Month: November 2008

NOLA First Lady of Radio

This morning New Orleans First Lady of Radio Kelder Summers from old school radio home team 106.7 fm ( came by the studio for 9:30am to get makeup and lashes. Kelder was selected to be Queen for Lady Buckjumpers Second Line Parade and she had to ride in the parade today. Kelder shared with me that this was her first time riding on a float and that the parade route would take 4 hours. So, I wanted to share with you a picture of my QUEEN KELDER SUMMER.


Thanksgiving Weekend

Hey everybody, home in New Orleans. Relaxing, spending time with family and friends and having drinks! We are sitting at the table playing cards and drinking mangorita's. Due to the weather we are not having good internet connections. Must be god's work to keep me off of it. Tonight we may be going out depends on the weather. My girl and old assistant Natalie is in town. She came over Thanksgiving day with her husband and two boys and the new edition Barrack a male yorkie. We kept the baby so they could go out to see friends. Since we already have two male yorkies it didn't matter if one more is in the house. Michael didn't really like it but hey he would get over it. Plus it gave Jordan a chance to have a puppy on a loan cuz he wants another puppy. Because Barrack is a new baby he awaken at 5ish and of course Jordan slept through the whole thing. Got up and brought Barrack to the bathroom and fed him. On friday. I had to work but only a half day so not to bad. Can't wait to see Shontell and the crew tonight. Hopefully, I can just rock something casual don't feelin like wearing a dress tonight. Ok my turn so gotta go.


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Saints vs Packers

You know if my boy Brett was still with the Green Bay Packers then I would be hanging out with him right now. But he is no longer with them so maybe that's a good thing cuz I would be getting in trouble right now. He is playing with the Jets and I doubt they would ever play here in NOLA. Tonight should be fun I guess. I don't see anybody from my crew that I can play with tonight while the game is going on. Hopefully, Shontell is coming to the game so I can have somebody to play with. If not, then I don't have anybody to take pics with and of me. I did bring the new Essence magazine with me so I can have something to read while the game is on. You all know I don't know what I am watching so I can't get excited. Right now I am back in the trailer just snacking. Emmitt is not scheduled to arrive until 4:15pm. That's my buddy:)

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ESPN pre game

Back with my boys at ESPN. Sitting in my trailer just waiting for Stu to get dropped off. His security Alex just left to meet him at the gate. I don't know if Jaws is here yet. Have not heard if he is on his way or still at the hotel.

The crew tonight is quiet meaning small. Somebody joked earlier that not everybody was flown out. Well, I don't know what's going on but I do know my table is smaller this time around and they didn't have my room set all the way up. My runner had to come pick me up and then set up my room. So, I will see how the rest of the evening goes and if they cut back on food and drinks.

Can't wait to see EMMITT, he is a mess!

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My Favorite Pic

This is my favorite pic from the photo shoot for the New Orleans Magazine. It didn’t make the cut with the magazine it was to to much for them but it’s my favorite of them all. You can see the rest of the pics in my blog if you didn’t see the issue. It’s the one with Chris Paul on the cover of the magazine. But I have them in last month blog so go check it out in let me know what’s your favorite pic of them all.


Times Picayune Photo Shoot

Yesterday photo shoot with Times-Picayune ( well. Stephanie interviewed me last week about holiday makeup this year and what will be my favorite makeup item to use. For the holidays is when I really attend a lot of events and private parties and my favorite thing is to play up my eyes and just do a light nude or pink lip. L’Oreal came out with 5 new HIP metallic eye shadows that are amazing. Lots of pigments, and when I saw the new colors earlier this year I just knew which one was going to be the most popular one for the holidays especially for NEW YEAR’S. So I talked about the HIP duo eyeshadow in platinum and also the HIP cream eyeliner in black. Can’t forget about my shu uemura eyelashes. So Susan L. (who I adore and respect) is the beauty/fashion editor for Times Picayune called me and asked if I could do a shoot using the items that I spoke about.

So yesterday we got together to put together a very quick shoot since the pictures were needed for Friday. Joseph the photographer did an amazing job capturing the look that I needed. He really focused on the face and baby girl did her part by giving me not a lot of attitude but just enough face. I love working with her. Baby Girl helped me out for the Austin Scarlett fashion show at the W. Hotel and then she was the model for the New Orleans magazine photo shoot as well. We get along very well and she is such a sweet girl that we have so much fun working together. She reminds me of Shontell, very sweet, very loyal, very easy to work with and can just give you face. Gotta add my girl Ayaka Lynn to the list of models that I find are amazing girls but she left me and went back to Japan. We talked about me starting back up my agency for models and makeup artists/hair stylists in 09′. If I could get some time at night to start organizing it then don’t be surprise when Top Ladies resurface.

Anyway here are a few of the pics and more is to come but I can’t post all of them. Be on the look out in Times-Picayune WISH insert. The fashion magazine that comes out in certain areas of the city.


My Indian Bride Loved Her Makeup

This is why I do what I do. Receiving letters/emails and gifts from clients thanking me for what was once a hobby and now a love makes me happy. My bride Domini R. from Saturday just sent me this and I wanted to share it with you all. This one will go in my book that I am working on.

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing services this past weekend.
You are truly talented and know exactly how to make a woman look her
absolute best. Each person in my bridal party had different skin tones
and racial backgrounds, and yet each girl looked impeccable. Everyone
raved about your skills and they loved how beautiful they looked. Our
photographs came out STUNNING! I still can’t get over how beautiful we
all looked!! You perfectly captured the look I had in mind for the
girls. My mother is usually such a critic when she gets her makeup
done, and even she was so thrilled with how she looked.
You were an absolute joy to work with…so friendly and personable, and
of course, a true professional. I wish you all the best, and I know
your gift will take your career to amazing new heights.

Thank you so much for everything.

Warm regards,

British Magazine photo shoot

This morning call time was not to bad. I had to be up for 5am for a 6:00am call time. I decided last night that I was not getting all fancy and doing hair and makeup. I got my clothes together early so I didn't need to stress over what I was wearing.

The shoot was not a celebrity or anything. It was better…4 amazing 11 month old baby girls. The dad is a chef at the Ritz Carlton and Alicia works at The Country Club.

I had a great time the girls all had personalities. I loved it!

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New Orleans where u at!!

I just wanted to let you all know that BGD is home all week I am here with no out of town dates. So, if you need to get at me this week I am reachable. Kinda light schedule, today I have an indian bride from India. Oh, I have to post pictures of the Indian bride from last week who got married at the Ritz Carlton.

Anyway, I have an early shoot on tuesday with a British magazine. Suppose to get details today. Don't know what else on the books until I stop. So you know what this means where the party at girls. Cocktails and chicken salad dates at Houston restaurant. I like the St. Charles location better. Thanks Carlyn for taking Jordan on Saturday to see the movie. He enjoyed himself your awesome!!

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