Month: July 2008

Ladies from Sizzler In The City

Here are some pics of me getting some of the ladies ready for the “SIZZLER IN THE CITY” event at The Cricket Club. The event was given by Linda Lewis of Armstrong Family Services benefiting homeless children. The local celebrity guests were news reporters, dj’s and staff of Mayor Ray Nagin.

Michael came out to support the cause so he took a few shots here in there of me working at the studio and at the Cricket Club backstage. Because it was getting so crazy that we had to put him out when the ladies started getting dress so he could not take a lot of pictures of me working. So, here are a few.

At the end of the event Linda Lewis escorted me on stage to news reporter Michael Hill from Channel 26. This is the part I hate because as much as I talk I hate getting up on stage at the last minute and get interviewed. It wasn’t to bad cuz Michael has interviewed me before about makeup looks for Mardi Gras in 2005. Because I work really hard and just always grinding I really don’t know how the people in the city view me. And when the audience showed me so much love while I was standing I thought I was going to start crying. Jazz Singer Sharon Martin was so excited to see me when I first walked in she greeted me with open arms, and shared that the ladies did not believe that Linda was able to get me to come out to do the ladies makeup. She was acting like I was some A-list makeup artist…I was happy to see Hope and Hope Enclade from “Dress For Success” was just as happy to see me. This is a woman that I respect so much so when the city and peers show me love like they did tonight it really touch me and I get emotional.



Our special day is coming up guys… August 5th. We will be celebrating 11 years together…and Michael is still my number 1 fan. So. I decided to take myself off the books so we can have grown up times;)

From the 3-6 we will be out of town. So if you guys want to party with us we will be doing that on Saturday for the White Linen Night.

Keep me posted.

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Sizzler In The City on July 31st

I need you guys to come out in support a very good client of mine Linda Lewis with Armstrong Family Services on July 31, 2008. This is going to be a great event and I will be doing the makeup at my studio since it’s close by that everybody can just drive straight over after getting makeup. I will go over to touch up everybody right before the show starts. So, I need you guys to support since it’s for a great cause. Thanks!!!

Armstrong Family Services
“Sizzler in the City”

Celebrity Models from
ABC/26, WWL, WGNO, WUPL & WBOK, Clear Channel, New Orleans Saints, The Hornets,

DJ Captain Charles,
Coach Dannton Jackson – XAVIER UNIVERSITY,
Youngest King in Zulu History
King Elect 09’ Tyrone Mathieu
Celebrity Fashion Show

Complimentary Delicious Cuisine
Luxurious Door Prizes
Exclusive Silent Auction
Captivating Entertainment

Date: July 31, 2008
Where: Cricket Club – 2040 St. Charles Ave.
Time: 7:00 p.m.
For more information, please call (504) 899-2995
Benefiting Homeless Families with Children

Famous Entertainment Makeup Artist- Brandy Gomez-Duplessis with BGD Makeup Artistry Studio
General Admission $50.00 Children $25.00
VIP Seating – $100.00
Designer Fashions Sponsored by Prima Donna’s Closet

LadyBrille Photo Shoot

After an early morning at the doctors office I had to get back into work mode and mentally get ready for the LADYBRILLE photo shoot. This photo shoot was a 2 and 1. Ladybrille magazine ( is doing a story on me and I also had to do makeup on the writer Toya Thomas. Toya also does poetry and is a talented artist. She was a great girl and I actually learned a lot from her about how my daughter is feeling and seeing the world and we also talked about how this new generation is thinking here…SELFISH, DON’T WANT TO GRIND…NOT LOYAL…JUST USE ANYBODY TO GET TO THE TOP…EVERYBODY WANTS TO GET RICH FAST…

Toya who represent Ladybrille brought photographer Christina Freedom who was awesome to work with and I asked my photographer Jerome Holmes of ( who is an amazing photographer and I always enjoy working with even though he says I always bully him since back in the days… I’m not a bully I’m just outspoken:))))

We started the shoot at 12:00 noon and we shot for about 3 hours or so. The shoot went well and everybody was able to network and mingle. No shady people at this shoot. I have to tell you later about this other things that is going on with other makeup artists stealing pics and things off my site, befriending myself and people they see in my pictures to get in the circle to find out my resources, and so much more. Thanks to everybody who has been updating me with what’s going on out there. I keep trying to help other hair and makeup people because I want to but I don’t like being used. Taking things off my site, copying my web site and doing blogs, naming your company the same as mine just adding 1 more letter to your company names so your site can come up when people goggle me won’t makeup your work like mine. I had to work hard and I paid my dues. I worked for free, I cleaned brushes, I was humble, I was loyal and I didn’t stab people in the back to get to where I am now. I scarify, I didn’t buy a luxury car, I didn’t go shopping, or get my nails done every two weeks, or etc. I worked very hard. If you have followed my career or read some of the interviews I explained that I worked my ass off. So try to shit on me, stealing from me, or not being loyal to me after I hooked you up with assignments is not going to get you to the level you want. In this industry people in NYC and/or LA will see right through you so keep those bad habits right here in New Orleans. I know I was suppose to talk about it later but it really got to me. Cuz I have done nothing but help many people in this city and now it makes me not want to help all of these people that call me daily about giving them work. Half of these people that call me I don’t even know their full name but still I try to help.

Moving on…I am excited about everything and can’t wait for you all to see the new pics let me know what you all think??? And I am excited about this new interview that comes out next month. So this makes 2 in August…one in LADYBRILLE and one in TIMES PICAYUNE again.

The last set of pics is Toya…I wanted to give her a few different looks because I wasn’t sure what LADYBRILLE magazine wanted me to do with the makeup.


Doctor visit update

So, here is the update. My anemia has gotten worst I am walking around her and flying all around the world with very low blood again. So, that is why I have been exhausted and why my body is shutting down. It usually don't take me this long to get over working long hours and working 2-3 weeks straight. So I have to do another blood transfusion which I am hating. I have 3 more appointments with other specialists and I have an ultra sound schedule as well. My doctor lost me when she started telling me about cyst, abnormal stuff and some other things that is the inside of my body. All I was thinking about was “I can't be taking days off”. I think at one point I said it out loud and my doctor said “brandy, don't make me shut you down. I will admit you to the hospital for a week so you can sleep and get better”. And I know she will cuz she has been knowing me for sometime now, MAC and Belladonna days. So I was like, “what do I have to do”. I have to start taking days off which is hard for me. I don't do well just laying in bed. I have to do MAKEUP and LASHES everyday!! But if that will help me before I start touring in two months I may have to do it. I put my body through BOOT CAMP. Touring is no joke!! Then she said I had to go get blood work today, I made a face cuz I have a photo shoot today at 12:00 with Ladybrille Magazine. The doctor goes Brandy!!! I'm just fussing as I was getting dress that I can't mess this shoot up with going get some blood work. My nurse gave me my 3 appointments and told me to call her if I need to reschedule. Monica was my nurse yesterday at the first appointment. When I walked out yesterday she was the one that called me and said my doctor wants to see tomorrow. She told me that I have to take this serious. I went to get the blood work and I asked the girl if she could move me up cuz I have a shoot that I need to get to and that I don't have time to wait. They had me schedule for 11:35 am so I pulled a diva move and it work;) she called me like 5 mins after I sat down. I brought my 2 prescription in and went to the studio. Got myself together and two clients stopped by to see about me doing a wedding on Oct 19th but I will be on tour so I don't know how that is going to work. I'll think of something. I did give her some numbers but I don't think she will call cuz they normally don't. I finished getting ready and then Jerome arrived. We started doing pics of me while I waited for the writer and the photographer. The shoot went well we had a great time. I was able to see the pics and I loved them all. I did 2 clothing changes because I don't know what the editor want. So this way she has lots of pics to choose from. The makeup on the model I think came out amazing I was happy with the looks I gave her. I just have to make sure I am ok with the questions they asked me. Then I had 2 clients after that and one was one of my clients from 3 years ago. I love her…Lorna is so sexy and always have cool clothes and accessories. So it was so good to see her again. Because I have no voice and my body is shutting down I had to pass on two parties tonight; Ritz Carlton and Julie who is the Mayor photographer bday bash. I am just glad I made it through this long day. So home I go and Michael is going to pamper me as usual but now a little more…yeah!!


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Dr. Visit

It's been three years since I last saw a doctor. I known, don't talk about me. But I don't do doctors, hair salons, spas, dmv's, etc. I don't have time to wait and wait. Like yesterday, I was here at 1:00pm and I took myself off the books for 3 hours. Well, after not being seen by 3ish I put my clothes back on and left. Shit, it was cold sitting in there with just that ugly gown on so I was ready to leave. I told the nurse, look I can’t wait any longer. I have to go and I’ll do in another 3 years. By the time I got to my car in the parking garage the nurse asked if I could come back in for 10am tomorrow but I could not take that time. I have the photo shoot for 12 noon. So she asked if I could come in at 8:30am. I was able to do that one and here I am back for the 2nd time. I am sitting here in this cold as room again with this gown on. I played in the mirror, touched up my makeup, put more body spray on, did some emails and now doing my blog. Yesterday, I was mad…I was like just give me some swaps and I'll swap myself. I made tinkle in the cup, you took my pressure so I can just leave and you all can run test and let me know the results. But…they wouldn't go for it. I hope this is not an all day thing again.

Let me finish checking emails

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Triumph Motorcycles Fashion Show

One of my girl’s, Jamielynn with Inside of JL’s Closet had her event tonight at Republic Nightclub. The Triumph Motorcycles Fashion Show started at 12am and when we arrived at 12:05am they already had craze going on outside.

After finding out which line was the VIP line the girls and I go inside to now find the area that baby girl set up for us. She really took care of us with champagne and mixers.

This is not a regular spot for me and that’s because I am getting old maybe. The show was awesome my favorite was the skateboard guy on stage while the models walked the runway. I was proud of her and just honor that she wanted me to see her do her thang and she did it well.

The girls and I had a great time amongst each other and of course we had the regular foolishness lurking around. I love it when people like to announce who they are and what they do. If you have to advertise that your a MBA player and have to count your folded up $1 bills then you must not be that good…so I had to put a lot of these young men out and feelins got hurt..
When I was with Reggie Bush not one time did this boy have to keep telling me what he had, shit if I didn’t know by being in the jet then I’m blind. Even Brett Farve didn’t have to keep telling me what he had, when I didn’t know who he was he didn’t get an attitude. I remember when he came in he had this t-shirt on and it was kinda small and dirty and when I turned around I saw this man walk in the room. I knew someone was coming cuz I heard the truck. So, after I turned around I said hi and he said hi and I just turned back around. He asked what’s going on and I go, “I’m waiting for Brett Farve, to do his makeup”. He goes cool, he walk towards the chair and took off his sweaty t-shirt and said ok, I’m ready. And we both just laughed. I think he thought it was kinda cute that I didn’t know who he was and we hit it off the entire time after that. This man house and all that land is breath taking. So, I thought it was funny hearing guys trying to sell themselves all night because we were in what everybody called the VIP area. I keep saying “I’m not that girl”, all that don’t impressed me.

We stayed out until 3am couldn’t handle to much of after show. When these guys liquor kicks in so does the ego. This young guy who was celebrating his birthday came over and ask if him and his friends could join us in our area. You know me I’m a sucka for being nice I said sure come on in. The area was to be big for just the four of us. He was a gentlemen cuz he brought me a bottle of MOET for letting him in my area. They don’t make many like that…and when we got ready to leave they had the VIP area to themselves. He picked up some street girls for his birthday and they were not to happy about him spending time with us. The sad thing is he was just thanking us and they were not happy with their appearance so they got jealous and started acting crazy. How sad these young girls are.


Andy Warhol Private Party

I almost forgot about this event because we I was invited some time back. I had wanted to wear this really cool Andy Warhol dress that is a collectible but was not able to get it because I was out of town and didn’t get a chance to ship it. The Andy Warhol party was held at my favorite spot…The W Hotel on Poydras Street. If you ever trying to find me this is the place. What I liked about this event was that it was from 4:30pm-7:00pm. The drinks was on point. My 14 cocktail for the evening was The Celebrity Crush. It started out with a raspberry taste then it goes into this creamy minty taste and back to raspberry. Carlyn and Michael was drinking some lemon flavor cocktail it remind me of a lemon drop. Those were the ones that you got when you enter the event.

But when my boy Laine saw me he said he had a drink for me that he knew I would like. That’s said I know…when the bar manager know my taste bud. As usual it was invited guest only and that’s my favorite type. Don’t have to deal with the bullshit, youngster, and negative/shady energy. Everybody were all working class people that is doing something so it’s always good to network and like always I walked away booking a gig for August 29th…a fashion show.

We had our favorite bartender, we always seems to get her or maybe Laine always give us her. Because the event was open bar I always make sure I take good care of our bartender with a nice tip. She always keep filling up our drinks when she see we are getting low and is always pleasant. So I like to take care of people who go out there way…customer service is very important to me. You all know how I get when I don’t get top notch customer service…CRAZY

I didn’t see who the DJ was but the music was great. Paparazzi was out this evening. Every time I looked around we were getting our pi taking and you know how I love getting my picture taken. I met this one photographer by the name of Josh who probably had about 30 frames of just me alone. So I took a picture of him at one point. I think he loved it. I don’t know where all the press was from some were local like Times Picayune and and some were the client photographers and others were the starwood/hotel photographer.

Another thing that was cute was they had an area set up where you can take pics on site and they were like the Andy Warhol pop art. I have about 4 of them…so when you come to the studio you will see it in my office.

It was good to see friends and associates there. My ladies Laura Tenyson and Erica were there and we shared a cocktail and chatted up for a minute. Missed our Shontell she was MIA for a minute due to school so we can’t wait to have her join us again for nights out.

The night ended at 7pm and we wanted to get home due to Project Runway and this year is an important season for me being a part with L’Oreal…how cool is that. I was also given a special gift at the end and only a few people were able to have an Andy Warhol pillow. I love my life…I am such a big fan of Andy Warhol. I even have an Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol pop art picture in my living room.


A Beautiful Wedding

I arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica safe…after we were suppose to take off the pilot noticed that the fuel tank was empty and noticed that the plane had a slow leak. So the maintence crew had to be brought out. As we sat on the plane watching the crew fix the leak I am on the phone text everybody letting my people know what’s going on. Just in case something happen and my plane was to blow up everybody would know. I love to keep doucments of everything so I was writing down time and names. Finally, we received info that headquarters cleared the pilot to take off. So now I am heading to Jamaica to work…world wide…global makeup artist is the new title!!! When I checked in I waited in line waiting for my turn and then when it was my turn they asked for my name and I gave them my id so I didn’t have to pronounce or spell my name for them. So the guys said he would be right back and steps away from the front desk. Within seconds he is calling me by my name Ms Gomez. He asked if I could follow him and so I’m thinking to myself, “Oh lord, what the hell is going on. What did my crazy ass do now”. So he escorts me in this room and goes, Ms Gomez I brought you in the room cuz your VIP and this room is for VIP and he offers me a glass of water and a cocktail. I almost felt out of my seat laughing so loud. Wait my silly self goes…how ya’ll know about me out here??? I had to put it on tape cuz that was to cute and I knew ya’ll would love it!!!


After checking in I noticed I had less than 30 mins to unpack, take a shower, get a 2nd cocktail, repack my bag, and call for pickup. It look like the guy from the Half Moom Resort didn’t want to leave. He was finding reason to stay a little longer in my room. Finally, I got his ass out and after tracking down my bride who was running late for her makeup appointment. She informed me that Micahel the hairstylist would meet me and we would come to her cottage together in the same cart. Then Michael was late cuz something happen to his cart and he had to find one that was working. That is why I paased on driving myself around cuz I didn’t want to mess nobody shit up. Then have to be working for the resort to pay for the damn thing.

Michael arrives and we get to Charmaine who was already dress and ready to walk out the door to go to dinner. We had about 5 mins to do hair and makeup on her. So we are both rushing trying to do makeup and hair as she is getting ready to head out of the door.

As we are trying to get her together a staff member from the resort comes to pick up her dress to steam it for tomorrow. But due to the lanaguage barrier I decided that we will just take care of it and Michael and I dealt with the dress. So Charmaine gives me her key and invited me to stay and enjoy myself and her cottage cuz she had a private beach and get drinks. Michael and I waited around for a few mintues and the guy comes back the second time and he finally takes the dress and we hitch a ride with him. I think his name was Dwayne.

I go back to my room to get my mp3 player, Micahel goes back to his room to take a nap and we met up later on the beach. I finally get myself food and a few cocktails and fall asleep on the beach. It was so quiet and the weather was perfect a very cool breeze and to hear the sound of the birds and the ocean I was out. Plus, I was tired from Essence weekend so I was really overdue.

The big day has arrived and I set up on one side and Michael is on the other. We started a little earlier than plan since more ladies were added on last night. So I didn’t get my 2 hours beach time like I wanted but I did get some time. What was perfect about my room was my door is right on the beach so I didn’t have to go far. When I step out of my door my feet touch the sand. SWEET!!!!!

My first person was the niece who was a very pretty younglady. I gave the girls what else but a bronzed look. It went perfect with everybody skin tone and of course with Harold Clarke Courtier dresses….Harold Clarke is AMAZING. I love him so much. Harold and Iona are awesome together. I know he was excited about this client cuz this is his hometown. This is where we really start working getting everybody ready but at the same time we had fun playing around talking about New Orleans in basically everything. At the end Charmaine looked like a little princess and her dress from courtier designer Harold Clarke was gorgeous.

Now it’s time to party!!!!