Month: August 2008

Leaving New Orleans

It's about 2:58 in the afternoon on a pissy hot Saturday day. I am sitting in the car waiting for pizza from Papa John. Michael and I both are not in any mood to cook after dealing with packing up the house and studio. Since we are leaving NEW ORLEANS tonight I want to make sure the kids have some type of food in their stomach before we get on the road. I wanted to do something fancy from CHEZ NOUS cuz this may be our last meal in our home. While I was on Magazine st I noticed they were closed like so many other stores. So pizza will just have to do tonight.

We will be heading out tonight when it cools off maybe the traffic may clear up as well. I just hate spending all of this money and have to plan on rebuilding our lives again. Don't worry I took my brushes girls so I can do you anywhere I end up.

The police and military is out strong so this makes me feel so much better. I don't have to worry about anybody breaking in. I called brinks security to update them with additional phone numbers just in case we lose signals on the cell phone. But since Hector and Jose is in the back I am not worry my people got me. They don't mind staying and they want us safe and gone.

I will update everyone through the blog so feel free to leave me messages/ comments. Michael mom don't have Internet access and trust I have already contacted her to see if she can it turned on while I am going to be there a few days. You know I'm spoil, anyway if I don't get my way then that may be your best way to play with me ok.

Luv u guys and u all be safe as well.

I need lots of cocktails this weekend so I don’t have a breakdown:))

Glam life of a makeup artist…I don't look glam today!!

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Hurricane Update

I am getting ready to head home and at the moment the fashion show is still on at 7pm at the W Hotel. The client just gave me 5 grill to go that can be used only 1 time. How sweet was that. Anyway, we are for now going to head to my mother in law who is in Baton Rouge. Now if it hits Baton Rouge area and not Florida then we will head to a property in Orlando, FL.

My state of mind is not good and I am trying to stay busy. The kids are very emotional Michael told me earlier especially Jordan. He has been crying all yesterday. He's afraid and don't want to lose everything again. Envy, is just not saying much and I feel like I am ready to crack. My head hurts and I feel like I need to throw up. Just being able to vent to you all keeps me from breakin down. Honestly, I don't think I can do this again. I can't rebuild anymore to old and just tired.

So this may be my push to L.A.

This is not a GLAM LIFE
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On set

We are on set and just lost power so we cannot do anything so I decided this would be the perfect time to catch you guys up. They hope that they can get power back on before 6:47am. Right now everybody is freakin out. My day has started at 2am and I still have to get back to New Orleans by 5pm so I can start makeup for the fashion show. Passport magazine is throwing this huge fashion show for Andrew Christian a underwear designer from Los Angeles. The event is at 7pm at the W hotel on poydras. So I have a full day today.
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Kathy Griffin…eat your heart out

Everybody knows how much I love comedian Kathy Griffin. I always refer to myself as the black Kathy Griffin in the beauty industry. Well once again, I found myself in this crazy red head shoes. If you didn’t know Passport Magazine(www.passportmagazine) is a gay magazine. I was asked to be the Makeup Artist for their fashion show at The W. Hotel on Friday evening. The designer for the show was Andrew Christian based out of L.A.

So, I was surrounded around 12 male models some straight and some gay. The audience was filled with very prominent sexy business men who were all GAY and they just loved my black ass. All night they kept telling me that Kathy Griffin was about to get replaced. You know I was lovin it and was playing it up all night. So, I just want to put it out there…KATHY GRIFFIN, there’s a new QUEEN B in town…well at least in New Orleans.


Ladybrille Interview from LA

Ok guys, here is the link to the interview that was done in Ladybrille Magazine in Los Angeles. I am so excited that it’s finally out. This was such a fun day and working with everyone was easy…no diva’s on the set. The interview and the photo shoot took place at my studio. I just want to thank Uduak Oduok the Publisher /Editor-in-chief for believing in me and wanting to put me in her magazine. It means a lot and it shows that the industry is not seeing me as a New Orleans Makeup Artist but now as a National Makeup Artist. Ok, enough already here is the link to read it….


Womentality Magazine

Today at 12:30 Lauren Williams with Womentality Magazine stop by to do an interview with me for her upcoming issue on September 5, 2008. It will be a part of her feature story;Women of the Storm:The Post Katrina Realities of Women In New Orleans and Gulf Coast. It will be issue out at The Little Black Dress Affair.

So, I want all of my supporters and readers to pick up Womentality Magazine ( next month. I am just honor that Lauren wanted to include myself in this issue. I look forward to doing more with Lauren so I will keep you posted.


Pics from the PAST

I came across some of these old pics of people that I have worked with a few years back and just wanted to share them with you all. I have been blessed to have worked with a lot of good people in the industry and just thinking about B Mac and being on the road made me realize that I have had a great life and have partied with a lot of people. Where would I be if I would have stayed deep in the industry…would I be in rehab by now??? There are so many more pics that I have to share with you all I just have to be on the look out for them.

Ok, I gotta get out of here….


R.I.P. Bernie

WOW…I just heard about Bernie and I am shock this morning. I had the pleasure to work with him a few times starting back in 2000 as well as his daughter Je’neice when she lived here in New Orleans attending school at Xavier University.

My heart goes out to his family…he was such a REAL Man and he loved his family and was so passionate about his work. He will be truly missed.

LUV U Mr. Mac and it was a pleasure to have worked with you while you were here!!! Thanks for supporting and understanding that hiring me was going to help me make a name in the industry. Not a lot of black people in the industry that makes it reach out to help someone else who is also trying to do the same or mentor the next person. But B. Mac knew the hustle in the entertainment industry and didn’t mind putting money in my hand and I respect you so much for that. Half of the time he didn’t want makeup but he knew if he had me around and say that’s my MAKEUP ARTIST it will get me a few more gigs. I am going to miss u!!!


7 & Donnie Klang "Rolling Stone"

For the most part everybody knows that I use to work in the music industry years ago and some of the record labels that I worked for were some of the top ones in the industry. That’s when the music industry was the shit!!! Music was at it’s highest. You all know I interned at Tommy Boy Records. Then I went to Bad Boy Records….yeah I know…right. Gave Diddy four years of my life and I also worked with Arista Records. At Bad Boy Records, my boss was Shawn Prez “I use to always catch the brick” because I had a lot of mouth. When I was young I use to have a very bad temper and was this tough chick that wanted to do everything and anything guys could do. So I didn’t fear anything…I was wildin out back then. I have to one day share some stories with you all about the crazy things that I use to do. I don’t think you all are ready…Ms Nicole Robinson…I know you have some stories just as crazy so stop laughing:)))

Anyway, my kids have been keeping me up with Diddy new show “I Want To Work For Diddy”. Yes, what you all see it is just that. I do think that’s why I am crazy, don’t sleep just work work work. I do feel that working there has taught me so much and that’s why I am very tough and very hard to please. So when these young people come at me crazy about working for me and they send me texts, or email me on myspace, or write things like…I want 2 work 4 u…and there emails I just hit delete. Ok…I am getting off track…

I wanted to tell you all that I have fallen in love with music again…This new single “Rolling Stone” by 7 & Donnie Klang is the baddest thing I have heard in a minute. That joint there took me back…back to a place that I have not been in a long time…feelings and thoughts was playing in my head that I’m spinning….NO JOKE SON…if you have not heard this track I suggest you go to my blog I have it on there and I have it on my mp3 player so I have been playing this joint like all day for the last few days. I got tears in my eyes…SERIOUS…If this song is not being played on your favorite station I suggest you start calling and carrying some picket signs outside the stations or something.

That’s my SHIT!!! I don’t know what else to say but press the repeat button…


Brett Farve

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Lord…I didn’t know that this man was all that. Here I am at this man house for a photo shoot in May 2007 and I didn’t know who he was. But, now…I can’t turn on the television, read a paper, or magazine without seen “BRETT FARVE”.

I wish I could just give him a big hug right about now. I just feel so bad for him. He was such a sweet guy and was such a gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. We hit it off right away, he got my jokes, you all who know me know that I speak a certain way and he got it. At one point the client asked if we knew each other cuz he took to me and that didn’t happen at the last shoot with the other makeup person. But, that’s my energy. Anyway, I just had to pull out my pics from the shoot…shit we acting like the man died…

Ok, Brett good luck and hopefully I’ll get to work with you again, soon.