I Had A Runaway Bride Today

I can’t blog long tonight cuz I am so exhausted. Today, was my first time having a RUNWAY BRIDE…I am so SERIOUS!!! When I first arrived this morning to the hotel she joked about would I still like her if she was a runaway bride. I just though she was joking, you know nervous. But she kept making jokes throughout the day. She left to get hair done and was gone like 3 hours. When she came back she had this look on her face and just fell in my arms in full out tears and said I’m going through some things…I gave her some great advice, I made her call him and at least give him heads up before they arrive to the castle. He liked the plan I gave her and said he would allow what I offer and they can work it out when they get home. So, I hope she didn’t bail after I finished cuz she was already 30 mins late for her pics. I painted the hell out of her so I hope whatever happens after I left all I can say is…SHE LOOKED DAMN GOOD! I luv this bride she’s a great person and I hope she listened to me today. Tomorrow I will be saying prayers for this couple.

I am mentally tired and body is hurting it was a very emotional day.

Night Night


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