Month: February 2018

Flirty Friday Working NBA All Star Weekend In LA


The first day of NBA All Star Weekend is finally here and I am ready for it. Before I start my day, I’m on my computer checking on my makeup line Entitled Beauty cosmetics. Johnny and I talk business and go over any emails that came through since yesterday. Then I get ready for my first full day.

Today, I get to meet my team for the first time. Looking at their pics on Instagram and talking through emails and texts is not the same. I have them meeting me here at NOMAD Hotel to pick up their credentials and parking pass. Then, we will head over to the Microsoft building to set up to do hair & makeup.


Once everyone picked up their items my assistant/intern Bailey and I was was driven over. So who’s Bailey? Bailey is an aspiring makeup artist from Michigan and she is going to go through my Beauty Blueprint program for 3 days. My goal is to teach her what it’s like to work as a Entertainment Makeup Artist. This field is different from a salon, weddings, department stores, and Instagram makeup artists. This is something a lot of aspiring makeup artists have to learn, the different types of artistry. So, instead of just asking me questions through SKYPE about the business side of makeup, Bailey is  actually getting her hands dirty and learning how much work goes into working on a live TV show. The production life is no joke and as crazy and fast pace it is I live for it. Plus, it’s nothing like seeing your work later on screen.

After getting set up, our first set of talent came to the glam room to get her hair and makeup done. First up was Lauren Braganza, what a sweet young lady who can SANG!!! We also got to meet her mom Patty, what a lovely woman. She definitely get it from her mama.

While Ira & Phoebe worked on Lauren, Jessica, Bailey and myself headed over to the Convention Center to get 2 more ready. Actress Dascha Palonca and Rachel DeMita, a former basketball player, model, Vlogger, sports host and media personality. I’m so excited that I got use my makeup line, Entitled Beauty on these FAB ladies. I used my Bold Liquid Lipsticks, my Glamxurious Lip Glosses, and my Spotlight Highlighters on their eyes and cheeks. I brought enough for all of us to use on the talent and dancers all weekend.

Everyone looking good! Why don’t you give Entitled Beauty cosmetics a try to see if it’s worth having in your makeup bag.


We made it through the first day, Friday’s are always quiet but plentiful. Meeting more team members tomorrow. But tonight Bailey & I is going to a private viewing of Kendrick Lamar concert. Free drinks & food!!!!!!


This is how you end your evening!



Heading To LA To Work The NBA All Star Weekend

img_1538-1Heading to Los Angeles and I couldn’t be more excited, warm weather and chill energy. Like music group Tony Toni Tone sang, “It Never Rains In Southern California”. This will be my 10th year working The NBA All Star Weekend and my 2nd year being the HEAD OF HAIR & MAKEUP DEPARTMENT. So many reasons why I’m so anxious this year; My team and I will be using Entitled Beauty cosmetics on the talent and dancers. I have an old girlfriend, Jessica Deben working on the team with me. I’m going to see my little sister Star this weekend. 10 years of working with the NBA Team I get to see everyone, their my friends in my heart and lastly I’ll have warm weather for 5 days and 4 nights. Honey, I don’t know how to act to getting out of this cold weather up here in Connecticut. My body will catch a break, my lupus hate winter, it slows me down.


I was excited to see that Jetblue was showing “The Wizard Of Lies“, I have been wanting to see this movie since it came out in May of last year. I’m so curious about how Bernie Madoff, pulled off this Ponzi scheme robbing his peers of $65 billion. Both, Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer did an amazing job. Definitely a movie worth watching especially if you love films about Wall Street.

I made it, I made it to my hotel, The NoMad Hotel Los Angeles. I’m not going to say nada about this glamxurious hotel. I’m going to let the videos and the pictures speak for me. This should be my residence when I return to LA. Yes, I’m flirting with moving to LA because the cold weather is literally killing me.

Getting some work done by filling out gift cards to everyone that will get a Entitled Beauty cosmetics lipstick. These are going in the NBA goodie bags and I have to hurry to write them because Jeff is about to deliver the bags.

Made it to the Staples Center, The Microsoft Center and the Convention Center. Had to set up the hair & makeup room and learn how to get around the tunnels. Grabbed a quick snack from my room since I haven’t eaten since yesterday. Good ol Funyuns and a Mountain Dew did the trick. When headed back to the hotel I shared a ride with Marion & Willie (he’s the man).

Still more Entitled Beauty work to get done and more bags to fill, these last four was for; Fergie, Kevin Hart wife, Andra Day, and Queen Latifah. While in the production office I grabbed a small snack, couldn’t resist.

Now that I’m off, I was craving fish tacos and I found Chicas Tacos, one block away from the hotel. So, I walked over there for dinner and order 3 fish tacos and a Mexican street corn spread with sour cream on top. Ok, can I say DELICIOUS!!!!


Now it’s time for some ME TIME. I been waiting all day to get myself in this wonderful tub. A glass of rose champagne and silence is all this girl need.

After I brushed up with Terra & Co Charcoal Toothpaste and flossed with their charcoal dental floss, I was off to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of NBA All Star Weekend and I want to get at least 8hrs of sleep cuz after tomorrow I won’t sleep until Tuesday.

How To Groom Male Models During Fashion Week

Hey Guys Hey! Makeup And Martinis NYC is back!!! This video was inspired by New York & Harlem Fashion Week. During Fashion Week we don’t only work on female models. A lot of time we have men collections and we have to groom guys for the show. I actually like putting makeup on male models because they have the best face and make for a great canvas to paint.

I always get asked by aspiring makeup artists What Do I Use & How Do I groom guys. Well, male grooming on regular guys is totally different from male models during Fashion Week. What I will do for the male talent at NBA All Star Weekend is totally different from the look I did in the video.

Here is a list of products I used in the video.

First Aid Beauty Tint Skin

BIOSSANCE Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

Forever Glam Club Sponge

Absolute New York Strobing & Shading Palette

Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighter in Resting Bitch Face

Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighter  in Pretentious 

Below you will get to see me in action with my perfect male model, Johnny. I always tell Johnny he missed his calling, do you agree? So below you will find the Fashion Week Male Grooming Video. I hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts, ok. Enjoy! via @youtube

Let’s All Get Lit Because It’s Mardi Gras In New Orleans

I was the Queen of Red Bull

Damn I miss that GIRL!!!! Right about now I would be LIT as the young kids say. My health was good, NO LUPUS, LYME, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, ENLARGED HEART, and ASTHMA. Today it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans and I would be jumping on  the barricades screaming for beads & coconuts. Drinking daiquiri’s and vodka straight out the bottle. See, ya didn’t know that side of Brandy. If you think I hustle hard now, baby my hustle game was on 100 before my health issues. Mardi Gras was my favorite holiday because I’m always straight business all year long. But on Mardi Gras Day, it was that one day I could just let loose with my family and friends on Fat Tuesday. So New Orleans, Happy Mardi Gras and Turn Up for me!  We should all start drinking now, don’t wait for Happy Hour.

So here are so funny pics of me from 2009-2011 just enjoying life.

2011 Mardi Gras

2010 Mardi Gras

2009 Mardi Gras



Girl, You Will Glow With Entitled Beauty Cosmetics New Highlighters

Co Founder of Entitled Beauty Cosmetics Brandy Gomez-Duplessis wearing Resting Bitch Face Spotlight Highlighter.

I’m glowing and NO not because I’m pregnant…cuz child the chapter is closed. I’m glowing this morning because we at Entitled Beauty launched our SPOTLIGHT HIGHLIGHTERS this morning!!!!! Once we got our highlighters where we wanted them, a beautiful high shine glow, and finally decided on the fun names for them we are ready to share them with you. We have 6 gorgeous shades that will work on all skin tones. And I can promise you they work on all skin tones. 21 years in the Beauty & Entertainment industry working on a lot of your favorite A-list celebrities, athletes, actors, and music artists I knew what was missing and what I wanted Entitled Beauty cosmetics to do. In it’s doing the damn thing, I have to say.

When on set I’m always looking for products that I could use multiple ways and with our Spotlight Highlighters you can use them on the eyes, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and also on the brow bones. What’s special about our highlighters I’m sure your asking yourself. Well, they’re enriched with luminescent pearls that will adjust to your skin natural undertone. These highlighters are intense and if you want to be seen then our Spotlight Highlighters will give you all the attention you want.

Resting Bitch Face Highlighter is what I’m wearing in the above picture.

We made our first debut with them at Fashion Week last week, was seen in Paper Magazine and now they are headed to NBA All Stars Weekend in LA and my team will be using them on the talent all weekend including our bold liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.

On Amber I used; Blow on her brow bones & RBF on her cheekbones

For all you natural lovers, yes our mineral base makeup line is Paraben Free and we do Not Tested On Animals. Because of my health issues we made sure we have healthy products.

These are the name of the Spotlight Collection, go check them out on our page.

  1. Blow
  2. Spilt Tea
  3. Resting Bitch Face (RBF)
  4. Lavish
  5. Pretentious
  6. Seduction

You can see them also on the models at Fashion Week on our Instagram page @entitledbeautyworldwide and also on my Instagram page; @bgdmakeupartist

  • Amber hair was colored and styled by MC Hair Designs in Ridgefield, CT by Master Stylist Maghen Cook.

Entitled Beauty Cosmetics Made Its Debut At Harlem Fashion Week

Entitled Beauty Cosmetics Co-Founders, Johnny Luoma & Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Harlem Fashion Week kicks off New York Fashion Week 4 days earlier. The event was held at the beautiful Museum of the City of New York. Johnny and I was selected to create the makeup look for Malcolm X Legacy Collection designed by Malcolm X daughters and designer Yvonne Jewnell. I wanted the makeup look to mirror what Malcolm X was to me; BOLD, STRONG, and INFLUENTIAL. So with Entitled Beauty cosmetics I was able to create just that and the models looked amazing on the runway.

I’ve worked many fashion week shows from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY and Miami and New York Fashion Week. But this show was very special to me for so many great reasons. Review the great time we had at Harlem Fashion Week and check out how our makeup line, Entitled Beauty cosmetics did on the runway.

Arriving to Museum Of The City Of New York…You can see in my eyes I’m going through it, a Lupus flare is coming on

I need music when I’m working so I brought with me Earbolts NUB Bluetooth Micro Stereo Speaker to keep the party going. Some of the makeup I brought with me were: NICKA K, Flowerbeauty, Laura Mercier, L’OREAL, and NYX.


This beautiful model Tiana Rhae is a perfect makeup muse for any makeup artist. Entitled Beauty cosmetics look so flawless on her. I used Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighters in Prentinous & Blow on her eyes & cheeks. On her lip I used our new shade, Antique Bold Liquid Lipstick.

I got to work side by side with my business partner Johnny Luoma, this was a great treat. I know you can’t tell in the picture but this was Johnny first time doing makeup at fashion week. He did a good job beating model LeAnne face.

After 30 mins of playing with Lubys beautiful face we discovered in our heart that we were long lost cousins. One of the things we have in common is our family being from Honduras. I used Entitled Beauty cosmetics Spotlight Highlighters in Seduction & Blow on her eyes and and RBF on her cheeks. On her lips I used Venice bold liquid lipstick.

This beautiful model Voss was such a PROFESSIONAL. I was drooling when I saw her, I wish I had a before picture of her flawless skin. On Voss I used Entitled Beauty cosmetics  Spotlight Highlighters in Seduction & Lavish on her eyes and cheeks. On her lips I used Mayan Chocolate.

My last model Jackie (I think) was such a treat, another flawless model who I enjoyed working on. When I saw her I knew instantly I was going to use our new lipstick shade Costa Rica on her lips. On her eyes & cheeks I used Entitled Beauty cosmetics Spotlight Highlighters in Split Tea & Lavish.


While the CEO of Harlem Fashion Week and designer Yvonne Jewnell continued working on her phone I was able to get 15 mins to do something with her makeup. I’m using Entitled Beauty cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter in Pretentious on her eyes and cheeks.


The models that Johnny & I did lined up before heading down the runway. Those bold lip shades from Entitled Beauty cosmetics came through!

The biggest highlight was seeing our work in one of my favorite publications Paper Magazine. Even though we didn’t a shout out from the writer Christopher Barnard for the beautiful makeup we created at least we can still be proud of what we did that evening. Not one time did I let my Lupus flare on that cold raining day stop me from doing what I love. I never missed a beat and that’s exactly what I did, beat those faces to perfection.

Entitled Beauty Cosmetics Is Giving You A Valentine Day Treat

4 New Shades; antique, opal, carnelian, costa rica

Guess what Ladies!!!! We at Entitled Beauty cosmetics are so in love with our lippies that we want you to be obsessed with them to. So here’s your chance to try Entitled Beauty cosmetics…wait for it…your getting 25% until Valentine’s Day. You wanted a long lasting lipstick well we have them and you want lip volume well we have that. Our lip volume lip gloss does not have that tingling lip plumping ingredient. Our’s is all natural and it help with lip wrinkles.

So start shopping Entitled Beauty cosmetics now!