Makeup Monday: Sharing My Foundation While Living With Lupus

Everyday I get told in person, by email or through social media I wanna be like you.  I always respond with “No You Don’t”. Many always see the glam side of my life working as a makeup artist with celebrities but never the ugly side. Being that it’s Lupus month I decided this month I’ll show you both worlds. I’m finally showing you my real foundation what make me look flawless everyday. Like many women we put on a facade going through whatever challenges it takes to get through the day. My challenge is lupus, every time I share that I have lupus it’s always hard for people to believe because I don’t look sick from a far but if you ever look in my eyes then you will see pass the hair, makeup and smile. Hopefully my strength of allowing you in my real life will help you understand what lupus is. How this auto immune disease effects me and others living with it. 


Starting today living with lupus will no longer be a silent disease. If you know of anyone with lupus I need you to do one thing, be understanding with them. I can never express how everyday is a challenge, you never know what your going to get. One day you can wake up your age the next day your body can feel like a 90 year old person. On Monday you can be on social media taking tons of selfie but the next day you can’t get out of bed or worst you could be in the hospital fighting for your life. Having fun on Monday can cause a flare up that last for 3-4 days. 
So be understanding. Instead of being angry with your friend for canceling a girls night out, or whatever the situation is how about doing something nice for them especially if your friend have kids. Maybe order them a pizza because trust if they are having a flare up they can’t get out of bed to cook for their kids. Be creative, be supportive, not everybody with lupus have understanding people around them. Life is hard & living with lupus is harder. 
See you bye & luv you mean it!!!

I’m Ready To Share My New Life Living With Lupus

Around this time last year I was experiencing the most most excruciating pains in my joints follow by numbness and tingling in my fingers and legs. After a month I knew self medicating with an aspirin and cocktails wasn’t going to cut it I finally told my husband to take me to a doctor. Well, $14,795.00 later I was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Enlarged Heart, High Blood Pressure and Anemia (that I already knew I had). Lupus wasn’t something new to me because my mom twin sister passed from Lupus in 2004. Because it was caught very late I don’t remember much about it except that she was always tired and in pain. I was having symptoms for 9 years but it wasn’t consistent so I assumed it was my glamxurious career and lifestyle, traveling and working crazy hours. But this time something was different. I always joke that I’m the black female Benjamin Button because I don’t look my age. All of a sudden I now started to feel like an 90 year old woman needing assistant from my husband and kids to get out of bed, to walk up stairs, to get dress, and everything else a healthy person could do on their own. 
This disease has completely changed my life since being diagnosed (extreme fatigue, pain, weakness, kidney & heart problems, vision, hair loss, weight gain, sensitivity to light & sun, memory fog, swelling in my feet, legs, & arms). Today I finally decided to talk about it because I’m ready to help to bring awareness to Lupus. Celebrities like Toni Braxton & Nick Cannon can only do so much. Their are so many people that look like me walking around with a secret, trying to hold on to their jobs and it’s scary because you don’t know who to share it with. 
Today, singer Julian Lennon, singer Tessanne Chin and actor Ian Harding, is in New York to help bring Lupus Awareness by being a part of the Empire State Building going purple tonight. Then later tonight the Lupus Foundation of America’s, will be hosting a National Gala in New York City honoring Prof. Dr. Iris Loew-Friedrich, Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon & Jed Whedon. It actually brought tears to my eyes because this could be the beginning of more research for us Lupus survivors. 
One of my friends Mirna Jose has been telling me since I’ve been diagnosed that I should write a post and share my story. So starting today not only will I continue to write about my life as a makeup artist but now as a makeup artist living with lupus. When I’m absent from my blog now you’ll understand why. = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

Connecticut Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert Brandy Gomez-Duplessis works in New Orleans & New York City. Brandy is a hidden gem makeup artist in living in Connecticut with her husband and 2 kids. She was recently diagnosed with SLE Lupus but she keeps her lupus maintain while still doing what she loves and that’s makeup. Brandy resume is like the who’s who, she has done makeup on and for; Hillary Clinton, Ralph Lauren Fragrances for Esquire Mexico Magazine, Polo Player Nacho Figueras, Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Hutton, Queen Latifah, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, 2x Olympic champion Gymnst Aly Raisman, Jordin Sparks, Ellie Goulding, Angela Bassett, Barbara Walters, Edie Falco, Alysia Reiner, Chiqui Delgado, Robert Redford, Brad Goreski, Usher, Ne-Yo, Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, Phillip Phillips, 2 Chainz. Brandy also created looks for Theodora & Callum summer & fall makeup look for their upcoming video shoot, and created makeup looks for Donna Karan 2015 Holiday campaign, and Donna Karan Resort 2014 Collection during market week. Brandy recently worked on The View, MTV 10 On Top, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo, Project Runway, Project Runway All-Stars Season 2, Lifetime “Project Runway” Promo Photo shoot, E News, MTV TV Show Hip Hop Pov, Ralph Lauren, Ebony Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Stila Beauty Event, Fox and Friends Saturday, NBA All-Star Weekend, Donna Karan Fashion Show, DKNY Fashion Show, Mercedes Benz Fashion Show in New York & Miami, New York Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, VH-1 Divas, Real Simple Magazine Holiday Pop Up Store in Bryant Park, GLAMOUR Magazine #WOTY, OPRAH O YOU, L’OREAL Paris, Project Runway Finale, VOGUE TV, Sperry Top-Sider, Burberry Beauty, International Latino Film Festival, Essence Music Festival, New York Post and more. Brandy is a L’OREAL Paris Makeup Artist and the Beauty Editor for Caribbean Posh magazine. Brandy is also a high demand bridal makeup artist in Connecticut, bridal makeup artist in New York, and a bridal makeup artist in New Orleans. She had been hire to do bridal makeup at many destinations weddings in Jamaica at Half Moon resort.