VIDEO:Beyonce & Solange Behind The Scene

As many of you all know I am on tour right now with L’Oreal cosmetics. I wanted to show you one of my goal’s and that is to work behind the scene of a L’Oreal commerical. This is a great L’Oreal Feria hair video to show you guys what it’s like putting together a 60 seconds commerical. It’s a good look of what Beyonce is like as well when she’s on set.

Song I Decided-Feria Mix by Solange Knowles

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Inside The Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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Still Piss

And another thing…If I am walking around with my makeup belt around my waist, carrying a large pink makeup kit and one hand, a large black bag and another hand, and I have a hair kit bag around my waist…do you think I have time to stop and put all that down and answer the phone only to be told that “BEYONCE & JAY-Z is getting married”…are you fucking kidding me!!! And you blow my phone up for that dumb shit and have the nerve to get nasty because I don’t call you back…I’m not or

And how do I know YOU??????

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