HBO Girls After Party In New York Was Fabulous

Whether it’s Jay-Z version: I love girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I do adore
Yo put your number on this paper cause I would love to date ya
Holla at ya when I come off tour, yeah
Or Mötley Crüe: Girls girls girls
Long legs and burgundy lips
Dancin’ down on sunset strip
Red lips, fingertips

One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to see what my girl Lena Dunham and her crew has in store this Sunday night on HBO Girls. 

Monday night I was excited about doing makeup with L’OREAL Paris at the HBO Girls Premier After Party at the beautiful American Museum Of History in New York. This party was the best way to kick off the new year. Ain’t no party like a HBO Girls Party! See for yourself.

Connecticut Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert Brandy Gomez-Duplessis works in New Orleans & New York City. Brandy is a hidden gem makeup artist in living in Connecticut with her husband and 2 kids. She was recently diagnosed with SLE Lupus but she keeps her lupus maintain while still doing what she loves and that’s makeup. Brandy resume is like the who’s who, she has done makeup on and for; Hillary Clinton, Ralph Lauren Fragrances for Esquire Mexico Magazine, Polo Player Nacho Figueras, Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Hutton, Queen Latifah, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, 2x Olympic champion Gymnst Aly Raisman, Jordin Sparks, Ellie Goulding, Angela Bassett, Barbara Walters, Edie Falco, Alysia Reiner, Chiqui Delgado, Robert Redford, Brad Goreski, Usher, Ne-Yo, Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, Phillip Phillips, 2 Chainz. Brandy also created looks for Theodora & Callum summer & fall makeup look for their upcoming video shoot, and created makeup looks for Donna Karan 2015 Holiday campaign, and Donna Karan Resort 2014 Collection during market week. Brandy recently worked on The View, MTV 10 On Top, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo, Project Runway, Project Runway All-Stars Season 2, Lifetime “Project Runway” Promo Photo shoot, E News, MTV TV Show Hip Hop Pov, Ralph Lauren, Ebony Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Stila Beauty Event, Fox and Friends Saturday, NBA All-Star Weekend, Donna Karan Fashion Show, DKNY Fashion Show, Mercedes Benz Fashion Show in New York & Miami, New York Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, VH-1 Divas, Real Simple Magazine Holiday Pop Up Store in Bryant Park, GLAMOUR Magazine #WOTY, OPRAH O YOU, L’OREAL Paris, Project Runway Finale, VOGUE TV, Sperry Top-Sider, Burberry Beauty, International Latino Film Festival, Essence Music Festival, New York Post and more. Brandy is a L’OREAL Paris Makeup Artist and the Beauty Editor for Caribbean Posh magazine. Brandy is also a high demand bridal makeup artist in Connecticut, bridal makeup artist in New York, and a bridal makeup artist in New Orleans. She had been hire to do bridal makeup at many destinations weddings in Jamaica at Half Moon resort.

CP 3 after party feedback

I had to workearlier that day so I was a little late meeting up with Miss Sassy at her house- 30 mins late give or take. As usual, acting like I am homeless I had to finish getting ready in the car. We make it to the game just in time to get a drink and get our seat. This is my second time attending a game like an average person. The first time Miss Sassy and I came to the Hornets game we were very late and we stayed for 20 mins so I don’t really count that as a full game. Miss Sassy is a season ticket holder, she loves all this sports stuff and I could care less about sports and/or ball players. I think if a lot of women really know the truth about the things they say in do I think less women would be excited about trying to trap or hook up with them.

Anyway, met a lot of new friends where we were sitting. Miss Sassy has really good seats so I was able to see the game but not really understanding everything. To much shit was going on, (shit flying in the air, people running around, the game going on, trying to people watch). Now the icing on the cake was…”Jason The Kidd” he was playing that night. He’s my buddy…I met him last year when I worked All-Star. So, I was excited about seeing him. Miss Sassy was embarrassed cuz I kept cheering for Jason. I think I was his only fan where we were sitting. At halftime went to go see Carlyn at bar 119, she looked so cute. Now you know what was kinda cool..the club thing after the game. It was cute kinda like a sports club lounge setting. We had to go down there because a friend of mine who works for the Hornets wanted me to meet him there to get the invite to attend the after party.

On our way out we run into Poochie… Well I call him Poochie…Derwin (Maron) from the tv show “The Game”. He was with his boy (Kobe or Colby). They were headin to the party as well.

The party set up outside was typical for press pics and red carpet events. Drinks was flowin all night and food served for an hour or two. CJ made sure that this time he put his number in my phone. Since we both are on the road a lot we never have time to hangout so we promise to do better this year. It was suppose to be a private party but the turnout looked like it was open to the public. Saw some peeps that I haven’t seen it a minute. Saw a lot of people that play the game “they don’t know you” cuz they got a little job workin with the hornets or Chris. That group makes me laugh…maybe this year I should start coming home acting like I’m the shit. I work in attend major A-list gigs I even go to their homes. Shit I was hand selected by Oprah to be the makeup artist for her tour and I never play those silly games with people. I had an ok time it wasn’t a hollywood studded party but I got to hang out with friends so that’s always cool.

I made a mistake in spoke to Tyson Chandler at the party and I forgot the rule…shit, how did I mess up. Miss Sassy said his wife gave me a nasty look but it was just a simple hi, how you been. Nothing more nothing less to the gesture. But this is why I don’t like to speak to male clients that I work with for that reason.

Jamielynn looked amazing with her cute mini pink dress. Love her haircut more with the front growing out. Was able to meet Carlos who is going to make me a custom pink stiletto with some bling. Carlos has his event in April. Will tell you more about it as the date gets closer. He’s a cutie.

We hung out with sexy can I “Ray J” and “Tigger” for awhile. Ray J got occupied by my girl Jakki so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him. Ray J also liked Jamielynn as well.

Christian and Thomas are cute together… They hung out all night for the most part. Thomas was suppose to be taping the party but he was dancing in having fun with baby girl. So I don’t know how much footage he ended up getting of Chris. He has jokes…he was given me a hard time about the first time I met him. We were coming from Pierre Thomas party at Metro so this was around Christmas. We all had to potty and he let all four of us go upstairs to use his bathroom. Anyway, just being a concern friend I gave him the big sister lecture about what he was not going to do with Christian when we leave. So he teased me he said he was a little scared of me. But it’s all love…

Miss Sassy and I was in so much pain I was crazy for thinking that I could wear heels for 14hours. I don’t what was wrong with me. I was just ready to go by 2am, my feet was killin me. We said bye to Poochie he is such a sweetheart. We wanted to kidnap him, and no ladies… he’s not gay. I know a lot of people have been saying that he is…why cuz he’s not gangsta and speak english??? When I told him he we were leaving he got all sad, he wanted Miss Sassy to stay with him. His nickname for Miss Sassy is “Shuntee” and he calls me “B”.

Overall, it was ok…but better when I get out these stiletto’s.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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