Destination Wedding At The Ritz Carlton New Orleans

Everybody always forget the groom on the wedding day, put I  knew my groom would need a  little help, he is in New Orleans. If he partied like I think he did the night before then L’OREAL Paris Men Expert Eye Roller would be needed.
Getting the bride glamxurious for her big day in New Orleans

The gorgeous wedding party on the trolley heading to the church

Getting my camera time with my bride before she walk down the aisle
As the bride & groom walk out the church they are greeted by an amazing choir
Cody & Nicole
My bride is Gone With The Wind Fabulous!!!!

Let the party begin!!!

New Orleans Bride Magazine Winter Photo Shoot

A beautiful day at the winter bridal photo shoot with New Orleans Bride Magazine. It’s always nice to get requested for any assignment in New Orleans to do makeup since I am not living there full time. And getting to work with Lisa, Theresa, and Erin is always a highlight. I actually enjoyed working with an all female staff on set. There were 6 dress changes and a cover shot. So I changed up the model look a few times using different lip and blush colors. I wanted to keep each makeup look soft, fresh, and perfect for any day bride. Can’t wait to see the finish product.

Erin Carter-Hairstylist at Glam Girl Hair Studio
Using HANA Air Dryer by Misikko on set

Using L’OREAL Paris HIP Cream Eyeliner

Using Stila Cosmetics Blush

Using L’OREAL Paris Colour Riche Lipgloss

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently resides in New York, Connecticut, and part time in New Orleans. This New York makeup artist has worked with celebrities like: Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jordin Sparks, Angela Bassett, Barbara Walters, Edie Falco, Reshma Shetty to name a few. Brandy has worked with New York top affluent and influential New Yorkers; Donna Karan International, St. George’s Society of New York, The Royal Wedding Bash, The English Ball for Burberry, world renowned event planner Marcy Blum, NY award winning CeCi Johnson, Women Of New York, to name a few. Brandy recently worked GLAMOUR Magazine #WOTY, OPRAH O YOU, Project Runway, VOGUE TV, Sperry Top-Sider, Burberry Beauty, L’OREAL Paris, International Latino Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, NBA All Star Weekend, Essence Music Festival, New York Post and more. Keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog “Inside the Life of a Makeup Artist” or follow her glamxurious tweets.

Wedding: Bride Brittany Oswald

I met my bride Brittany from doing another one of her bridemaid Mimi Water, who is also Brittany cousin. I find that I work with a lot of families where they all will use my makeup services from weddings, birthdays, special occassions, etc. 
Brittany got hair & makeup ready at The Roosevelt Hotel. The FAB hairstylist Tommy Centanni was stylist of choice a great pick.
I ws so excited when she told me becuase I love going to the hotel in December it always look like a winter wonderland. They really do an amazing job in the lobby. You almost forget your in New Orleans.
On the girls eyes I went with a teal grey eyeshadow color, bronzer on the cheeks and a nude glossy lip.
At The St.Charles Mansion for pictures and cocktails before the wedding

The St.Charles Mansion
Heading to the church
Hanging out at the church with some of the bridesmaids
Last picture of Dr. Oswald before she walked done the aisle.

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently resides in New York and part time in New Orleans. Brandy is also a L’OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist. She has worked with celebrities like Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian and Jordin Sparks, to name a few. Brandy is also a high demand celebrity bridal makeup artist that brides usually book her makeup service 1 year in advance. You can also keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog “Inside The Life of A Makeup Artist”, her fashion blog “Black Tie Stiletto” or follow her glamxurious tweets on twitter. = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();


On Saturday night I finally was able to watch the movie “Bride Wars” which I thought was cute. I was suppose to go see it with Miss Sassy but everythime we picked a day and time I end up getting an assignment. I would feel so bad cuz I would always have to cancel on her. By now I guess she’s use to my crazy schedule. She never complain or get angry with me.

Anyway, I am such a romantic at heart. I think this is one of the reason why I love doing wedding makeup and working with brides every weekend. I’m such the opposite of the young lady on the movie 27 dresses. I have worked many weddings but have only been in one wedding. One of my favorite wedding song is “You’re The One” by Lisa Shipman and Hallerin Hill. As soon as that song started to play and my bride looked at her dad in headed down the aisle, I was in tears. My bride barely made it down the aisle she cried and everybody cried. I think the song had a lot to do with it.

This weekend I am home in New Orleans and I have three weddings and all of the brides are from out of town. Just about everybody in the wedding party will be getting makeup so I will be busy. Take a listen to my favorite wedding song and let me know what you think, I promise you it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love to listen to it when I am doing my wedding contracts late in the evening or if I am working on my bridal face charts.


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Quick update of this week….

It is now 9:45 pm and I am finally done for the week…the evening…and can now have a me moment. I have a 6 pack of red stripe beer being chill and snacks and the kids have retired to their rooms and Miko & Ani are sleeping on the bed next to me. Michael is doing a walk through and washing the kids school clothes still.

Natalie came by the studio today she was in town for a second meeting with the staff of a very popular reality show so when she was done she stop by to say hi. I wanted to get a lot done today because this week I just want to work on the little touches. The week days are way to crazy to get things done so I had the entire family helping with something. They love it because they get to spend time with mommie and we get to do projects together.

Courtney stopped by to pick up a check from me for payment of the assignment we did this weekend at The Ritz Carlton. The client Molly B. from Dallas paid me for everything and I cut Courtney her half. I am so glad Friday & Saturday is over. I stressed my ass off about it. I was scared that Courtney wasn’t going to show because of the personal things that are going on in her life right now. This is not the first time that the hair stylist that I refer hasn’t showed up. Speaking of hair stylist MISS ERIN calls me this Saturday after not seeing her since New Years Eve at my home. She has not returned phone calls to my clients that I haved refered her to or she has not shown up to the actual assignment that she was boked for. Anyway…with Coutney having problems she has not been practing on hair styles as well as her speed, which is very important. Doing hair at a salon is different from production work, photo shoots, and weddings. But at the end she pulled it off but still have to get better at speed. So I am proud of her for not allowing her personal problem to effect her work.

I missed one of my items that were supposed to be delivered due to working on location so I now have to wait 1 more day to get it now. Like a little kid I am so excited…this item is my GLAM piece for the studio so you know I can’t wait to unwrap that box on tomorrow.

I had the one hour conference this week which was very enlighten. Because I have been so busy that I never make appointment with my rep to discuss how things are going. So, I was glad that I was able to do this one.

They sent over the L’Oreal tour dates starting in August going to October but I don’t know if I will be able to do all of those dates because I do have dates booked with weddings and other events around that time. Plus, my B-DAY is October 13 so I don’t know if I want to be on the road for that special day. Then I don’t want to be that long away from the studio especially with me just opening it. I will be in Houston for 1 week doing makeup with L’Oreal so I think this time I will shorten my trip.

I had to miss the French Quarter Festival this year but I did get to party Saturday night a little with the girls…it was Courtney birthday weekend so we took her out and popped so MOET all night. Courtney wanted to go to some new club called NV on Poydras Street…I am just glad they didn’t spell it ENVY…the way I spell my daughter name. Then she wanted to go to The Chocolate Bar on Tulane and Broad. I know I know not my cup of tea but that was her preference and because it wasn’t about me I went to celebrate. As long as I could hear Usher single “Love In the Club”…I am ok.

I had a lot of bridal consultations this week some days back 2 back. So at least my brides are keeping me busy. People are still getting married not just in New Orleans but all over the world. I have weddings in Baton Rouge, Houston, Florida, Maryland and how can I forget about my July wedding in Jamaica.

I am getting tired…I think getting up at 5:30 am on Saturday for the first wedding party in Metairie and then the second group at the Ritz then trying to go out last night like a young girl and stay out until 3ish. I think it’s all catching up with me plus my red stripe is calling me right about now.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

Busy Schedule

This is my last thing for the night…I am exhausted and have come down with a cold. Being world wide makeup artist I guess I have to learn to take care of myself. Since I’ve been back from my last assignment I have been working nonstop…but I’m not complaining…shit, cuz it can get slow quickly. Let’s see I did this shoot with an ex Saints player who is now a photographer in New Orleans. He was shooting one of the 2008 Mardi Gras retail posters that will be sold all over Louisiana and other markets. So that was exciting just a little something that I don’t do often. Painting a mask on a model face honestly was challenging but I did what I do. That’s what I told the client since they flipped it on me from doing glam makeup to painting a mask. They asked after they changed do you think you could do the same look as a mask. I said, I’ma do what I do.

Carlton called me while I was on set about doing makeup for Offbeat Magazine the next day. He was shooting the cover so I went over to him for 1pm but come to find out I needed to be there for 2pm he forgot to call me to tell me they moved it back. So I basic set around and looked through the pics from Mexico. The editor and staff showed up about 1:30 and the model and her family came in about 2:15 so I had to hurry to do her makeup to make it across town for 3pm.

Received a lot of phone calls and had some emails to return when I got home. My web site is almost done worked on that for an hour sending the last of the revised info to Xavier who is still home in Europe. Because of the time difference it took us a minute to complete. Booked myself 4 weddings tonight…not to bad. Had a young lady asking about her Feb 09 wedding and I still need to respond to a bride who is getting married on Valentine Day next year.

I talked to Aaron last night about the photo shoot next month in Houston. He wanted to do something else with the title. It wasn’t popping enough and he’s right. It needed something extra so I told him to go with name for the shoot “BGD GLAM SUITE”. All girls likes that name so we knocked it out fast just a few phone calls back n forth, done. Plus Aaron knew that I wasn’t feelin well and wanted me to get some rest.

Let me tell you my schedule is busy again and I still have to get through Mardi Gras, All Star Weekend, BGD GLAM SUITE, and the L’Oreal Tour. And my goal is to drop 15 pounds by Feb 5th. Invites are already coming in for balls so I have to get the weight off fast.

So I am out for the night the thera-flu must be kickin in.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist