Month: June 2015

Everyday Is Like Being On Vacation When You Live In Candlewood Lake In Connecticut

After all my hard work of working in the beauty industry as a makeup artist this is such a blessing to spend my off days home in Connecticut on Candlewood Lake private beach getting my writing done while enjoying just the little things. Once done, I relax by doing some planting and gardening at my home. 

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Glass Collection

When I look at Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Glass collection ad campaign it validates why I fell in love with makeup artistry. To me their campaign reminds me of a modern version of pop art makeup from the art movement in the late 1950’s when fine art and popular culture emerged. Dany Sanz of Makeup Up For Ever actual inspiration was from her favorite object, a piexl glass makeup case. She developed a new technology of pigments that is amplified with a high vinyl finish that mimics the case’s unique look and feel.
I was elated when Natasha from Make Up For Ever graced me with one of the Artist Palette Volume 2 and the Artist Plexi Gloss in Fuchsia. It’s always nice when a makeup brand give an artists a treat from their makeup collection. 

Skincare: Dr Dennis Gross Peels To Reduce Enlarged Pores & Imperfections = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

Usually I’m the one to give makeup and skin care tips to my clients. Recently, I was in Ridgefield, Connecticut doing makeup on a private client. I’ve worked with Sara about 6 times and noticed a big improvement to her skin. So I asked her what was her skincare secret. She shared with me that she’s using Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels. Let me give you a little history about her skin. She has enlarged pores and imperfections. I went from doing a full face of makeup on her to using one drop of Cover FX custom drops mixed with First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Serum.  
Once done I was on a mission to search for these daily alpha beta peels. I located them at Sephora but wasn’t expecting the hefty price point. I ended up getting the 5 treatment original formula pack for $15.00. The other two boxes range from $88.00-$148.00 so I’ll treat myself if I see a difference with my skin. It’s a two step treatment of towelettes that can be used either day or night. I choose to try it out at night just in case I had any reactions. The towelettes is right up my speed because no water, no rinsing is involved. You first apply step 1 to the face and neck area wait about two minutes before applying step 2. I then prepped my skin and neck with Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip oil
With Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels I’m basically looking to minimized my pores, reduce the little signs of aging, brightening and evening out my complexion, So I’ll keep you posted with my process and if I’ll continue using the peels. I pray for flawless skin this summer so I don’t have to always be beat to death.