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I am so excited about being part of ANTI BRIDE & DESTINATION I DO Bridal Magazine. The name may sound familiar to a few that’s because last year I worked with these amazing ladies at the W Hotel for the Austin Scarlett Bridal Show, WU WEEK, and a sizzling bridal photo shoot at the W Hotel French Quarter. Pictures from the “DESTINATION I DO ” shoot can be seen on my website.

I am sure you all will keep up in follow my column “BEAUTY BAR”. We have lots in store for you all and look forward to meeting all of my new followers. I hope you ladies luv my bridal makeup articles.

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Austin Scarlett Bridal Fashion Show

Round 2 took place at the The W. Hotel in the French Quarter. Today everything was going well and on schedule. Had my helpers, Robin actually arrived before me. She already had things lined up for my arrival. I had to go to The W. Hotel on Poydras to pick up the makeup the David from OCC Makeup. I had him send the box to the hotel since I was going to be there and not my studio. He sent the first box to the studio but I never received it. It never made it to me. Anyway, David sent me all of the colors for the look that I wanted to do;POP ART. Plus, he sent his new lip balm for the gift bags. David is AMAZING…RIGHT.

While waiting for the girls to finish practing we ate once again and got our cocktails to kick off the event. Finally, the girls started coming down around PM and they needed to be ready by PM. I was happy with the models that we ended up with. I was so happy that my girl Sue Ellen from a previous assignment said yes to doing the show. Sue Ellen is the model that looks like the actress Scarlett with Angelina lips. Roicio, from last night worked again and the others were new and a pleasure to work. We got them ready and upstairs on time. The show was on schedule and we had a great crowd.

Some of the conservative girls that was there to help out made comments that they didn’t like the makeup. They felt it was not practical for the everyday bride. When we were all discussing the topic Emily was just listening. The girls loved the fact that it was not the basic look that they normally receive. Austin Scarlett, Creative Director Emily shared with me that she loved the makeup and would like to have me come to NYC to do one of Austin Scarlett fashion shows. She got that it was a candlelight outside fashion show so the makeup could not be soft and natural.

After the show Beth Ann and I really just was glad that everything was successful and was over. Michael and I stayed around for awhile to network with the magazine Editor and Publisher, Emily, the models, and friends. I didn’t want to drink to much since we had the photo shoots in the morning. Since we are going to have the shoot at the french quarter location I decided to leave all of my makeup and supplies. The only thing I took home with me was my brushes…of courses.