The Young Woman’s Guide Official Trailer

A friend of mine Nicole Collins, reached out to me yesterday while I was on a photo shoot for Entitled Beauty. She text that she finally has her webseries up on YouTube and if I would share with my followers. And I promised Nicole that I would support her passion by posting on my blog what she’s working on. Cuz that’s what friends do.

So here is her personal healing project that she turned into a mini docu-series for the web. Nicole will release it on YouTube January 12, 2018 but you will get to see her work in advance. A sneak peek at least.


Makeup & Martinis Is Back With Makeup Review On Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

We’re BACK!!!!! Johnny and I have been so busy with the launch of our makeup line Entitled Beauty that we haven’t had time to do any videos on Makeup And Martini’s NYC video blog. So we finally put some time aside to bring you a new makeup review on Huda Beauty Mauve Obsession eye shadow palette.

Huda Beauty is a popular indie makeup company that we definitely look up to because Entitled Beauty is a indie makeup brand as well. We are so ready to pay our dues and look forward to seeing our brand grow like Huda Beauty in 3 years. Watch our makeup review here.

I Was Featured On Everyday Health To Share My Story Of Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, & Lyme

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Last month I spent about an hour chatting with writer Maria Ricapito from Everyday Health. She reached out to me about featuring me on Everyday Health to share my health story of living with RA while working as a makeup artist in the industry. Usually, I’m the one who’s sharing about my health (Lupus & Lyme) on my blog and all of my other social media pages to followers who really are interested in my story. I always find people who don’t know me tell me that I inspire them, I give them hope and I show them that being diagnosed with a chronic illness isn’t a death sentence even when there are lots of days it feel that way.

Makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is known for her beautiful handiwork.

I gave a lot of tips on how I get thought my work days by using certain products, doing little tricks, and how I manage to stay stress free on set. That’s one thing I had to learn to give up, STRESS and that’s including people. I shared with Maria my must have items to help me to maintain stress free days.

  1.  Victorinox Swiss Army
  2.  Royal and Langnickel
  3. Sally Hansen Eazy Tweezy Comfort Grip Slant Tip
  4. Coco’s Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer
  5. HotHands heat warmers
  6. Biodara Immortal Mist
  7. essential oil blend from Tata Harper Skincare
  8. Bath & Body Works Stress Relief collection
  9. Floafers shoes

And if I can share one thing with someone who may be new to hearing me speak. When you start to feel like something is wrong, SOMETHING is wrong. You have to be your own advocate when visiting doctors. If you don’t feel like your doctor is not understanding you, it’s ok to find another. Get a notebook, start documenting everything. Don’t let people tell you that your to young, your depress, your stress, and any other reasons. You know your body better than anyone else. Fight for blood work and not the basic pregnancy test, diabetes test, and thyroid test.

So here’s the article, I hope you enjoy it and learned something new that can help you or a love one….Thanks Maria and the editor at Everyday Health for selecting me.

Christmas Shop With Entitled Beauty For Makeup

This is Entitled Beauty first Christmas and we are so excited to have healthy mineral makeup to sell to all you makeup lovers out there. We put together a nice holiday offer so you can try out Entitled Beauty.

Pick out 3 lip colors and use code: HOLIDAYTRIO to get $15 off your total.

Start shopping now for that great deal before their gone. We are already out of 1 color so I hope you didn’t have your eyes on Jaco.


10 Delicious Liquid Lipsticks From The New Indie Makeup Line “Entitled Beauty”

Wearing Entitled Beauty lipstick in Orchid

Picking out a new lipstick color can sometimes be like shopping for a new foundation at a drugstore. The color will look one way in the bottle and totally different when you get home. Everybody does the swatching makeup on their arms to show you what the color look like but I decided to wear every lip color from Entitled Beauty and show you what all 10 colors look like own me. Now, I may not be the same hue as you but this way it gives you a better idea because it’s on my lips and not my arms. And as you will see all 10 lip colors looks pretty good on me regardless of how light the shade is. #justsaying


Let me know which perfectly matte liquid lip color you like the best from Entitled Beauty on me.

Anastasia & Arleth

Barcelona & Diamonds

Heartbreak & In The Nude

Jaco & Mayan Chocolate

Orchid & Venice

Shop our indie brand online by going here…everyone is entitled to their beauty!

I Didn’t Let My Chronic Illness Stop Me From Starting Entitled Beauty Makeup Line

The reason why I can’t stop screaming from the mountain top about Entitled Beauty makeup line is because it’s been a year in the making. Many of the days I was home in bed having bad flares from my Lupus, Lyme & RA. My amazing business partner and I would take advantage of us communicating through technology like Face Time & Skype about colors, textures, and packaging because I wasn’t able to do face to face meetings. So this baby is very special to me and this is why I want everyone to try it, I want everyone to fall in love with it because it was made out of love. Plus, it’s mineral based so it’s all healthy for the skin and for you. My health is very important to me and after sharing about my chronic illness I have met so many other women suffering with a invisible illness like myself.  So, when talking with Johnny about wanting the makeup to be health he supported me. That’s why he’s amazing!

Working in the beauty industry for 21 years and using other makeup brands on my clients, on assignments, at fashion shows I now have my own makeup line to use. So I can’t wait to see it on everyone I now work on. My partner Johnny and I only have 10 perfectly matte lipstick shades for now but so much more lippies colors are coming with a new item in 2 weeks and by Spring 2018 we will have another item added to the line.



Just in time for the holidays maybe treat yourself or someone to Entitled Beauty mineral liquid lipsticks. We have a lot of great things coming up in just a few days so stay tune and stay connected with Entitled Beauty by following our Instagram page.

Another Fab Day At Warren Tricomi Salon In Greenwich, CT

img_5252Another lovely day of working at Warren Tricomi Salon in Greenwich, CT. Saturday’s are always a busy one at the salon and the energy is so good with all those creative people working on beautiful canvas that I enjoy being there. Now that I have Entitled Beauty, I have a second love in my life. Being a new business owner and a entrepreneur it’s a lot of work. So to answer many peers concern if I’m still going to do makeup  now that I have Entitled Beauty makeup line. The answer is YES, definitely! Makeup is my love, it’s my life, 21 years of doing makeup. I’m not going to stop until my hands fall off. It’s almost there with RA but even that can’t stop me. I want to see my beautiful artistry using my products on my clients.

I’m really excited that I am able to use my Entitled Beauty Mineral Liquid Lipsticks on my clients at Warren Tricomi. It’s nice to see my perfectly matte lippies on them. As you can see I’m wearing my comfortable Floafers shoes in black so when I’m working for over 8 hours my feet doesn’t hurt.

Samantha is wearing Arleth and Julie is wearing Jaco

Stay updated with Entitled Beauty by following our Instagram Page. If you would like to do any shopping of our lip colors I would appreciate it very much. Check them out here.