Heading home

It's 10:05am and we are heading home to check on our property and the studio. Hopefully, we can get through the checkpoint today. Gotta use my juice:) We have not had power in Baton Rouge so its been pretty rough.

So, I was able to do some texting and emails. The Kardashians are shooting the show now and if I can get to Los Angeles this month from the 7th-18th I will be able to work. Hopefully, some of my checks from the photo shoot that I did with Essence magazine in February and July comes in this week. I have a few more out there like City Hall. They have not paid June, July and August yet. So, if one of those comes in I will be able to go to L.A. in work.

Will keep you all posted as usual

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I wanna go home

Good morning…its close to 9am and its still raining out here in Baton Rouge. I am waiting to listen to Jindal press conference about updates from the hurricane and when we can go home. Because of the rain its not to hot. The windows are open so a nice breeze is coming through.

If you want to know how we are all feeling right about now go download or you tube, Michael Buble' song “HOME”. That song was a song my family and I would listen to when we were down having a blah day or a sad day. My daughter is not very social or communicate well so I would tell her when she was having a bad day play that song and I'll know. So if you want to know how we are doing think about us and play that song at the same time. Hopefully that will insight you.

Hope today we can get internet or cable today as we'll as power. Most of the food and my mother in law box all of her food is gone so I know our food at home is bad right about now.

Keep me posted if you all hear anything. MP3 is about to get low as well so soon we won't know what's up unless we go sit in the car to charge everything up again.


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No power during Hurricane Gustav

We are ok just don't have lights at the moment. So its hot and dark…so far we are all getting alone. I have been taking tons of sleeping and pain pills so I don't have to deal with all of this. I started my day at 6am bringing the babies out for their walk. Was able to listen to some of the news. Went back to sleep and around 2:48 I was woken by Michael. He wanted me to eat since I have not since yesterday. I try to send texts to friends but not getting through. I teased Michael about drugging me cuz I took my iron pills my pain pills and my migraine pills all at one time. I got up at 6:57pm cuz its so damn hot and I feel crazy. I am about to take a shower to cool off cuz I was sweating in my sleep. Michael is about to cook this FAB dinner on the GRILL IN THE BOX.

If somebody has cocktails in my area can you all please come by in hook me up. I don't have hook up in this area of town so if someone knows a po po have them drop off a beer or something but I really prefer champagne, a tini or a daiquiri. Maybe somebody can fed ex me something since we can't leave. My mother just said she has a regular coke that I can have. I told her yes that will work maybe I can feel grown. My mother in law is very very conservative, don't drink or smoke because of her health so she don't have nothing that is bad for you in the house. Its like living with a nun. I think I told you she don't have internet in her house either. she think I'm crazy for wanting to walk around the subdivision to see if I could as a neighbor for treats.

Ok got to go cuz I need my little battery I have left.


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Gustav is here in Baton Rouge

It's 8:59 pm and I am in the guest room at my mother in law home. She didn't rebuild in her gentilly home. She said she did not have the strength to go through what we are now. The rain is starting now and the cable has been going out a little. Michael and Jordan are getting flashlights and candles together so we are ready for the lights to go out at some point.

We made it to Baton Rouge last night at 1:16 am and we left New Orleans at 10pm. I didn't sleep a lot the babies could not get comfortable so I walked them a few times 2, 4 and 6am. Shit I couldn't sleep so I figure they would get tired at some point. But I think they put me to sleep. I was in so much pain but I forgot to get my prescription filled so I just went to bed in pain and the red stripe beer helped:)

I woke again around 9ish to check on the kids. They were waking up as well. My mother in law was setting up to cook breakfast but I don't do breakfast and I was not in the mood to eat. I freshen up to feel better try to do some calls and emails. Just was in so much pain still and my arms and hands are swollen so I decided to take one of my pain pills and was out.

Awaken and was ready to get some invoices done. Went through the pictures from Andrew Christian underwear line at the W hotel. The event was given by Passport Magazine. Made more calls and trying to stay busy don't want to think about what is about to the city on tomorrow.

I am just ready to get back to work even if its not in New Orleans. If anybody need me please call me I am going crazy being out here in Baton Rouge doing nothing. I don't do well just waiting and sitting watching tv and talking about nonsense stuff. So I am back in the room working doing my new kit.

So, I will keep you all posted as long as I can. Pray for us all New Orleans people.


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