Month: May 2015

Beauty Meets Fashion At Cocotique & ModaBox Event In New York

Heading to the city to do makeup at Cocotique & Moda Box “Beauty Meets Fashion”.
Ran into the cute & trendy Angie at the train station.
Capturing pics while I set up my Absolute New York portable makeup station.
Luv all the vibrant and bold colors from Absolute New York

Can you guess which eye shadow palette and lipstick from Absolute New York I’m wearing?
Touching up Dana Hill lips using Absolute New York lipstick & gloss.
Always good to see Shayna from The Diva Lounge

This seems to be our thang…adding a glamxurious makeup look to Shayna face.

Luv Gina B from Naturals Gina B products…
Gave Khadijah Red from Fabs Find For Her a complimentary natural makeup look with lashes. 
Having fun with the gorg Angelique Miles face. 

Angelique Miles and Dana Hill at “Beauty Meets Fashion”
With the ABSOLUTE New York staff & Dana Hill…”Beauty Meets Fashion”

Makeup: How I Did Makeup On A Modern Day Barbie At Sephora

While at Sephora I had the most gorgeous face walk in and sat in my chair for makeup and I all kept thinking was she’s a real life modern day barbie. Her skin was flawless, her pink hair on fleek and her body look like a model you see on the runway. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her because she was a perfect canvas. Below are all the items that I used on her. All the items can be found at your Sephora location. 








Caribbean Posh Style Issue 2015: Get The 101 On Your Favorite Fragrances

Caribbean Posh Style Issue 2015 is out and I’m so elated about it. As you know I’m the Beauty Editor for Caribbean Posh and I worked really hard on the beauty section making sure I sent over great things to the publisher for our readers to enjoy. So here are the articles but go to Caribbean Posh to better view the articles. 

Asking All My Friends To Put On Purple Today For Lupus Awareness

Friday is usually my Flirty Friday day where I tell you to have a sexy day. This morning I am asking all of my FAMILY, FRIENDS, ASSOCIATES & SOCIAL MEDIA friends to put on purple to help bring awareness to this horrible autoimmune disease that I have called LUPUS. Lupus became a household name in the Gomez family when my mom twin sister died from it. This disease has completely changed my life. I fight and struggle everyday to get through the day. I know I don’t look sick from the outside because of all the hair and makeup I wear, lol. But if only you knew how hard it is for me to look that way. I have to take breaks just to get ready in the morning. To go to work in do what I luv is such a hard task. Because I have to continue to work because of daily and medical bills but mostly I have to because I need some type of extra happiness and doing makeup, teaching makeup, making other women happy brings me happiness. Seeing my work on TV, videos and magazines is so different now then when I was really in demand in the beauty industry. 
I never ask anyone for anything and I always say everyone has a story. Well, this is my story…my favor is Can You Wear Purple Today? Then tag me on any of the social media platform that I am on with #WearPurpleForBrandy even though I’m in the group of people that might not see the cure for lupus. I’m fighting because I don’t want my kids, your family and anyone out there to have to deal with the challenge that lupus will bring to your life. Yolanda Foster friends and the world supported her with her Lyme disease social media challenge. I want to see if you will support me just as strong. You can wear purple anywhere; hair, makeup, nails, earrings, ties, t-shirt, sneakers, hat, caps, Be as creative as you want. I know I’m not Kim Kardashian and will break the internet, LOL. Let’s have fun on this LUPUS AWARENESS DAY!!! Thanks in advance….See ya bye & luv u mean it!!!

A Glam Day In Harlem Doing Makeup On The Producers Of Harlem On My Plate

Before kicking off my day doing makeup on 2 fabulous female producers in New York City I needed my me time. Sitting out back on my deck in Connecticut enjoying my Teavana tea and zen like ambiance of the exotic trees, plants and lake always make me feel like I’m a luxury resort spa. Since mornings is not my favorite time of the day because of my lupus I always need a minute to unwind and loosen up my joints. A little mediation, 10 pills and time with the nature does my body good. Since I didn’t have to be in New York until 3pm I had more than enough time to pamper myself. I’m so excited about tonight event. My clients will be featuring their first featured film, a documentary called “Harlem On My Plate”.

Made It To aloft hotel in Harlem = “UA-3446372-1”;urchinTracker();
Producers: Sonya & Rochelle from Powerhouse Productions
Waiting on car service to take them to the red carpet. Congrats ladies on your first feature film!

Creating Summer-Worthy Smokey Eyes

photo by Imaxtree
Being a Makeup Artist and a Beauty Expert I always love receiving phone calls about makeup. So when Janelle M. Hickman, a freelance beauty writer at StyleCaster reached out to me to chat about smokey eyes for the summer I was in heaven because sultry eyes are my favorite makeup look to create. I was also able to share what beauty items I like from Caudalie, First Aid Beauty, Bobbi Brown & Sephora Collection. Check out the article here on StyleCaster. = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

Hair Tip Using Alterna For Extensions & Wigs = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

I always get complements on my hair and so today I thought I’ll let you in on a hair secret. My hair tip today comes from  Alterna. I’m such a big fan of their  Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist. It helps to control frizz and gives a natural shine to my extensions. The mircomist is an ultra light weight mist leaving my hair with a satin finish. When wearing hair extensions and or wigs you have to be careful about using oil on the hair and I find the micromist gives me just the look I need until my next hair appointment with Maisha Teacher at Bibi Salon NYC

How I Created A Day Smokey Makeup Look

I always love wearing a smokey look year round. Sometimes it can be sultry, sometimes it can be edgy but on most days I like to keep it more subtle for day. A smokey look can usually be a challenge for most women. But I have just the right item that you can use when creating a smokey makeup look. So don’t worry it won’t take you long in the morning if you use the following items. So here is my cheat sheet to creating a smokey makeup look that can be worn in the day. Let me know how it work out for you. 

Shadow Shields

First Aid Beauty Triple Remedy in Medium/Deep

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer
Kat Von D Lock It Foundation in Deep 66

Cover FX Matte Setting Powder in Deep
L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H in Blackest Black
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

STILA STAY ALL DAY Waterproof Liner In Black

L’OREAL PARIS Voluminous Mascara In Carbon Black
TOO Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Nude

Kat Von D Contour Palette
If you look close enough on the last picture you’ll see a deer photo bombing me.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies & Happy World Lupus Day

Ending my night writing this small blog post while in bed. I had such an amazing day with my 2 babies. Michael (hubby) woke me up before leaving for work, he gave me my gifts. Jordan (son) came in got in bed with me to watch one of my favorite film; Dances With Wolves. Envy (daughter) came home this afternoon bearing gifts and that’s when we started our celebration. The thing is what we did today is normal especially when I’m able to have both Envy & Jordan home;. I’m a lucky mom because my kids love being in my company. They treat me very well and holidays is never really special because we vowed to love each other hard everyday and not just holidays. 
My beautiful babies, Envy Jewel & Jordan Armani
The only thing that’s different is celebrating World Lupus Day. Just do me a favor support anyone you know with Lupus. In when I say support I’m not saying with money but being their for them. First thing google Lupus and find out exactly what lupus does to your friend. Then you can figure out how best you can be their for them.