THEME SONG: Just Live Your Life

Hey Baby Girl (Miss Sassy) this one’s for you. Tonight when our theme song came on at dinner I almost had tears that you were not out here in Florida with me.

We had adopted this song at the NBA VH1-Pepsi Smash Superbowl Bash when our girl Rhianna hit the stage and just the entire time we were in Tampa this song played. We had such an amazing time in Tampa, VIP all the way. Being the makeup artist for such a great event and hanging out with so many amazing people we were just living our life. Living the life of a GLAM MAKEUP ARTIST…and I was glad to have Miss Sassy there to hold me down. Especially backstage on stage with the Fall Out Boys…keeping the shine off these guys:)) Did I tell y’all that Pete only let me put makeup on him cuz he thought I was cute;))

Anyway, just wish you were in South Beach with me…no I take that back cuz you were mad that you had to come back to NOLA after being in Tampa…you would really love it here!!! I am calling DJ IRIE and Suzie tonight.

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The Kardashians Girls Does South Beach

By now you have heard that Khloe & Kourtney Kardashians will be opening their retail store DASH in South Beach Miami. Mama Kris Jenner was smart to make this a spin-off show for the girls.

About a two weeks ago I shared with you that I have been getting lots of calls from brides in Florida (South Beach & West Palm Beach). Well today one of the brides is flying me out to do a bridal consultation for her upcoming wedding. In the past my Florida brides have all been GLAM over the top brides. The makeup look that all the brides have asked me for is the Kim Kardashian look. The makeup look that I did on Kim Kardashian was her favorite look, dark eyes and light lip with lashes. Mama Kris loved the dark eyes I gave her and now everybody always ask me to give them that same look.

As you know I have been spending a lot of time in Florida lately, wouldn’t it be great if I get a call from the STYLE NETWORK or Ryan Seacrest Production to do makeup again for the girls on Khloe and Kourtney new reality show! The Kardashians girls does Florida an so does Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. But I do hope to do makeup for the OCEAN DRIVE MAGAZINE soon. I love OCEAN DRIVE magazine, I buy it faithfully every month. Everything and everybody so beautiful in it.


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VIDEO:Jordyn Taylor "Accessory"

I am so lovin this song, Accessory by Jordyn Taylor. It’s one that I play daily while working on set, I use to play at the studio and it’s on my MP3 when I workout. So I just wanted to share with you all one of my favorites.

I’ll keep believing that this song was written for me:))


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Radio Personality Downtown Lesli Brown 102.9 fm

Downtown Lesli Brown from 102.9FM had her launch party on Saturday night for her magazine call “DA COST”. When she told me in February 08′ that she wanted to start her magazine she was surprise that I didn’t knock her down. I embraced her love & passion and said just tell me what you need me to do.

As many know my friendship with Lesli and her family especially with one her older sister’s…Natalie Martin. Her two request were for me to do her makeup for the launch party. Her next request is for me to do writing and submit pictures. I can and will do that as well. So when she called me two weeks later with the date, I locked in my books and told her I will be there. Once I lock a date in my book I will show up doesn’t matter where I am, in state or out of state.

Because I closed the studio and because I was going to attend her party I asked Lesli to come to my home that evening so I can get ready and not arrive to late. If I was to go to her house I wouldn’t make it in time.
Lesli is so easy to do she has great skin and amazing features that it feels like painting a perfect canvas. She has great skin like Shontel Sheri (Miss Sassy) that she can wear any makeup look I put on her. Normally, Lesli is all over the place. She has lots of energy and this evening she was quiet. I knew she was nervous she didn’t want anything to eat or drink. Her phone was blowing up like crazy with questions from the venue, people asking to get on the guest list and all the other calls you get when throwing a party.

Shontel and I arrived to the event a little after 11pm. We had a great time and Lesli really went all out. She had the red carpet upon arriving, a photographer to take pictures at the door, outside 2 large TV’s playing music videos, her front door girls were very pleasant and professional. When I arrived Lesli made sure our drinks were taking care of. Almost 90% of the people came in white as the host requested.

Shontell (Miss Sassy) met some of hernew fans that evening. Her boss was also at the party so that was funny she ran into him earlier I believe at the Hornets game with her BF.

Miss Ashley Jinky from Old School 106.7 was also there she has been popping up everywhere lately. But it’s always good to see her. She is such a sweet girl.

I am so proud of Lesli…I wish her much success.


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Jazz Singer Stephanie Jordan

Jazz Singer Stephanie Jordan performed on Saturday at Jazz Fest for 3:45pm. I met Stephanie Jordan last year at the NBA All-Star. She was one of the celeb music artist that I was scheduled to do makeup on. Stephanie and I hit it off like right away. We have a lot in common with being in the entertainment industry and not having a manager, a publicist, (well Stephanie has Vincent Sylvain )and an assistant like many people do. We handle all of our own business and still being true to our talent. So every time she hires me we always have a lot to talk about. So we have became good friends and I have met so many of her nice family members.

Since we talk a lot we decided to start the makeup application early. What I like about Stephanie style is that she is always GLAM, ELEGANT and CLASSIC with her hair, makeup, dresses and jewelry. Now she calls me the QUEEN of BLING, but yesterday Stephanie wore this amazing swarovski crystal bracelet and earrings. LOVED IT!!! So you know my mouth dropped when I saw it. All my money always goes on expensive handbags, jewelry, and property. I’ll treat myself to shoes sometimes and I am not big on having a fancy car. My favorite car would be an AUDI TT. I know right the Queen of BLING. So when I saw all that bling I knew I had to make her eye make pop. Last year I gave I thought great eyes and when she showed me the article in the paper the makeup looked good but I had to do something really bold to the eyes for this year Jazz Fest performance.

Stephanie has been looking at a lot of old Hollywood look so I thought red lips…a no brainer but I wanted to give her a BGD eye. When Stephanie started to show me everything I got quiet and had to think of a look that would be great on stage, for pictures and a look that is Stephanie. What I love about working with Stephanie is that she never tells me what to do or say “Oh this is not how I wear my makeup”. She understands the different type of makeup applications; everyday makeup, photo makeup, stage make, black-n-white makeup, etc…Because she has nice lashes I just gave her a few instead of doing a strip or a full set of lashes.

I took about 1 hour and some minutes to finish her up. We had a few interruptions everybody was stopping by and calling so I think I finished her up and a good time.

If anybody see pics please send them to me. I’ll be back home in a few days.


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WOW there is a lot of things this week that I will be getting into…”Brittany I need you to hold me down”.

I am waiting on Essence Magazine people for my this weekend schedule for Jazz Fest. They hired me for all weekend.

Carlos Zuniga “BESSI SHOE” on Saturday at Georgiou in Canal Place.

My San Francisco Assistant(Devine St. Laurent)arrives tonight at 12 midnight. So my excuse to party.

My baby girl and sexy Makeup Artist “Jessica Deben” is in town from L.A. which means…PARTY…

Radio Personality “Downtown Lesli Brown” from 102.9 fm radio station is throwing her Launch Party on Saturday night. So, I will be doing her makeup to make sure she is GLAM at her event.

Jazz singer Stephanie Jordan performs at Jazz Fest on Saturday. So I will be getting with her to make sure she looks FAB on stage. Last year everyone text me about how great she looked on stage.

I think that’s everything on my weekend list. But who knows, more things can always get added. So MISS SASSY get ready baby girl!


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I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to the first W. HOTEL VIP SERIES that I helped host with my friends. I also would like to thank the staff at the W. Hotel for selecting me and viewing me as one of New Orleans top VIP people. I didn’t eat before boarding the plane, didn’t eat on the way to the event, and didn’t eat at the event. So, all I had was shots, that Jakki, Lane and the bartender made. I had the special EARTH DAY drink which was really good and something I put together using Grey Goose and pineapple juice and a splash of lemon & lime. It was really refreshing that I think I had one way to many at the end of the night. It was suppose to be done with at 8:30pm but we had so much fun that we left a little after 11pm.

Just know as MISS SASSY said, I had so many moments that I don’t remember half of it. I think I was so happy to have friends there and to have a great time with everyone. It’s usually hard to put groups together but this group nobody was side eyeing anyone, being mean, needing extra attention, and all the typical BS. So, I was relaxed and just had my crew who I love. A few couldn’t make it but we had a FAB time and drinks for everybody. I wish I could post all 200 pics but here are some.


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