Month: October 2016

Learn From A Celebrity Makeup Artist How To Create A Smokey Eye

celebrity-makeup-artist-brandy-gomez-duplessis-and-kerry-washington-at-sundance-film-festLearn how to create the “Smokey Eye” look this Thursday, Nov 3rd at 7pm at Whip Salon in our AFTER HOURS MASTER CLASS with Brandy. Whip Salon’s Makeup Creative Director & Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is now holding tutorials the first Thursday of each month at 7pm to help you master various makeup styles while you relax with friends. Upcoming concepts include:

Thurs, Nov 3rd – Smokey Eye
Thurs, Dec 1st – Holiday Glam
Thurs, Jan 5th – “No-Makeup” Makeup – Achieving the natural look

What’s included:
– A tutorial from celebrity makeup artist Brandy – learn to master these looks of the moment
– Bring your own makeup bag, we’ll provide a mirror and face chart – you will learn to create your look with Brandy’s guidance
– 2 complimentary drinks
– 10% off any Jane Iredale products on the night of the event

$50pp, space is limited. Email or call 203.442.6444 to book. Must pay in advance and be over 21 to attend.

Whip Salon – #cutscolorsblowydrysmakeup #open7days


23 Governor Street next to Bissell Pharmacy in Ridgefield

Another Fun & Sucessful Beauty Blueprint Makeup Class

Today was another fun full day of Beauty Blueprint Consulting, working with makeup artists Annya & Daisy, lifestyle blogger Ilse, and actress Danielle. Today criteria we focused on new pictures and their artistry…bold, natural, & a wet makeup look.

A lot of people go to makeup & hair schools, but nobody teaches them how to actually work the business side. Being a freelancer is not easy it can be overwhelming. I hear from talents that they really luv the beauty  industry but don’t want to just leave their day job because of fear of not being successful. My 20 plus years in the industry allows you to get work. Each person package is customize to fit their needs especially if you live out the Connecticut/ New York area. Skype is another way for me to help someone who lives miles away. If you know someone who want to pick my brain tell them about Beauty Blueprint Consulting.

So while the girls were setting up I had to sneak in a selfie

My diva lifestyle blogger Ilse wasn’t makeup ready so I’m hiding her face

I luv using L’OREAL Paris Elnett & Absolute HOT hair tools & products on set.

I’m trying to do Ilse hair but in the process she was feeling the song so she gave us a concert. I bet you didn’t know she had some rapping skills.

Back to doing hair using Absolute HOT hair tools

After a few hours of working hard it was time to feed my students. Bubbly is always a treat!

Back to work ladies…Annya is giving actress Danielle a new look for her book.

I wish I had the video camera rollin when Annya nailed putting the lashes on effortlessly

I’m in my zone thinking about something as I finished putting lipstick on

Now it’s time to start taking pics…great job Daisy!

I luv that my students are passionate …who said SCHOOL SUCKS


Join Whip Salon’s Makeup Creative Director & Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis the first Thursday of each month at 7pm and learn a different makeup style, relax with your friends and look and feel fabulous! Upcoming concepts that you can master include:

Nov 3rd – Smokey Eye –
Dec 1st – Holiday Glam
Jan 5th – “No-Makeup” Makeup – Achieving the natural look

What’s included:
– A tutorial from celebrity makeup artist Brandy – learn to master these looks of the moment
– Bring your own makeup bag, we’ll provide a mirror, you will learn to create your look with Brandy’s guidance
– 2 complimentary drinks
– 10% off any Jane Iredale products on the night of the event

$50pp, space is limited. Email or call 203.442.6444 to book. Must pay in advance and be over 21 to attend.

Sunday Afternoon Was A Chill Day For Me

Before heading to work I stopped at Wendy’s to get a large bowl of chili. It’s so nippy outside that I just wanted something comforting, cuz a salad wasn’t going to do today.

I only went in for a few hours to clean the display counter with Clorox bleach and to place a Jane Iredale makeup order. We are out of stock on many items from the week so I wanted to get a order together since I’m off on Monday & Tuesday.

Hubby did a great job with selecting these pink & red roses. How sweet of him. He also brought Amy flowers on Saturday at the launch party. He selected the right colors of roses that they actually matched her dress.

Before I left the house this morning I put a little bit of everything in the crock pot to make a spicy gumbo. Still needed a few more ingredients but overall it was delicious! Dinner is now served I’m ready for The Walking Dead tonight, what about you?

Whip Salon Launch Party Was A Glamxurious Evening

I was so excited about today, being completely booked with makeup applications at Whip Salon and having my friend Annya (makeup artist) with me was everything. Can you believe she cut all her beautiful curls?

My first client of the day was Mrs Rosanne, luv her! She came by on Friday to see me to talk about the makeup look she wanted for today. She gave me permission to give her a strong eye with lashes. My kind of lady…here are all of the Jane Iredale products I used on her. The lashes that I selected was from Red Cherry. I like the Cherry brand a lot, their natural lash band is on point. If you put them on correctly you can not see the lash band, doesn’t matter how close someone get to you.

I definitely have to give a shout out to Lancome for providing me with skincare products to use on my clients at Whip salon.

Katie was my third client this morning. She’s a high school student at Ridgefield High, today is there Homecoming so I had a few girls booked with me and I luv it! I like mixing it up because I get to do a variety of makeup looks.

It was pretty cool doing makeup on Andrea being that she’s one of the designers of the salon. Andrea was getting makeup for our launch party tonight along with her business partner Rebecca.


I wanted to give Rebecca a sultry eye with Red Cherry lashes and a sheer lip color. I contoured her just a little not to much. I think she look amazing with this type of look.

Luv this #BOMBSHELL hair stylist Monique Ferreira

Can you guess my glass….nope not the one with the pink lips on the rim!

LUV Leslie! She’s my southern belle

A dark eye look really good on Rebecca!

Luv hairstylist Erin, I agree she’s #FOXY…now it’s time for a costume change

My client Veena with her husband Steven

Ryan is a BEAUTY

Hubby is always so supportive of me

My baby boy & baby girl #workfamily

My partner-in-crime the talented Johnny Luoma

I roll with nothing but AMAZING women!!!

I have no clue what Amy & I were up to

My ride or die…the fabulous Amy Pal


Did You Have A Flirty Friday


I was so worry that my day was going to be horrible because of the bad weather I woke up to. Usually because of the lupus when it’s raining ☔️ my joints get stiff, I get very achy. But guess what,  I had a sexy day! Started off with my girl Britney Spears playing on my playlist as I got ready for work.

At work I had a scheduled meeting with Amy to go over upcoming assignments, details about fashion shows, tomorrow launch party, and ordering more Jane Iredale mineral makeup. As you can see we got a little off track, it happens every time…I Luv It!




The meeting was a success because we came up with “After Hour with Brandy”(thanks Aimee)…the first one being on Nov 3rd at Whip Salon. I’ll have more details to post shortly.

So like I asked earlier did you have a Flirty Friday?



On Wednesday It’s All About Breast Cancer Awarness

On Wednesday we wear pink at Whip Salon to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Every Wednesday clients can purchase a pink extension to wear in their hair. With half the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. I actually had a busy day with last minute bookings for makeup.

Home at last home at last…made it just in time to watch the Presidential Debate tonight.

Top 5 Mascara For Volume & Length

mascara-imagesEvery woman wants long, full, and luscious eye lashes. Every morning you can find us sitting at our vanities, in the bathroom mirrors, or even in our cars putting coats of mascara trying to get the perfect lashes. Mascara is one of those makeup items that women go through many of to find that right one to give them volume, length and curl they want. Here are 5 mascaras that I like to use when I want to give my clients flirty sexy lashes.


Sunday At Work Turned Out To Be A Great Hair Day

This morning before we started our day at the salon I asked Aimee if I could freshen up her makeup because I liked where she was going with it. I wanted to give Aimee a glow using the Jane Iredale Moonglow bronzer as a highlighter and contour her with the SO Bronze 3 bronzing powder. For the those dark eyes I used the Color Eye shadow Triple in Silver Lining. Aimee luv a dark liner so I traced her eyes with the mineral eyeliner pencil in Basic Black. Aimee is a fan of Kat Von D & Too Faced mascara so I knew which mascara to use on her. Jane redale Longest Lash mascara in Black Ice is very similar to Too Faced, Better Than Sex, like, it’s a tie. On her lips I finished her pout with a Lip Pencil called Berry and Lip Fixation, a lip stain called Fetish.


I didn’t see when Lisa entered the salon but when Liz her hair stylist brought her over to me I tell you what, I got #WHIPLASH. I was having a girl crush moment with this beautiful hair. Pics do not do any justices to what Liz did with this woman hair. It look like a blowout that belongs in Modern Salon, American Salon or Behind The Chair magazines. Lisa was a great client very appreciative of what we did for her at Whip Salon. When Lisa found out that I did makeup on Jennifer Aniston she was thrilled because Jennifer is a friend in her head like so many of us. Maybe that’s why I fell in luv with her hair because it was something I’ve seen on Jennifer.

Ended my evening by having a nice birthday dinner with the sexy Lizzie at one of my favorite restaurant in Danbury , Brio Tuscan Grille.