord, I hope he got my good side.

Later that evening Star, Carlyn and I went to OHM Lounge to attend a private showing from LA designer Jeanne Bauer. She was showcasing her amazing custom jewelry and you know that I love custom, chunky pieces so I was excited about going.

You all have to take a look at her pieces at their amazing. I look forward to working with her on an upcoming event in LA. I may have to get a few things for Essence weekend. Her pieces are bad ass to where I could just rock a baby tee, my skinny jeans and sexy stiletto and her pieces would be the eye candy.

My boy Billy came out with his sexy ass and Marco and Anais was there. She look so good such a sexy mom to be. Jeanne herself is bad ass she look like she should be a model instead of a jewelry designer. I was introduce to her by attorney Mark Bloom who is also a cutie. Mark is now living in California can’t wait to see him on my next trip to my second home.


Great Friends

I had a few clients today at the studio. Michael and I had to go meet Jordan summer camp counselors at 4pm and on our way back we were both hunger so we went to Houston’s for early dinner.

My last client for the evening was Jazz Singer Stephanie Jordan who had a show at 9pm. So she came by at 7pm to get her glam look for the show.

My girls Jessica and J. Renee are so sweet they came by earlier during the day to say hi and then later that evening they stopped by to bring me a large mango martini. How sweet is that????


BGD Mayor is back.

It has been 2 years almost three years since we taped the last show. The last show never aired and it’s weird because the last show was about Hurricane’s. Nagin had the hurricane guy in to talk about what to expect, what would happen and etc…ok it’s giving me chills cuz I remember so well what we talked about. Everything that he said to me as well as on the show happen. I mean EVERYTHING that came out of this man mouth happen just like he said it would, word for word.

So today I am back at WDSU studio and it’s not the same crew that use to be here. Nagin and I are left. Everybody was new, and the staff is so much smaller and this time Nagin does not host the show. Carlyn did a segment and radio personality Kelder from 102.9 FM did another segment. Franklin and Julie were running behind the scene things. And now we are only taping once a month instead of weekly.

Nagin arrived last at 10:15 so when he got there I was able to start on him cuz the girls were done as well as the guest. After we finished Franklin helped me pack up and I was done for the day. Picked the kids up and enjoy the day with my babies.


Can’t Wait To CAtch Up

Ok girls I think I partied way to hard last week for the SEX AND THE CITY events we took part in. I have to post pics and tell ya'll how much we had. I will try to post a little here and a little there.

Tomorrow my lil friend, the city mayor is starting up the show again. So I don't know how long taping will be so don't stop by the studio cuz I won't be there. They say we will be done earlier due to his trip but we will see you know black folks are always late know matter how much planning they do.

Ok gotta go.

Glam Life of A Makeup Artist
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