Month: July 2016

As Ice Cube Said Today Was A Good Day

Today was a beautiful day minus the rain. Waking up to a nasty morning of rain at 6am I wasn’t feeling well. My body was so achy that it took awhile to get out of the bed. I was so  worry that I was going to have another not so good health day. My day started early having to be at Sephora for 8am for a Nighttime Smokey Eye class.

Great time teaching a Sephora client, a regular client of mine how to complete her rebel eye makeup look with a bold colorful lip.

Having to much fun with Stephanie Blanco trying to make a video for the Instagram page. We had this great idea but it didn’t come out as we planned…to funny!

It’s now 3:30pm, home just collecting my thoughts while the guys are inside preparing dinner.

I purchased these beauty sunflowers yesterday while in New York.

Dinner is on


A Nice Afternoon In New York City By Myself

Headed to New York City this morning to do makeup on Fashion Blogger Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina.  I always enjoy doing her makeup, it’s nice to have personal clients that is actually effortlessly fabulous.

The weather in the city was so beautiful that I fell in love with New York all over again. After I finished doing makeup on Nash I went for a stroll, had a nice lunch follow by a few glasses of champagne, shop for flowers at Dahlia Flowers, hung out in Grand Central market picked up dinner from Ceriello’s  Of Manhattan for the finest gourmet meats.

The weirdest thing about today was that I felt amazing! Didn’t have any of my daily challenges with my lupus, lyme disease, & ra…New York, just what a girl need.

Hourglass Cosmetics New Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Is Innovated

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation

I recently got to play with Hourglass Cosmetics new Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation. Let me tell you, it’s wonderful! Hourglass out did themselves on this item. The foundation comes in 26 shades, it’s creamy, longwearing, and a concealer in one with 12 hour coverage. I told you, it’s wonderful!

The formula contains twice as much of a pigment to give an instant full coverage. If you use their foundation brush you can buff the foundation to give you a sheer to medium coverage. I will use these foundations to contour & highlight with. Usually with cream products you would use either a brush or your fingers to warm up the product, I find that the product adjust by itself to your body temperature to easily blend into the skin. I like the shape of the foundation, it’s a unique triangular bullet to give a precision application. The brush also has a unique shape to fit into the contours of the face, around the nose and under the eye. Definitely the future of foundation, it’s really innovated!

Hourglass Foundation Brush


Have You Tried L’OREAL Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

When you find a foundation that can handle New Orleans 98 degree weather in you still look beat, yass!!! I’m wearing L’OREAL Paris Infalliable Pro-Glow Foundation. It’s definitely a long wearing foundation that’s buildable to make it a full coverage foundation. I actually like to mix 211 Creme Cafe & 212 Cocoa together to get a custom color. Then finish with Infallible Pro-Spray and Set for a lasting glow look…SLAY!!!

Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray

Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Limited Edition Jason Wu Bottle Design

When Carmen Wild, brand rep for Caudalie gifted me with this gorgeous bottle of Beauty Elixir, I DIE! The founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas partnered with designer Jason Wu to create this limited edition bottle. The bottle embodies modern femininity. It’s dressed in a meticulous, detailed lace from Jason Wu 2016 spring/summer collection topped with a light gold hardware that mimic the hardware in Jason’s accessories.

Why,  is this my favorite setting spray ? First, it’s  natural, versatile mist that can be applied morning and evening as a pore tightening toner after cleansing. I love to spray my makeup brushes with it before using them on each of my clients. During a makeup application I use it before foundation and powder to set the makeup. It’s great to travel with to get an instant burst of radiance. When I have sinuses & congestion challenges it’s a treat when I spray the beauty elixir on my face. It helps to open me up.

The recipe for this Beauty Elixir mist formula remains the same. Benzoin to soothe the skin, myrrh to tone, essential oils of rosemary to energize and lemon balm and peppermint to stimulate, along with orange blossom to soften, rose for radiance and, of course, moisturizing and radiance-enhancing grape pulp extract, Caudalie’s flagship ingredient.

Beauty Happy Hour A Fun Event For Women While Bringing Awareness To Lupus & Lyme

Yesterday afternoon beauty blogger Mindy McDonald hosted Beauty Happy Hour at her home in East Haven. Beauty Happy Hour is a makeup class where I give makeup lessons to an individual or to a group of women. Mindy invited family, friends and associated who she knew loved makeup in enjoy getting makeup tips from a celebrity makeup artist like myself.

I started Beauty Happy Hour after I was diagnosed with Lupus, Lyme and RA, it was a way for me to continue to work doing what I love, that’s makeup. I worked with lots of celebrities, on TV Shows, photo shoots, fashion shows, music videos and so much more. Slowing down not traveling as much I thought bringing a fun galmxurious event to the women in Connecticut would be a fab way to stay in the beauty industry at the same time bringing awareness to the disease that I fight everyday. I’m so thankful for all the brands that sponsored the event for me such as L’oreal Paris, Bare Escentuals, & Flower Beauty with makeup to place in the goodies bags.

Mindy set up outdoor, we had a nice cocktail reception first, once the weather cool down we started the makeup class. The ladies all brought their own makeup & makeup brushes. The makeup look that I taught the group was a smokey eye a makeup look that all agreed was a challenged for them. Once the class was over lots of selfies was taking in pics was uploaded to every social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat.

Beauty Happy Hour is a fun girls night out for any occasion while bringing awareness to a few horrible disease that many women suffer with.

Teaching A Sephora Artistry Lab

I’m so elated about my 2 days of teaching Sephora Artistry Lab on Special Occasion Makeup with Michael & Shannon at Birchwoods Oak Lane.

Birchwoods beautiful banquet facility & restaurant in Woodbridge, Connecticut overlooking the spectacular grounds of the Tradition Golf Club

Talking about Makeup Style

Cast practicing on a special occasion makeup look

Products I used to demo Color Correcting & Concealer

Day 2 Of Artistry Lab!

Michael and I heading to the venue. Michael is a Senior Artist in Philly

With my District Education Manager Stephanie…she rocks!

Self CT Senior Artist, Lisa our District Manager, Stephanie our District Education Manager, Michael is a Senior Artist in Philly & Shannon is a Personal Beauty Advisor in Mohegan Sun

Today the cast practiced on Complexion, Highlighting & Contouring

Such a beautiful venue I had to get a photo shoot in before leaving.

This Is What A Lupus Person Look Like On A Bad Day

Lupus problem quote

When a person with lupus say to you “I’m Fine” we are lying to you. No, we are not liars but we are having a bad flare up, and or/maybe heading to the hospital in not trying to worry you. I had 4 horrible days of flare up’s. I was given a steroid shot to help alleviate some of the joint pains. Because in 2 days I have to teach a makeup class so I have to get it together enough  to get through both days. Once I get in drag (hair& makeup) I can get away with it. I know how to turn on to new people who don’t know anything about me that they won’t notice. The most they will think is that I’m congested. Usually somebody else is dealing with allergy or sinuses so I don’t come across ill.

Warning, this is not a pretty picture, this is what happens to me when I’m having a flare up. My body is kicking my ass, I’m not winning at the moment. Everything that can go wrong with my body is happening, triggering all of my Lyme & RA symptoms to act an ass as well. Guess what, I win at the end cuz I made it to another day.