Month: October 2008

"Destination I Do" Photo Shoot


Austin Scarlett Bridal Fashion Show

Round 2 took place at the The W. Hotel in the French Quarter. Today everything was going well and on schedule. Had my helpers, Robin actually arrived before me. She already had things lined up for my arrival. I had to go to The W. Hotel on Poydras to pick up the makeup the David from OCC Makeup. I had him send the box to the hotel since I was going to be there and not my studio. He sent the first box to the studio but I never received it. It never made it to me. Anyway, David sent me all of the colors for the look that I wanted to do;POP ART. Plus, he sent his new lip balm for the gift bags. David is AMAZING…RIGHT.

While waiting for the girls to finish practing we ate once again and got our cocktails to kick off the event. Finally, the girls started coming down around PM and they needed to be ready by PM. I was happy with the models that we ended up with. I was so happy that my girl Sue Ellen from a previous assignment said yes to doing the show. Sue Ellen is the model that looks like the actress Scarlett with Angelina lips. Roicio, from last night worked again and the others were new and a pleasure to work. We got them ready and upstairs on time. The show was on schedule and we had a great crowd.

Some of the conservative girls that was there to help out made comments that they didn’t like the makeup. They felt it was not practical for the everyday bride. When we were all discussing the topic Emily was just listening. The girls loved the fact that it was not the basic look that they normally receive. Austin Scarlett, Creative Director Emily shared with me that she loved the makeup and would like to have me come to NYC to do one of Austin Scarlett fashion shows. She got that it was a candlelight outside fashion show so the makeup could not be soft and natural.

After the show Beth Ann and I really just was glad that everything was successful and was over. Michael and I stayed around for awhile to network with the magazine Editor and Publisher, Emily, the models, and friends. I didn’t want to drink to much since we had the photo shoots in the morning. Since we are going to have the shoot at the french quarter location I decided to leave all of my makeup and supplies. The only thing I took home with me was my brushes…of courses.


W. Hotel Wedding Event

The day finally arrived , the 2 day bridal event at The W. Hotel. Being the Creative Director I had a few more duties than normal just doing the makeup. A lot of the planning and organizing on my part was done while I was on the L’Oreal tour. I am really excited and glad to have had the opportunity to be a part as well as to get the experience that I need. Not to bad to have on my client list. I am so bless to have some many good people in my life that want me to succeed and understand what my goals are as a makeup artist. My girls came over to help me set up my green room. They wanted me to relax and deal with everything else.

Robin is a wedding planner and Jamielynn is a model/stylist both came out to assist me.

Since I had good help we were able to go have lunch/early dinner at ZOE inside of the W. Hotel. Yes, of course we ordered cocktails. I love the pineapple upside down cake so we had that. The hotel comp everything so we took care of the tip. Of all days my black girl broke on me today so I am not with a phone. I am just glad that everything was going smooth and that everybody arrived that needed to be there so I didn’t have to worry.

Robye, the hairstylist arrived at 4:30pm because he didn’t have to be there until late plus his set up was much smaller. Roico Mora and Chris Bailey the models also arrived at the same time as Robye.

We started working on the model together and the look that I wanted for her was a trendy current look with a little Hollywood classic feel. So the hair was very elegant very old school classic and the makeup was smoky eyes with a light lip and skin glowing/bronzed. I didn’t want to do the no makeup traditonal bridal look because as you know that is so typical and boring. Plus, this is an event so that would not work anyway with the dark lights.

The event crowd was not what I was hoping that would have came out. The entire idea was so different and maybe that scared a lot of people. The event was a mock wedding where brides and wedding planners and event planners in New Orleans could come out to see what a wedding day would look like if they would have gotten married at the W. Hotel. We didn’t miss a beat from hair/makeup to the ceremony to picture taken to going to the reception to taken pictures, dinner, a dj, dancing, cake cutting and of course DRINKS!!!


Hornets Rally on Fulton

I know that I just came back from San Francisco and I should be home resting and/or getting things together for the fashion shows this week at the W. Hotel. But, I have been gone for a month that I needed to spend time with my baby boy and baby girl. So, they wanted to go to the Hornet’s Pep Rally that started at 5:30 on Fulton by Harrah’s Casino. So, I went out for a minute basically took a break from work and enjoy being with Jordan and Shontell.

Whenever I am gone for a long period of time it always feel funny coming back. Now, I don’t know who put this shit together but this was some pissy ass seem like a last minute rally. I know I am use to events being executed a certain way. But, it seemed like the marketing team just didn’t really think. I am so sure it’s a group of young interns or college students who handle this assignment. Because, if I was college degree adults then the organizations need to re looked at who they hired. I think we stayed out there for about 1 hour cuz it was just nothing else to do after the team left. The events for kids was so lame that Jordan was bored. Again, they must have not talked out what games or activities they would have for kids. Jordan was just disgusted with the two ladies who could not do his temp tattoo. It took then about 8 try’s so they finally gave him a stack to take home. I asked him if he wanted to maybe do the face painting and he said no.He tried when he got home and guess what…it worked. The lady told him they were old so some of the tattos’s don’t work. Jordan said the ladies must have been retired volunteers are something. I was trying not to laugh…he was really just upset. Michael asked Jordan did he have fun…Jordan said NO IT WAS PISSY!

It was just good to be with Jordan and Shontell so I didn’t mind much but I feel like it was just a waste for Jordan and Shontell cuz they really like the team and Shontell and her mom has season tickets. You know I don’t care for sports so it didn’t bother me that it was half ass as long as I had my drink.


Womentality Interview-October issue

Below you will find the interview that was done a few month ago for the WOMENTALITY Magazine. This interview was so needed for me, meaning I really needed to share my story with many people especially the young girls and up-incoming makeup artists who think I just waved a magic wand and brought myself a makeup kit and assignments just landed in my lap. As much as I write on this blog and many know how outspoken I am I still find many people who don’t know me just don’t get it. I say this due to the emails and phone calls I get everyday…yeah everyday. Recently, I allowed my baby girl Shontell to go through my phone and write down all of my messages for me because I was just so overwhelmed with work and just on the second call she said she couldn’t do it. It’s just give me give me give me your work. Nobody wants to work hard anymore. Because, I won’t take in give away my assignments they think I’m a bitch. I share work with makeup artists I know, makeup artists who can produce, makeup artists who are loyal to me, makeup artists who are also out there grinding as hard as I am. There are two makeup artists (Keisha Williams & Javetta White)in the city who I refer to others when I can’t do the gig, they are out there grinding just like I am. Yeah, they work at the M.A.C. counter but they still grinding, creating a buzz just like I am for themselves. I have a lot of respect for them and vice versa. More so Keisha then Javetta, people think Keisha and I have gotten to work with celebrities because of M.A.C. Cosmetics but M.A.C. doesn’t have anything to do with talent and the hustle. So, I hope maybe reading this interview this will give people more insight of who I am and how hard I’ve work and still work. NYC & L.A. industry people are not calling me cuz they think I’m cute and because I have a fabulous makeup kit…but I really do. I am out there hustling and grinding and my work speak for itself.

I am glad that many young girls look at me as this GREAT person but I always tell these young girls and my daughter girlfriends; the real role model is at home…Their MAMA is the one who they should be given credit to. I am so glad that my daughter know how hard I work, she sees it. She doesn’t have to look at other women on TV to see what a strong woman is. Yeah, she thinks I am a little crazy, over the top, sometimes strict, sometimes don’t like me, very old school but she understands why I am so like that.

With that saying I am still going to start my non-profit for teens because it is so needed. When I travel I see and hear so much. Just sitting in the airport I listen and watch these girls. I am such a people watcher I just love to watch people. And I see so many girl that just need help from grooming to etiquette to fashion, to lovin themselves. I’ll keep you posted on that when I finally get enough time to start it up.

Well, enjoy the interview…heads up…there is a lot of typo’s…


San Francisco…I’m Here

I arrived in San Francisco on Friday night. I know I spent an entire day in the airport. That’s my only pet peeve about traveling is losing an entire day but I finally made it. Vanessa who was my roommate and Karen met me in baggage claim. Their flight came in at the same time as mine so it was arranged that we ride to the hotel together. While heading to the hotel we called the crew to see where everyone was. Karen spoke with Laura and said dinner was hooked up through Lucinda. Food and drinks was free so if we wanted sushi to head over. We went to the hotel first to check in and freshen up. By now I am starving don’t eat much hen traveling cuz I hate going to public bathroom.

We take a cab to dinner…the place was called Mas Shaki…at 2030 Lombard street…It was very dark and jam pack in there. It was like a bar/club/restaurant in back. Lucinda friend gave her a table that seated about 10. We were the last of the group to arrive so they had already started eating. The waitress came to take our orders…my order was the crunchy roll and teriyaki filet mignon with a glass of pepsi. Yeah, this is not a typo…I only had a pepsi. I didn’t want to drink since I had to get up at 5ish.

Because we were all just together for the tour it’s not like we had to play catch up. Ryan and Laura left together. Because my food had just arrived I could not leave with them. Christian kept trying to make me eat his tuna but I have to be careful which raw fish I eat. The last time I ate something Michael gave me it came right up.

Now Lisa don’t do sushi at all, it was so funny cuz she was throwing her food under the table like a child. My meal was amazing…it definitely hit the spot…I wasn’t playing around…after I tipped the waitress I was out. But see I warned everybody when I arrived my plans. I was eating then dismissing myself. They were able to stay out cuz they didn’t have to be at the event until 7:30am.

Lisa, Christian and myself all took a cab back to the hotel. When I got back to the room took a shower, ironed my clothes and got all my stuff together so in the morning I’m not trying to find everything. Plus, I always respect my roommate not making noise, and turning lights only. So ready for bed cuz I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow.


Meeting at the W Hotel for the Bridal Shows

The meeting at The W. Hotel went well today. We met at Bacco Resturant in the French Quarter. The meeting was so we could do a walk through for both shows. We also talked about makeup and hair, press, music for the show, sponsors, and the photo shoot that will take place on Halloween for the national bridal magazine.

Because I am the Creative Director for the event I have more responsibility then just doing makeup. On Tuesday of next week I will go over to The W. Hotel to help with selecting the gowns that Austin Scarlett…yeah from Bravo’s Project Runway will be sending for the show. I had to select all of the models for the show as well as making sure they are placed in the correct bridal gowns. I am so excited about the makeup looks that I came up with and I like the avant garde hair styles that the models will get. I just need to finish my face charts tonight.

David Klasfeld owner of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics will be sponsoring the event for me. Because I will have many faces I thought it would be easier to airbrush plus the look that I want to do will be best done airbrush. David has amazing product so I am glad he decided to be a part. David is really good to me…and he is an AMAZING MAKEUP ARTIST. Check out his work to see for yourself at:

I hope Debra will be able to come down to help out plus she always help David with events so maybe she will come in town. Because I am flying out on Friday for the Oprah magazine event I don’t have a lot of time. I still have not unpack so I can repack. I have so much to do and still have another shoot to put together for the Caribbean magazine that I write for. The article is about Valentine makeup so I need to get Shontell dates to see what day she can come by to get her makeup done. I also have to call Jerome to see his schedule.

Ok, I gotta go cuz I have so much more work to do and it’s going on 1am.


Update on O Magazine vs Carol’s Daughter

Just in case you didn't read the first blog while on tour I received a call from Lisa Price people about booking me to do the makeup for Mrs. Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter. The event is for the grand opening of the Macy's and I guess they will be carrying her line there.

The date they needed me for was the same dates that I will be in San Francisco working Oprah/0 Magazine event. How crazy right, two well know African American women needing me at the same time.

So, I explained to Robin that I fly out on Friday at 5:17 pm so I would be able to do Lisa Price makeup if it's an early call time or the afternoon. But, on Saturday I would not be able to take the assignment. Well, I have not heard back from since last week.

Today, I received the email and she said Lisa Price would need me at 4:30pm so it's not going to work. Shit, I was hoping that it would. Robin did say they are always in need of a great makeup artist in that they will be in touch for other dates.

So, it looks like Oprah won this one. The Oprah assignment is changing everyday for the best. I am getting ready to go to Bacco restaurant to meet Beth Ann and do a walk through for the W hotel fashion show next week, Wednesday and Thursday. Then I have the photo shoot on Friday, Halloween day at the W hotel with “Destination I Do magazine”.

So I have a lot to catch you all up on. Still have not made it to my studio yet but I hope to do that today. Well, I have to cuz David the owner of OCC Makeup needs me to send him a list of makeup that I will need for the fashion show.


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No New Kids On The Block at GHOST BAR

Ok, bye the time we finished saying goodbye and head back to the hotel it is now around 11ish so I know I was not going to make the New Kids On The Block concert. The show started at 8pm so that was a no-brainer. Debra and I were exhausted and Debra still was not feeling well but we both still wanted to go out. We had talked earlier that day about a few of us going to The W. Hotel/GHOST BAR. Since the NKOTB concert was at the American Airlines which is directly across the street from The GHOST BAR we decided that we would go in get drinks and hope to see the guys. We didn’t make it out of the hotel until 12:35am. The GHOST BAR is bad ass, I LOVED the decor and they are doing more work to it. Because it got a little cool we didn’t sit outside but the view inside was so much better. Plus, I enjoy people watching. When we arrived it was packed with NKOTB fans everywhere. Some wore their old shirts, some wore new shirts and some looked liked sluts and a few were dress glam/stylish. We hit the bar and order mojito’s all night. They were excellent made cuz by the second one we were feelin good. We had a great time and just laughed and talked about everything. We didn’t see the guys but by that time it was cool.It was just good to be out and be dressed lookin like myself. We definitely had lots of drinks I just remember laughing all night at everything. We left the ghost bar at 2am cuz we were hunger and getting this buzz that we knew we needed to start heading back. Debra wanted JACK IN THE BOX so that’s where we stop to eat. We make it back to the hotel by 2:30am and we stayed up to watch SEX IN THE CITY. I don’t remember when we dosed off but at some point we did. GLAM LIFE OF A MAKEUP ARTIST