You know you made it when…

Ok, I can't say a lot just yet….but I guess it means I made it when a local news reporter wants to put me in their drama. Today, I received a call from a local station news channel about an assignment I did with the Mayor Nagin/City of New Orleans last year. To make a long story short the story was not going to be positive. So, I declined about making a statement or have them film me if it wasn't going to be positive about me. Now if they were going to get talk about all the great assignments I have done sure I would be a part but he didn’t want that, taxpayers from New Orleans didn’t want to watch that. He said taxpayers wanted to know about me working with only one client-THE MAYOR! Give me a break.

I have gotten lots of nasty calls and nasty emails in the past about working with the Mayor and the city. I put myself out there by having a blog I have open a cans of worm but I can handle it. I don't work for the city or anybody else so I can do and say what I want. I really don't care and it does not bother me that some locals hate me for one client. They write nasty comments about me and try to poke fun of what I write on my blog. Do I care no, what they don't understand is it helps me with what I want and that's BUZZ. It keeps my name out there. Instead of checking out my website and blog what they really need to do is call me to get services…it’s always the people that really need a makeover that makes nasty comments about me…so go write about that statement:)

But what has me pissed off is I have worked with lots of local politicians and never have been questioned about working with them. This is why the city will never move forward…(write about that statement). No, the stupid part about the entire call is all of the taping was done last year where this news reporter work. So if the Mayor was during something bad why did the news station donate props, donate usage of cameras and etc… why didn’t they do a story about it then? I am not going to shit on anybody to be in some local “it club”. I am not that girl. I don't talk personal info about my clients so if they want to run my name in the mud on locals news that's fine. This is why I am so glad I work for myself. I love to debate…so bring it on! Just be ready cuz I play dirty when pushed.

Let's see how this plays out, I will keep you posted. Both my local attorney and L.A attorneys asked me to not name the station and the reporter that called me about the mayor. What do you think about this?


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