Month: November 2015

I Survived Working Black Friday So I’m Turning Up At Home

Toasting to anybody that had to work BLACK FRIDAY!

Football Player Brett Favre Jersey Retired On Thanksgiving Night

One of my favorite football players Brett Favre football jersey was retired on Thanksgiving night. I remember when I did makeup for Brett he was with the Green Bay Packers. The photo shoot was done at his Dallas style home in Mississippi. We had a great time on set, definitely a fun guy. Luv his humor!


Decor: Channeling Mardi Gras On Thanksgiving Day

The family was missing home which is New Orleans so I decided to have fun with this year table setting. I had a box in the shed that had some back home goodies in it. So instead of doing a turkey, a ham or mini hens I choose crawfish. Some of my menu came from Louisiana Crawfish, Thank God to them. I luv ordering my crawfish from Louisiana Crawfish during the summer. To see the smiles on my family face was priceless because everything was what they asked for. I’m just thankful that I was able to give them a great day because last year during this time I was in the hospital due to complications with my lupus. I just remember cooking that morning and I started to feel weird, So I’m blessed to be here with my family, friends, and coworkers. 

Going To The Pulmonologists For Another Treatment On My Lungs


This morning I went in to do treatments on my lungs. I’ve been actually feeling better so once I can get my lungs healthy I’ll be almost back to normal. I guess getting that flu shot didn’t hurt because I’ve been exposed to sick people the last few days and nothing happen but a sore throat. Unfortunately that sore throat for one day set me back. My lungs are weaker than it was on my last visit so I really have to make sure I stay away from anyone that is sick. So hard to do when I work around people everyday. My Pulmonologists still has me on prednisone, seem like I’ll be on it next month as well. I hope I don’t get to 200lbs because I’m almost there. Never thought I would weigh that much but if it helps me to get through the day then I’ll take this nasty pill with a smile.

I Love Using Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hairspray


Hairspray is one of my favorite items to use when getting ready. But after having challenges with my lungs I have to be careful with items I use. I’m so obsessed with soft flirty hair it’s a must that I use hairspray to maintain it. I like using Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless hairspray with argan oil. I’m a southern girl so I live for big hair and if the hairspray can help to control frizz it’s a plus. Great on extensions, weaves and wigs. It will keep the hair shining and won’t dry it out. Pick up your can if your into sexy hair.

How I Achieve A Great Blowout On My Hair Like The DryBar


Not everyday I get to pamper my hair with a great blowout but when I do I like to treat my hair to The Drybar in New York. There’s nothing like having your hair done by a talented hairstylist who will use products and tools that luv your hair & extensions. So when I’m not able to get soft flirty hair every week at The Drybar, I do have a few goodies from them to help me to achieve almost the look that they would give me.


The Drybar Sake Bomb Nourshing Shampoo
*cleanse and hydrate
*smooth frizz and add shine
*great on extensions
The Drybar Sake Bomb Nourshing Conditioner
*deeply nourish, hydrate and detangle
*smooth hair and prevent frizz
*replenish lackluster hair
The Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer
*add body and soft texture
*creates tousled , beachy waves
*nourish hair with vitamin A,B, and D
The Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist
*creates a long lasting shine that won’t weigh down your hair
*tames frizz
*adds hydration
The Drybar High Tops Rollers Soft Self Grip
The Drybar Lemon Drop Flatbrush


On Set With Pepsi For Upcoming Ad Campaign

When I usually have to do a photo shoot it’s normally in New York but today I got a treat the Pepsi photo shoot is taking place in Norwalk, CT at Sono Studios. Unfortunately, I can only show limited pics…sorry.
When I have to do hair I always bring my Absolute NY ABSOLUTE HOT Tourmaline Pro 4000 Turbo
Nothing like working with a bestie, luv her Mel Paldino…she holds me down even when we are not working together.


My Evening Backstage At Glamour Magazine WOTY Awards

Ali Krieger-Soccer Team

Viola Davis & Reese Whiterspoon backstage

Elizabeth Moss at Glamour Magazine WOTY
Elizabeth Moss
Goldie Hawn Glamour Magazine WOTY.jpg
Goldie Hawn


Billie Jean King

Ali Krieger