Month: May 2016

BEAUTY HAPPY HOUR Make Up For Ever “Amp Up Your Color” Event At Sephora

Over the Memorial Day Weekend Sephora in Danbury Fair Mall held a fun event with Make Up For Ever called “Amp Up Your Color” with their new Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner. Make Up For Ever and Sephora makeup artists treated the clients to a free mini makeovers. The staff all wore colorful eye makeup looks using the Aqua XL Eyeliners so clients could see all the different ways the eyeliners could “Amp up” your look.

Make Up For Ever joined forces with pop star Charli XCX to create the Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliners collection. These eyeliners are favorites amongst pro makeup artist because of it’s high pigmented colors. The eyeliners glides effortlessly and don’t smudge, crease, or fade. The 20 shades range from neutrals to bright pastels that work great for tight lining, eye liners, and for a pop of color as eye shadows. These liners are both waterproof and long lasting and applauds creativity by designing any look you want with these creamy eyeliners. Be sure to stop by any Sephora and let a certified makeup artist teach you all about it. Click here to read the full article.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner.jpg

As A Lupus Warrior Aloe Vera Is My Best Friend During The Summer

It’s that time again of the year when I have to pull out a bottle of Clean + Easy Aloe Vera Gel. The reason for me using it is because of lupus, my skin burn. It’s called Photosensitivity, yes, black people burn to. I say that because my former rheumatologist didn’t think it was possible for how he put it “African American” people can’t burn…smh #ignorant.

Anyway, if I’m outside just for a short time during the summer I start itching, then stinging, then burning like I’m on fire. The only thing that help me when it’s that bad is some assistance getting inside, showering then rubbing my entire body down with Aloe Vera Gel. UV rays are especially intense between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., at higher altitudes, and in or around the snow and the water. Each season my body deal with weather differently. The only season I tend to do well is Spring and the beginning of Fall.

I already had to take two cold showers today to cool my body off because I had to run errands earlier. If you know of anyone that has lupus and is dealing with this same challenge stop by a Sally Beauty Supply  in pick them up a bottle. I promise they would love you for it.


5 New Goodies From bareMinerals to Try This Spring

This spring makeup is all about the No Makeup Makeup Look. The perfect season to take a break from all the heavy contouring, and highlighting to the face. Spring makeup should be about clean effortless makeup. After chatting with Angela Mullins, bareMinerals Regional Sales Manager about Bare Escentuals new products. She trained me on the new items so I selected 5 items from bareMinerals that you won’t be able to live without. Full article here.




This 2-in-1 daily prep lotion protects and preps the skin for a flawless makeup application. Use it before primer and makeup making it easy to blend seamlessly on the skin.

bareMinerals bareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer


For a sheer shade of liquid sunshine that gives a warmth of color giving radiance to any skin. You will enjoy this serum bronzer and the sun kissed veil it gives.

bareMinerals Invisible Light Finishing Powder


This is my favorite new item that has come out this spring. A compact that gives two finishes, Matte & Glow. The Matte powder absorbs oil that makes for a perfect setting powder while the Glow, infused with rose gold pearls for a sheer luminosity that is perfect for highlighting and strobing.



For a thick or thin line bareMinerals came through with an ink liner that is Hypoallergenic. It’s rich in color a strong black liner to help give a fuller looking lash line. Just give it a good shake to activate the pigment, now your ready to create your signature cat eye.

bareMinerals LASH DOMINATION Volumizing Mascara


The new and improved formula is smudge resistance with a Pro Twist 180˚ brush. It’s a 10-in-1 mascara that gives you everything you can want in a mascara; Volume, Length, Curl, Thickens, Lift, Separates, Smudge, Clump, Flake Resistant and All Day Wear.



Another favorite item from bareMinerals, this is a must have for me personally because this mascara caters to anyone with short barely there lashes. The petite brush head is tapered with a curve bristles that help with top and bottom  lashes giving you the look of faux lashes.

Health: Lupus Warriors How Do You Prepare For Blood Work

Kicking off my week by doing my regular checkup, lord knows I don’t look forward to this but it’s so needed for the doctors to see how I am doing. How do I prepare for these days? Before leaving the house I make sure I have all the things I’ll need to make the rest of my evening easy. Like my meds next to my bed, a few slush or the frozen strawberry lemonade in the fridge from McDonald’s, my electric blanket turned on, and my favorite candles to help me relax in sleep. It takes a toll on me kinda like when I would do treatments. Because I’m anemic that much blood taken from me and fasting 8hrs before I do get a little weak.

Pray that I am getting better, I don’t feel like I am. Something is active I’m feeling weaker in weaker by the minute. I’ll keep you posted, I promise.

Blood work time

Extremely weak when I left

After the 5 poke we finally got something…then the first  vein blew

I have a total of 3 of theses on my arms


Are You A Fan Of HudaBeauty Lashes 

Nowadays when completing any makeup look you always finish the look with a pair of lashes. With so many out there it’s hard to know which ones to buy. If you ever wanted to try HudaBeauty lashes I’m here to tell you, their fabulousI Love Them! When I’m at Sephora I always grab them to use on  my clients when they request me to do their makeup. I select HudaBeauty lashes in Samantha #7. That’s what I used on Jenna in the above picture.

Vitamin C Does The Skin Good When It Come To Aging

vitamin c

When it comes to skincare, Vitamin C is not just about fresh oranges or a taking a lot of it when you have a bad cold. Skincare companies have found a way to add Vitamin C to products to help with anti-aging. Vitamin C helps to prevent the signs of aging by keeping the skin firm and youthful.It’s incredibly essential for creating and maintaining collagen. Vitamin C is so powerful that it helps to reduce the appearance of brown spots and sun damages. Because Vitamin C is water soluble, our bodies don’t store it which is why daily intake is highly important when using it. Here are 10 skincare items that your face will love. See the skincare products I shared with Connecticut Hearst newspaper here. 

4 Makeup Products I like To Use During Prom At Sephora

During prom season I enjoy using a lot of illuminator and glitter on my clients. Here are 4 of my favorite items I luv using when I’m at Sephora.

TOO FACED Melted Matte Liquefied Matte-It’s Happening 

URBAN DECAY Naked Illuminated in Luminous 


HUDABEAUTY Samantha #7

World Lupus Day Is Over But I’m Not

World Lupus Day really motivated me to be a better advocate for lupus. How can I ask others to help if I don’t bring awareness to the disease. I blog about it but now I’m going to shout on the mountain top. All my tweets & Instagram post will have a hashtag #LetsBeatLupus If I want more research, better meds, more educated doctors then I have to go get it myself.

I also came up with a few ideas that I’m not ready to share yet until I get an attorney but know it will be good for us lupus warriors. 


World Lupus Day Has Come To An End

Tonight WORLD LUPUS DAY has come to an end and I asked for support from family, friends, social media friends and followers to wear the color purple today then hashtag #worldlupusday to show your support by wearing purple any of these way; makeup, hair, clothes, nails, or wearing a purple ribbon. Only 7 new people in my life came through for me. No I didn’t think I would won’t break the internet with this request but it would have meant a lot to me if more people would have participated!

brandy gomez-duplessis in hospital cuz of lupusShowing support will help bring awareness to lupus and all of us lupus warriors. That means better doctors, better meds with hope that our disease go into remission so we can live a healthy life. If I could see #WORLDLUPUSDAY trending that would be a start. If lupus warriors could get the love and support that cancer patients receive it would be a wonderful thing. I’m not the first person in my family to be diagnose with lupus. We were first introduced to lupus when my mother twin sister died from the disease. She was diagnosed with lupus to late so her complications was to strong for her body to handle. Doctors didn’t know what she had and didn’t have the right meds to give her. I’ve been living with lupus for year and it took many many trips to the doctors office and ER before being diagnosed. I was told so many things, that I didn’t look sick, I must be depress, that my symptoms could not be true because I was African American, that I need to make friends, that my job stressed me, my lifestyle of traveling with my job was the cause, that I was fat and getting old, and that they just couldn’t help me. The list of insults went on in on from doctors. So I lived in pain for years because those doctors weren’t educated on lupus.

My real foundation
This is really my foundation

img_4941Every day I feel like I have a horrible flu that’s just one feeling. I feel like I’m on fire a lot especially during the summer. I feel like I’m about 90’s year old. My bones are so delicate when it’s cold or the AC is on my bones feel like their breaking. I have blood clots if I sit to long in my legs. I have chest pains daily, it hurts more when I walk to fast, pick up my makeup kit or walk upstairs. I have kidney problems, an enlarged heart, my arms, wrist, back, knees, and feet are swollen daily that’s another type of pain especially if I’m standing. By 7pm my body start to shut down. I suffer with hair loss in you know how vain I am that it messes with me when I see my hair on my pillowcase in the morning or I see clumps of it when I shower. Now I’m having problems with my lungs. Last year I was told that I have asthma so I use my inhaler almost every day because my lungs are weak. My bedroom look like a hospital with so many breathing machine I need to use. Then recently due to taking prednisone for too long I had an ulcer. The medicine was eating my stomach lining so I am now off of one medication but was given another. I am so happy about that because prednisone was making me look fat, you know that sick swollen look. I was doing treatments every Monday and now I’m no longer so I am blessed for that. I could barely drive myself home all I wanted was to crawl into bed. It was rough but I did it. I do freak out a lot when I’m doing makeup on a sick person, the funny thing is lupus warriors are not contagious but unfortunately you are to us. Our bodies are so weak that it can fight off those viruses so it usually lands us on bed rest for days or the hospital.

brandy gomez-duplessis blood clots

I’m going to continue to fight in bring awareness to lupus by writing on my blog, talking to the media, speaking at events, writing a book about living with lupus, you name it. All lupus warrior’s doesn’t have the same symptoms and lots have it worst then me. We shouldn’t have to be a celebrity or a reality personality to get support for this disease especially from family and friends. Let’s show the government the power we have by talking about it, or tweeting about it. I need your help, we have to start from somewhere. So that’s why I asked everyone I know to support by wearing the color PURPLE for me! One day I will see purple everywhere on World Lupus Day.

brandy gomez-duplessis on world lupus day
No, I don’t Look Sick but I am…look pass the hair & makeup

Thanks Everyone

Makeup Monday: Feeling Effortlessly Pretty

What a beautiful Monday…I woke up feeling like how Ciara look on the cover of Essence magazine May issue. Feeling good, pain free, no lupus flare up’s and/or body pain. My mood today is everything in this picture. With a no makeup makeup look, smelling delicious like spring with an effortless pop of color on the cheeks in lips while enjoying the view of the lake from home. This is the way that I would like to start my week off.

TARTE Cosmetics Park Ave Princess Contour Palette

Ralph Lauren Romance  Summer Blossom 

L’OREAL Paris Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

may 10th lupusday