My Allergy Testing Round 2

I’m back for round 2 of my allergy testing. Everyone asked me if it hurt last time but it didn’t. It just feel like someone is taking a writing pen in sticking me in my back. The only thing that bothered me was that the room was freezing, So after 2 visits guess what, I’m not allergic to anything. My lupus be playing jokes on my bodies making it mock like I had allergies so I was miserable for a few months, When it happens again I don’t have to take allergy meds because it won’t stop it. I’m just upset that I waste so much money…No comments on my cheesy tattoo, lol!!!



First Round Of Allergy Testing


The day is finally here! I’m only excited about it because I’ve been miserable for months and my doctor has tried everything, prescribed everything so he suggested I go see a specialist. I’m here, so I hope he can put me out of my misery.