Month: October 2017

Power Still Out So I Checked In Hotel Zero Degrees In Danbury


Happy Halloween! It’s now Tuesday and we are still without power after Sunday storm so I checked in at Hotel Zero Degrees around 3pm because I couldn’t go another day, yes ladies the DIVA kicked in. I was so behind with beauty articles that I had to get my work done. After getting my work done I decided to pamper my overworked hands by doing Karuna Age Defying Hand Mask. I am obsessed with caring for my hands because the hands really show you age. Also, with me having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I hate my ugly looking hands so I like pampering them as much as possible.

So here are the steps I do with Karuna Hand Mask. Do you like using hand mask?


Power Outage In Connecticut




Yesterday the power went out so I didn’t make a big deal about it because we were having a storm up here in Connecticut so I figure the power would be going In & Out all night. Since it was dark out I wasn’t going to go check nada out. This morning as we all headed out to work this is what we were greeted by. Seeing this I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy situation and lord knows it wasn’t. I’m just glad that our tree didn’t hit the neighbors truck.





5 Fall Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Needs

img_3622Last week my bestie Ilse from Live Learn Luxe It got a chance to get a sneak peek of Entitled Beauty bold liquid lipstick in Arleth that she wore it on her current post 5 Fall Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Needs.

I am so elated to share with you how amazing Entitled Beauty look on someone else. Cuz on my boogie down brown skin I thought it look GORG and to see it on Ilse butter pecan skin it also look GORG. Arleth is a perfect shade of burgundy. It’s like your lips has been stained by a lovely glass of the darkest red wine out there. It’s so dark that you can’t see through it. It’s a creamy, matte, texture liquid lipstick that is long wearing, every woman really should have in her makeup bag.

See for yourself and read the article 5 Fall Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Needs.



Lifestyle Influencer Ilse wearing Entitled Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Arleth


Makeup Review On PUR Cosmetics

How many of you makeup lovers and bloggers use PUR Cosmetics? If you never heard of the brand here is a fun makeup review video to watch. Why? Because on Makeup And Martini’s NYC we are reviewing not 1 but 2 eye shadow palettes from PUR Cosmetics today. Give us 16 mins 42 seconds of your time to watch this fun video on Makeup And Martini’s NYC. I promise you will learn a fun makeup tip, trick, or something from us and after watching wanting to go buy one of the palettes at Ulta Beauty.

Palette 1: PÜR PRO Palette X Etienne $42.00

Palette 2: PÜR My Little Pony Palette $29.00

Let me know what you think of Makeup And Martini’s NYC….see ya bye & luv u mean it!

Entitled Beauty…Wait For It…Coming Soon

Yes, you read it correctly, Entitled Beauty is Coming Soon. My partner-n-crime Johnny Luoma and myself is finally ready to bring you our new adventure that most saw coming. With our love and passion for makeup, starting with the success of Makeup And Martini’s NYC  just two months ago we decided to move forward with Entitled Beauty.

Why the name Entitled Beauty? We believe that everyone is Entitled To Be Beautiful. We are here for ALL AGES, ALL SEXES, ALL RACES.

Let’s see what can I share with you about Entitled Beauty. 

  • Finest Mineral Based Makeup Derived From Earth’s Natural Resources
  • Highest Grade Ingredients
  • Designed With Sensitive Skin In Mind
  • It’s So Healthy You Can Sleep In It
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Compliant With FDA

Ok, that’s enough information but enough info to give you all an idea of what we are trying to bring to you.

I’ll be posting teasers all week until it’s time to shop before the holidays. So stay tuned for Entitled Beauty.

My Glamxurious Sunday At Hotel Zero Degrees In Danbury

On Sunday I had such an glamxurious day with my crew Ilse & Johnny. It was all about beauty and fashion and when we get together for a fabulous day together we like to spend it at our favorite hotel, Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury, CT.  A few bottles of Mionetto Prosecco and Itz Spritz with a sexy playlist our Sunday was grand.

After a fancy day of taking selfies because that’s what bloggers do we decided to place a room service order but my Libra self was not ready to go up to the room so we ate downstairs by the fireplace. This way we were able to continue with taking fab pics of ourselves. We really luv it here at Hotel Zero Degrees and the staff is always so accommodating to me.

The lights in Hotel Zero Degrees is the best especially in the bathroom. It’s so bright and the space size in their batroom is great, Now this is a bathroom you wouldn’t mind hanging out in.


Today’s Dr Appointments Wasn’t A Glam One

It’s been a day and I’m so glad it’s over my body need a break. I started first by going to do a CT Scan, then off to do the allergy test on my arms and forearms, then over to the CT Sinus Center, ending my appointment doing a Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy. Unfortunately, I have to do a lot of this often, in 10 days I’ll be repeating everything except the allergy test. At least I didn’t have to give blood this week. A lot of driving around today, I’m just glad to be home. How is your Monday going?



Sunday Is My Day Of Being Fabulous

img_2245Today I’m not doing anything, I’m going to flaunt around the house like I do and just enjoying myself. Since I have no plans on leaving the house I’m going to just relax, snack, drink wine and nap. I have a busy week ahead starting with 3 appointments early tomorrow morning. And one more appointment on Tuesday but that one is going to be easy breeze. I haven’t been having any heart problems and it’s not time to do another EKG so I’ll be out in 10 mins. But as soon as I walk out of tomorrow appointment I cannot wait to take my meds for all these body pains. I was told that I couldn’t take anything for 3 days prior to my Monday appointments so I’m feeling everything so wine is definitely needed until then. How did you spend your Sunday?


Saturday Was Glam But Saturday Night Got Ugly, Auto Immune Problems

A lot of peers always see me when I post pics of myself when I’m doing well but they never understand when I tell them that by the end of the day my body shut down. It’s hard to understand how can someone look amazing then quickly is having a hard time to breathe but it’s my life about 3-4 times a week. I decided to show you how I can go from this img_1931to the videos below. I don’t know if it’s the lupus, the lyme disease, or both but it’s definitely hard on my body. This is why my new lifestyle only allows for me to do one thing and usually work win and takes all my energy that I never have time to party or meet up with girlfriends after work. Not everyone understands and it hurts but when I give in I know I will have it bad for 2-3 days. I usually don’t like to push myself because I never won’t to be able to show up for work. So if you know anyone with an auto-immune or invisible illness please be patience with them.

Saturday At Warren Tricomi Was A Glam Day


img_1931Another fabulous day at Warren Tricomi Salon in Greenwich, CT. Now that it’s fall I noticed the salon is booking me for all day services on Saturday’s doing makeup. The ladies in Greenwich, CT seem to have a busy life with a full schedule of events that they always need makeup. Every time I get a new client they share with me that I came highly recommended by a friend who has used my makeup service or one of the hair stylist spoke about my artistry to them. I’m really enjoying this beautiful salon and the stylist I work with. We team up a lot to make sure we are giving the client an experience to go with their beautiful hair and gorgeous makeup.

Luv doing a NO MAKEUP MAKEUP look