Watch Me Glam Her Up Using Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

On Sunday I had a pleasure to have fun with the beautiful Angie using makeup from my own makeup line Entitled Beauty. We played around with a lot of different products from Long Wearing Liquid Eyeshadows, Our highly pigmented highlighters, our liquid lipsticks and delicious lip glosses.

Broke Ass Liquid Eyeshadow

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Split Tea Spotlight Highlighter
JACO Liquid Lipstick
Blue Collar Liquid Eyeshadow

Get Entitled This Spring With Our Delicious Makeup

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Taking My Life Back, My Health Won’t Write My Story.

At home collecting my thoughts 💭 and thinking about this new chapter that I’m about to start. I’m not afraid about taking my life back. My husband and my 2 adult kids, 21 & 26 year old have seen me let my health win to long. This new chapter won’t cure my Lupus, Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma and High Blood Pressure but it will bring me some relief. I don’t want to be laid up in a house like a 90 year old women anymore because my body is so fragile that cold weather can literally kill me. I’m tired of doing breathing treatments, I’m tired of using 2 inhalers a day, I’m tired of taking prednisone, I’m tired of sleeping sitting up when I sleep because of my lungs. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Today, I fight back and do what’s going to be best for me.

January & February was rough, double pneumonia, mini stroke, flu and my everyday Lupus challenges my body has been through enough. I’m ready to do right by it. Placing it in a place positive energy, better weather, great food and exotic fruits. So much to do but I promise I will share very soon. Let me just lock a few more things down. 💪🏾💜🙏🏾

What new chapters have you started this year?