Step Your Eye Makeup Look Up

This is such a great service for any woman on the go that’s in a rush to get a little glam with me at Whip Salon. If you don’t have a full 45mins to get a beat face a little eye makeup application will definitely complete you.


Private Holiday Shopping Event At Lucy’s Westport

Today was a fun filled day for me. I spent half the day at Whip Salon and the other half at Lucy’s Westport. Lucy’s had a fancy private holiday shopping event for their customers at the Westport location from 4pm-8pm. Their customers were treated to hors d’oeuvres, wine, sparkling water, and a celebrity makeup artist-moi!

Lisa & Patrice were excellent hosts to their guest. Their staff was just as lovely engaging and being personal shoppers for their customers. My partner for the afternoon was makeup artist Daisy. She helped me out with pampering the ladies with makeup. We had such a nice time in Westport, luv all of the fashonista we met. Anytime a woman would come out in that horrible weather she must luv fashion. But if you saw the fab clothing that Lucy’s sell your understand why the event was successful. If your just starting your holiday shopping definitely make a trip to do your shopping for that fancy lady in your life at Lucy’s Westport & Ridgefield. Below you will find pics from the event.

When Abstract Art Meets Makeup Artistry At Whip Salon

allison-meyler-art-facesAre you looking for a fun hip art event to attend Friday night? Then you don’t want to miss out on this one. Downtown Ridgefield’s 17th Annual Holiday Stroll is on December 2nd from 6pm to 8pm and Whip Salon will be hosting an event that evening called F.A.B to embody the components of both art and makeup: Face. Art. Beauty.

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How Was Your Thanksgiving?

I don’t know about you but this year I wasn’t ready for Thanksgiving. With so much going on plus being busy at work I really could have slept through this holiday. Wednesday night I manage to get up to start playing around with my table. Every holiday I look forward to dressing my table with a different theme. The kids luv that I do this now that the kids are older they help with ideas. I’ve never decorated with a traditional Thanksgiving theme my creative mind just luv having fun with it.

Two things that I didn’t get to do yesterday was stop by Leslie Glover Toran home & turn on the fireplace. After all that cooking I chilled with the family.  Like everyone else we were all to full to do anything else. I managed to get another breathing treatment in while we watched a movie. Working those 13 days straight I didn’t have time to do them so I was definitely overdue. My body started flaring on Monday after I got off.

What about you guys what are some the things you did yesterday with your family?


The tradition; mimosa & baked goods

Just like my table I don’t usually cook traditional Thanksgiving dishes. I take my time with my menu to make sure I give each family member a dish that they crave and/or luv.





My plate for the evening, the only thing missing is the sauteed crabs. I ate that after my treatments.

Good Night, I hope your time yesterday with your luv ones was just as peaceful, fun, & relaxing as mine.

Makeup Monday Is All About Great Skincare

Everyone is always talk about getting that flawless beat face. Well, you can’t achieve that if you don’t use skincare. This month my skincare of choice at Whip Salon is from First Aid Beauty. You can see FAB being featured in this month Glamour & In Style magazine.

I selected FAB for the month for a few reasons. It’s simple yet effective, it deliver immediate relief & it’s great for sensitive skin.

At the salon I do a lot of No Makeup Makeup looks so using First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer gives the skin that daily glow. The Detox Eye Roller is a fan for many of my clients. They luv the cooling effect in the instant improvement under the eye.

I’ll always use the best skincare that I can on my clients, because it’s not the BB Cream & Foundation that’s important it’s the SKINCARE!


I Love Doing Bridal Makeup

I really enjoyed this Sunday afternoon at Whip Salon. My highlight of the day was working with bride Michele Gerard and her sister-in-law Abi Leah. I really like that lately at the salon we have been getting a lot of brides coming in for hair & makeup. I luv weddings, I guess it’s the hopeless romantic in me. Michele was such a cool laid back bride, you would not have thought today was her wedding day.

For Michele I wanted to play up her eyes with lashes because I really wanted it to be all about her eyes with a dewy complexion and nude high glossy lips.

Abi was so cool, she’s from Amsterdam. Our conversation was like two old girlfriends. We covered so many topics in 45mins. I gave her a stronger eye with a soft pink lip.

What a fashionable group of ladies! #justsayin

Here are pics from Michele wedding that she sent over to me. #BEAUTIFUL

The Ladies Of Ridgefield CT Take New York

Last night at Whip Salon it was a girls night out feeling. We had a group of Ridgefield ladies book the salon for both hair & makeup. They were attending The Fresh Air Fund’s Fall Benefit at Pier 60, Chelsea Piers in New York. It was definitely a glam evening of fabulous fashion, bling jewelry & lots of sexy shoes. Here’s a peek inside of the Ridgefield women getting ready for a night out on the town to the big apple.

Wendy has become my muse…she let’s me do fun makeup looks on her.

I had so much fun with Linda. She always wanted a smokey makeup look so I gave her a soft smokey eye. By New Year’s she will be ready for one of my glamxurious looks.

Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne…she needs her own TV show #LUV

If you don’t know this FAB woman then you been living under a rock. Amy Pal is Ridgefield finest & the owner of Whip Salon.


Amy & Suzanne

Amy & Brenda

Have Fun Ladies!!!!


This is how Whip Salon Makeup Creative Director ends her evening!!!!!