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Something To Ask Yourself This Monday Morning

Makeup Artist & Beauty Influencer Brandy Gomez-Duplessis in Downtown Baltimore, MD Harbor

My Monday morning question of the day…What’s On Your List To Accomplish This Week?

Beauty Enthusiasts Skyping With An Agency From London About Makeup & Skincare

On Monday I received an email with an invite to be a part of a research project in NYC for a major manufacturer of skin care products. We set up a Skype interview to chat with the Senior Consultant on Tuesday morning. The company is based out of London and they thought that I would be a perfect fit for an exclusive expert private dinner in New York. I will take part in an informal 2-3 hour discussion with 5 other beauty/skincare enthusiasts in New York to discuss beauty trends and make up techniques (particularly the eyes).

The interview went very well and it look like I may be doing a private Beauty Happy Hour makeup class with the company a day before to educate the staff on the beauty products. I always love speaking about beauty to an audience who also love it. The last 3 years I have really been focusing on branding myself as a public speaker and it’s been happening.

Look forward to sharing more with you next week after I attend the event.


How Do You Deal With Bad Allergy

I know on social media we only suppose to share glam things but this is a part of my glam life. I don’t have allergies but my body ( #lupus ) think I do. All of my sinuses are infected so I always sound congested like I have a damn cold 24/7. Enough is enough, today I’m going to fight this like I have allergies.

What do you do when you’re fighting your allergies? I’m accepting suggestions & tips..

Makeup And Martini’s NYC Makeup Review On Pat McGarth Labs Lust Matte Trance

This is a fun blog post because the content was so much fun to do. Johnny and I have been flirting for some time now to do a makeup review video. Being in the makeup industry for 20 plus years I only know how to do is the artistry and not making videos. So it’s good to have someone who is stronger with technology. I have filmed numerous of videos of myself but when it comes to editing I suck at it. So they never get posted.  I’m excited about recycling the name Makeup & Martini’s, it was one of my theme’s at my makeup studio in New Orleans years ago. To bring back Makeup & Martini’s with a twist is actually pretty cool. So welcome Makeup & Martini’s NYC!


The first makeup review is on products by an amazing makeup artist Pat McGrath. If I am going to do this new venture then it had to be on something fabulous from a woman that I admire very much. Her newest makeup items from Pat McGrath Labs  is called Lust Matte Trance Trio.  Johnny purchased the trio called Vicious Venoms, they are dark like channeling your dark side. Think vampy gothic meets glamour. Here’s the video to see for yourself what the lipcolors look like on.

We just went for it, NO editing just one take so that it could be us being us. I hope you enjoy and support. Also, I would like to thank Finlandia Vodka for supporting me once again with vodka & glassware and to my daughter Envy for providing us with music. Most of all to Johnny for pushing me to do something that I would probably never have gotten around to do…can’t wait to film our second video. Also, follow us on Instagram at @makeupandmartinisnyc 

Hotel Review On A Quick Summer Getaway in Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor


Here is my hotel review for a new hotel in Baltimore.

While in Baltimore for the day with hubby I managed to get my work done while we enjoyed a quick couple’s afternoon. It’s been over 20 years that I’ve been anywhere near Maryland. For a short time I resided in Silver Springs and Wheaton, Maryland so when the opportunity came about to go to Baltimore it was a definite yes. I love how Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor flirts with the downtown New Orleans scene around Poydras, Canal Street, South Peters and The Warehouse District. Lots of exposed bricks and beautiful buildings. The night life, the food, hotels and the eclectic vibe of the people gave such an experience. I always love visiting cities where I can walk amongst tourist and locals and enjoy the scene and the lifestyle of that city.

Our stay was at the trendy The Delta Hotel by Marriott Baltimore Inner Harbor. As many of you know I travel a lot because of my career, so where I stay can make or break my trip. It can determine how my energy goes if my stay is not pleasant. Because of my private celebrity clients, I’m always doing makeup in their luxurious hotel rooms. I have had my share of experiencing over the top accommodations from hotel staff and from being in hotels like The Plaza Hotel in New York, Windsor Court in New Orleans, The Four Seasons in South Beach, Wheatleigh in Massachusetts, The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami, and The Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley.

Upon arriving at 9:30am to The Delta Hotel By Marriott Baltimore Inner Harbor I was greeted by two valet guys who was very pleasant and helpful with getting my luggage out of the car. When I walked into the lobby it was nice and bright, I was welcomed with a joyful “Good Morning” by the front desk associate named Kenya. I always remember a name when given to me. I was a little fatigued because I awake this morning at 4am and I was hoping that my early check in was going to be honored. When Kenya asked me for my name to look up my reservation I completely forgot that my husband Michael had the confirmation number and was already headed to his 10am GM Meeting. Let the panic begin but Kenya was very fast on her feet and advised me that everything was going to be okay and had me call Michael to get the confirmation number and to put my name on the reservation. Kenya was so helpful and put out that little spark right away all while keeping a smile. As she moved forward with getting me checked in and sharing with me great information about the hotel, Angela Wedemeyer the GM walked in, another face with a genuine smile. I’m thinking to myself my hair or makeup must look crazy because this is not normal behavior nowadays of establishments. Friendly employee’s in the morning smiling looking like they love their jobs. Angela started up a conversation right away engaging with me as a great host wanting to know about her guest. Like a great host Angela offered me a complimentary appetizer for lunch at the Tell-Tale Restaurant later today. Upon finishing up at the front desk here comes another friendly person, Stephanie Mervine, Director Of Sales. She stopped to chat with me about my visit to Baltimore and gifted me with a complimentary coffee from Zeke Restaurant inside the hotel. Each conversation I had with these ladies made me feel like I was among friends and I was staying over at their home. They were all happy about me being at their hotel. They shared any information with me that would make my stay exceptional and accommodated me with genuine professionalism. The way they treated me was effortless it wasn’t forced and this is what all businesses should take note in. Because I’m in the customer services field myself, I understand the importance of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICES. Now granted if it was regular rush check in time maybe they each could not engage with me for that long but the acknowledgement I received upon checking in would make any guest feel special. As I headed up to my room even the lady in housekeeping smiled and welcomed me. Whoever does the training for this hotel did an excellent job because everyone made some type of a friendly gesture.

img_4834I made it up to my floor on the third floor and as I walked the hallway it gave the feeling of an art gallery with colorful light fixtures, stylish and bold paintings and pictures that were both beautiful and captivating. As I entered my room, I instantly luved everything about it as my eyes glanced every inch of the modern décor. I wanted to take in the feeling of the room and the selection I made for my hotel stay. I’ve been bamboozled before with hotel rooms not looking like the pictures they advertise on their websites. But I was very pleased with what I’ve seen so far. It was a perfect room for our stay and right away I wanted to capture pictures of the room.



After unpacking, and getting work done, Michael and I met up at 2pm for lunch downstairs at Tell Tale restaurant.  It wasn’t busy, I think we saw two other people there. A couple at the bar and 3 ladies at a table. Wasn’t sure about where to sit we sat ourselves before the waitress could seat us. The bartender Anna was assisting a customer with her food. Anna came over and apologized for not being able to seat us upon arriving. She got us a menus and took our drink order right away. Because my husband is a beer connoisseur he had questions about their beer selection. Anna wasn’t to knowledgeable about the beer so they walked over towards the bar together to see exactly what they offered. I just ordered one of my signature, a margarita on the rocks with no salt. Michael also managed to find him a beer of his liking. We accepted Angela’s complimentary appetizer and selected the Crab Stack which was DELICIOUS, it was crab meat, mangoes, and avocado. I should have order two of those because it was so good. She took our order which was the Crab Cake Sandwich and Michael order the Steak Panni both dishes again were DELICIOUS. The food came out hot, fresh and plated very well. Anna was a good waitress/bartender. She made a spectacular margarita just the way I like it without asking.  If I was a local who frequently the restaurant I would like to be seated at her table every time because of how she stayed engaging with us and how she checked in with us the entire time all while keeping that smile.

We then decided to enjoy the city of Baltimore which is a couple friendly city. Everything is in walking distance to whatever your needs are from malls, the pier, bars, restaurants. The weather was perfect, it was a bright hot summer day. After all that walking and taking in the city we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were greeted by Anthony from the Front Desk, it’s nice when hotels employees check on you when they see you. Such a nice guy he seemed to care about how I’ll stay has been thus far.

For dinner we selected Captain James Crab House because CRABS are a must have when you come to Maryland. When I lived in MD, blue crabs was something that we always ate. I was so excited about dinner and when we arrived it was busy but not to busy that we couldn’t get a seat. We were able to pick where we wanted to be seated. As I looked around everyone looked happy enjoying their stacks of season crabs. We found a table right by the water. As soon as we sat someone came over to prep our table. A gentlemen name Jacob came over to take our order. A very nice guy, who joked right away with me about me taking pictures. I’m a blogger I can’t help myself. We did 1 tray of blue crabs and an order of calamari. Jacob brought over two sweet ears of corn and two bowl of soups. The crabs came out right away, they were nice and hot, the music was good and we just went in. Jacob checked in plenty of times and we were happy, relaxed, and enjoying the food and atmosphere. We are already planning on returning to Captain James with the kids so they could experience what we did, great crabs and relaxed ambiance.

It’s nice when your away and you get a comfortable hotel bed and pillows. Great mattress selection because it was heaven. I slept like a baby. For breakfast…down to Poe’s Coffee Bar. They offer locally roasted small batch ZEKE’s coffee with small bites to go. A perfect stop for anyone that works in the downtown area. You can get a Poe’s Avocado Toast or a tantalizing Cheddar & Bacon Waffle for breakfast.

Our day was perfect starting out with a great hotel, food, and weather. We enjoyed everything about Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor. A perfect place to visit if you don’t have a schedule and want a getaway that’s not too far. Baltimore offers so many things and the energy reminded us of New Orleans and New York. If your looking for a new city to explore definitely add Baltimore to your list. You will be pleasantly surprised cuz I know we were.

If you like for me to come do a hotel review on your hotel let me know.

How to Host a Summer Soirée

I’m so elated to share this great article written by my bestie Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer Ilse with Live Learn Luxe It blog. Hope you enjoy cuz I know I did!


Last week I invited some of my best girlfriends over to see our new place and have ourselves a little summer soirée! (Can we all agree adding “soirée” to anything makes it sound super fancy?) Our guest of honor was Notable Wines because when my friends and I get together it’s all about good conversation and even better wine!

Any time I know I’m having friends over I tend to go a little overboard with preparations. I clean with a good three days in advance and I love making the event extra special for them. Trust me when I say every little detail is thought out and I’m pretty particular about my menu.

With that said, I have 3 Tips on How to Host a Summer Soirée I ALWAYS follow:

To Read The Full Article On How to Host a Summer Soirée click here

I’ve Learn You Have To Live Your Life

img_4668Morning Thoughts….Start redeeming the invitation that God keep sending you.


By now you all know my life challenges and I never let it stop me from living a positive and prosper life. It’s perfect that my health does not allow me to have any negative & stressful people around me. If so, I bounce, literally. I’ve learned that nothing is worth me having a flare up. Now something things I can’t control like mother nature and the weather that’s something I have to deal with. But fulfilling myself my dreams doing what I’m passionate about is something that I can control. So I stay away from anyone or anything that’s not positive. Maybe I do live in a fantasy world wanting happiness around me. Today like everyday I’m doing simple things that makes me happy. It’s ok if it’s not for everyone but it makes me smile.

Spending my day with the lovely Beauty Influencer Ilse from Live Learn Luxe It. ​Using Stila cosmetics to get makeup ready while sipping on Mionetta Prosecco.

Stila Stay All Day Foundation inTan

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Coma

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Eye & Check Palette in Tan Deep

SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Featherweight Complexion Brush #90

SEPHORA COLLECTIONPRO Mini Airbrush Sweep #53.5

Beauty Influencer’s Who Enjoy Working Together


img_4175-1When I start my week with my cousin (inside joke) Ilse then I know my week is going to be a prosper one.

What Ilse and I enjoy doing is working together brainstorming with each other on business and our blog. We love creating content together and we have hours of fun doing it.

Ilse has a fantastic blog called Live Learn Luxe It and we motivate each other when it comes to pushing one another on how to enhance our blog.

Being a Beauty Influencer takes a lot of work and commitment. She’s definitely more discipline about posting daily. I’m getting there you probably noticed that I do a lot of my posting all day on Sundays. Tomorrow I’ll post an article that Ilse did on her blog. You might remember me talking about it.

Wait…what do you think about my purple hair? Is it a Hit or Miss?



Saturday At Warren Tricomi Was A Glamxurious One

​After so many plans was probably cancel after that rain storm on yesterday so today at Warren Tricomi salon in Greenwich, CT the salon was jam pack with appointments. I love being busy doing makeup all day. Art is such a fantastic thing to create on a person.


All of the products I used on Jen (Ginger) from Kevyn Aucoin beauty line



Sonya is going to a wedding in New York, she shared with me what she was going to wear and how she will wear her hair. So that helped me to decide on the makeup look I wanted to give her plus a set of individual lashes to complete the look.

A Rainy Friday But A Fun Day At Warren Tricomi Salon in Greenwich, CT

The weather was horrible all day in Fairfield County but that didn’t stop the ladies in Greenwich, CT for coming to Warren Tricomi Salon to get their beauty needs taken care of like hair, makeup & nails. On a rainy day like today I love just doing makeup creating different makeup looks. I had a few good canvas to have fun with each getting a different makeup look.

Iryna before makeup look

Iryna after makeup look

Using Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Limelight in Ibiza on Iryna


With Rachael before & after look I removed everything she had on. She wanted me to keep the same colors so I did just that. I refreshed her skin by prepping her skin with Caudalie first then I applied makeup to a now more radiant, brighter and hydrated skin. The makeup brands that I used on Rachael were from Kevyn Aucoin, Stila Cosmetics, and Urban Decay.