How I Achieve A Great Blowout On My Hair Like The DryBar


Not everyday I get to pamper my hair with a great blowout but when I do I like to treat my hair to The Drybar in New York. There’s nothing like having your hair done by a talented hairstylist who will use products and tools that luv your hair & extensions. So when I’m not able to get soft flirty hair every week at The Drybar, I do have a few goodies from them to help me to achieve almost the look that they would give me.


The Drybar Sake Bomb Nourshing Shampoo
*cleanse and hydrate
*smooth frizz and add shine
*great on extensions
The Drybar Sake Bomb Nourshing Conditioner
*deeply nourish, hydrate and detangle
*smooth hair and prevent frizz
*replenish lackluster hair
The Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer
*add body and soft texture
*creates tousled , beachy waves
*nourish hair with vitamin A,B, and D
The Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist
*creates a long lasting shine that won’t weigh down your hair
*tames frizz
*adds hydration
The Drybar High Tops Rollers Soft Self Grip
The Drybar Lemon Drop Flatbrush


Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

I’m on the road for Artistry Lab. A total of 8 makeup brands will be teaching makeup tips & tricks to Connecticut Makeup Artist from Sephora. So I knew I had to have not only great makeup but fabulous hair. So I brought my High Tops rollers and Lemon Drop brush from The Dry Bar to achieve my blowout look. 

What do you think? Did I do a great job on my hair? I think it look professionally done. 

I’m so glad the event is in the same hotel I’m staying in because it gives me an opportunity to run up to my room every 4 hours to do my breathing treatment. At least my makeup is on fleek while I’m sitting here doing nothing. I have to use a nebulizer because of my lupus so I’ll be on this for awhile. My lungs are inflamed so it makes it hard for me to breathe.