Makeup Day At The Cosmetics Company Store

img_7248I love doing makeup, doesn’t matter who my canvas is I love doing makeup. The better the location the better the makeup application.

Today I’m doing makeup on a gorgeous Hawaiian model name Tamara at the The Cosmetics Company Store in Waikele.

The Cosmetics Company Store is a Estee Lauder own store. All of the brands that is owned by Estee Lauder is retailed at an amazing discounted price. If you have never visited a Cosmetics Company Store then you should make it your mission. Even if you’re not a fan of makeup, skincare, fragrances or hair products. You will find great items for someone who is obsessed with beauty items, Plus, who doesn’t like discounts.

At the Hawaii location we are offering 40% off majority of the items we have. Tom Ford offer 50% off on fragrances and 60% off of the makeup. If you’re a MAC Lover, it’s 40% off their items. Let’s talk about skincare sets, OUT OF CONTROL. There was a Clinique skincare/makeup set that had about 8 items in it with one being a 1.7oz Clinique Smart moisturizer that retails for $58.00. The entire set retailed for $29.70, isn’t that CRAZY?!!!

So today, I was lucky to have in my chair Tamara, who was in town for a concert. She wanted to have her makeup professionally done so I was glad that she asked me to get her makeup ready for the event. I love that the Hawaiian girls like how I do makeup. I look forward to doing more glam makeup looks here in Hawaii.





Honolulu Hawaii Makeup Artist & Lifestyle Blogger Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Waikiki, Waipahu, Waikele, and Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 


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