Love: How We Celebrated Our Wedding Anniversary

In the media and on reality shows we never hear about marriages lasting longer than a full season. But in real life, marriages are still going strong…well at least our love is. I had the best day ever hanging out with my best friend. We laughed the entire day and he didn’t mind being my co-host on all my silly videos. So join us on a few of our stops before my phone died and I ran out of space on my phone. I definitely look forward to returning to Abbott’s Lobster a casual waterfront restaurant on the Mystic River in Noank and Chamard Vineyards a beautiful farm, winery and bistro in Clinton. = “UA-3446372-1”;urchinTracker();

Yesterday Was My Wedding Anniversary 17 Years In Counting

This is my signature perfume brand that I love to wear for my anniversary. This jewelry case was actually from a client who said my energy & personality was her inspiration for her wedding. She gave me a part of her table placement in because I value her gift I place all of my anniversary jewels in it.
Laughter is a big part of our success
Our weekend was great, both Michael and I took time off from work. We ended our actually anniversary by going to a winery, walking on a nature trail, having lunch, squeezing in 1hour to check emails then a nice dinner ending with an evening on the lake. = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();