Month: September 2008

Photo Shoot…Before&After

Today shoot is easy it’s just Ayaka by herself. This time I will not be able to go on location to touch up because I have a lot of people coming to the studio today. Hopefully, baby girl will be ok. It’s not to hot and I am sending her off with lip color to touch up with. Today look I went for a typical dark eye not to sexy. I love working with this girl because she can pull off any look you give her…both face and pose. She just turns on when the camera starts snapping.


Another Veuve Clicquot Event

Before I get ready to go on tour for a month with L’Oreal cosmetics I had to squeeze in another night to party. So when I received my personal invites to attend VEUVE-CLICQUOT private party…you know I couldn’t turn it down. Tonight event is actually an early one it’s from 7-9pm so I was not going to be out late just late enough to feel like an adult. So I went casual wearing with I went to the studio in and my hubby and I met up.

My girl Carlyn met me out and baby girl Jackie came out but she stayed after 9pm I’m sure.

I was so proud of myself, I only had 2 bottles of champagne tonight since I knew I had to go home and get some work done. It was a nice turn out not to many people just enough to move around in not having to bump into anyone. By now you all know who Laine (Wiskey Bar-Bar Manger) is…through the blog kept trying to feed me more bottles but I couldn’t do it. He was trying to get me to be bad. I was on my best behavior can you believe it.

This may be the last event that I do before heading out…I THINK


Photo Shoot…Behind the Scene

Running behind this morning…not so like me but it was out of my control…made it to the studio at 10:30am. I wasn’t late just wanted to get there before everybody else and unwind before starting. The girls (ELSA AYAKA& SHANNON)were already outside. Shannon is a dancer at Harrah’s Casino so that is how Ayaka found her. Elsa is a fashion stylist who is making a name for herself here in New Orleans. Courtlin, the third model will not be joining us until 3ish at the 1st location. The hair stylist was running late and she works at a salon I think she said on the westbank. This is my first time working with this group except for Ayaka so I hope things go well and everybody pull their own weight…no time for slacker’s.How can I forget Ryan Nello, the photographer…Yes, this boy moves like a snail but he can produce so it’s all worth it at the end.

Ryan was very late getting to to the first location on Poydras so we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot. We had to be out of the building by 5pm. So that suck…We headed back to my studio to do the second look. By this time everybody was getting tired and silly. The hair girl boyfriend kept calling in stressin her so I think later her mind was not on hair and was more rushed that she didn’t pull of the hair styles like I wanted. That’s why I always tell anyone who want to get into this industry. Make sure your spouse or friend understand what the work hours is like. This industry is hard and if your mate is needy then this is not the field for you.

Once I got my mind right I was able to produce and do what I do best…MAKEUP…The hair girl was not prepared so I had to send her to Sally’s to get more things for her kit. What she had could not and would not pull off what I needed her to do. Because this was her first time I cut her some slack but if she would have went on another set like that in a larger market they would have dismissed her…first time or not.

Shannon was given me a hard time about my music selections…she thought I listen to more white music then she did. Y’all know I love me some New Kids On The Block, Britney Spears, Madonna, Hilliary Duff, John Mayer, Robyn, and etc…I can’t work with that gangsta junk…just can’t get creative.

The second location didn’t happen until 8ish. We finally finished around 10pm. I can’t wait to see the pics hopefully Ryan will have them ready before I go on tour.


New Orleans Magazine Photoshoot

Tonight was a long ass day. This assignment was pushed back due to Hurricane Gustav. Because the magazine needs to go to print in two days this photo shoot had to happen regardless of what time we wrap. The morning started off bad, it rained and rained and rained. The shoot was called off twice before it happen this morning. So we restarted at 9am and the evening was so long. Everybody was AMAZING to work with. The only new person on this assignment was the model in since the hairstylist could not make it due to the weather the model asked her personal stylist to come out to help. The model looked like Scarlett and had lips like Jolie so she was a great face to work on. We started at Greg, the photographer studio and then we went to the quarters at this great home of an artist. This house was huge, very historical, everything still from the early days. We stayed until 5pm and headed back to the studio and we worked until we collapsed.

Hope the pictures looks great cuz we did looks that was very different for this magazine.

New Gig for 2009

I know it's late, well not really…just 11:42 pm and just finishing up for the night. A young lady from the island name JAN contacted me about writing for her magazine. We have talked some time back and due to Katrina we lost touch. But recently we have been emailing each other and because we both have crazy schedule we have been playing email tag. Well, tonight she contacted me and wanted to know if I would want to start in Jan 09 writing in the beauty section. I am so excited because now I will be able to tap into a new market. A market of island people…so that should be cool, right? I will keep you all posted. I know it seems like far away but trust me its not. Its actually right on schedule. Magazines are 4 months ahead so I got to get on it. And I got to get off my black girl cuz Michael is doing the countdown. No more work while in bed, ok good night.

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Summer Makeup

I’m Back!!!!

In this month Times Picayune Wish Insert you will read the article that was done about Wearing Makeup In The Summer Heat. If you live in the Uptown, Metairie and Slidell area then you will be able to read it. If not request one by contacting Times-Picayune.

I really needed to hear that this article came out because I was getting down with all of this Hurricane madness.


Police Come Out At Night

This new lifestyle that us Gulf Coast peeps are living looks like a new television show. We made it back to New Orleans and let me tell you its like re-living Katrina all over again.

Police and military people are all over the place. You have to show I'd and have to be in your area. I like that they are stopping residents because we heard there have been 3 break ins by looters already. There are store and gas shortages, food and other shortages that you need to survive. Not everybody has power and water lines are not working. So when everybody gets in tomorrow it will be unsafe and tempers will be high. So I am glad we had a head start. Just want to get the kids go to the store in lock ourselves in our home.

We are safe for now but if they thought it was rough before to live here lord knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

I just hope to hear back from my L.A. Clients to see about getting work this month cuz I need to get out of New Orleans.

Stay tune will keep u all posted don't I always.


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Heading home

It's 10:05am and we are heading home to check on our property and the studio. Hopefully, we can get through the checkpoint today. Gotta use my juice:) We have not had power in Baton Rouge so its been pretty rough.

So, I was able to do some texting and emails. The Kardashians are shooting the show now and if I can get to Los Angeles this month from the 7th-18th I will be able to work. Hopefully, some of my checks from the photo shoot that I did with Essence magazine in February and July comes in this week. I have a few more out there like City Hall. They have not paid June, July and August yet. So, if one of those comes in I will be able to go to L.A. in work.

Will keep you all posted as usual

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I wanna go home

Good morning…its close to 9am and its still raining out here in Baton Rouge. I am waiting to listen to Jindal press conference about updates from the hurricane and when we can go home. Because of the rain its not to hot. The windows are open so a nice breeze is coming through.

If you want to know how we are all feeling right about now go download or you tube, Michael Buble' song “HOME”. That song was a song my family and I would listen to when we were down having a blah day or a sad day. My daughter is not very social or communicate well so I would tell her when she was having a bad day play that song and I'll know. So if you want to know how we are doing think about us and play that song at the same time. Hopefully that will insight you.

Hope today we can get internet or cable today as we'll as power. Most of the food and my mother in law box all of her food is gone so I know our food at home is bad right about now.

Keep me posted if you all hear anything. MP3 is about to get low as well so soon we won't know what's up unless we go sit in the car to charge everything up again.


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No power during Hurricane Gustav

We are ok just don't have lights at the moment. So its hot and dark…so far we are all getting alone. I have been taking tons of sleeping and pain pills so I don't have to deal with all of this. I started my day at 6am bringing the babies out for their walk. Was able to listen to some of the news. Went back to sleep and around 2:48 I was woken by Michael. He wanted me to eat since I have not since yesterday. I try to send texts to friends but not getting through. I teased Michael about drugging me cuz I took my iron pills my pain pills and my migraine pills all at one time. I got up at 6:57pm cuz its so damn hot and I feel crazy. I am about to take a shower to cool off cuz I was sweating in my sleep. Michael is about to cook this FAB dinner on the GRILL IN THE BOX.

If somebody has cocktails in my area can you all please come by in hook me up. I don't have hook up in this area of town so if someone knows a po po have them drop off a beer or something but I really prefer champagne, a tini or a daiquiri. Maybe somebody can fed ex me something since we can't leave. My mother just said she has a regular coke that I can have. I told her yes that will work maybe I can feel grown. My mother in law is very very conservative, don't drink or smoke because of her health so she don't have nothing that is bad for you in the house. Its like living with a nun. I think I told you she don't have internet in her house either. she think I'm crazy for wanting to walk around the subdivision to see if I could as a neighbor for treats.

Ok got to go cuz I need my little battery I have left.


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