Entitled Beauty Black Friday Online Shopping Sale


I’m excited to announce on this Black Friday & Small Business Saturday that we, Entitled Beauty will offer FREE shipping when you use the code: ENTITLED so you will save $4.99 on your order. Here are the 10 delicious mineral lipstick shade we have that are perfectly matte. Thanks for buying one of my lip colors in advance.


Here are the names of the 10 colors we have

Anastasia-Orange Red

Arleth-Burgundy Wine

Barcelona-Nude Latte

Diamonds-Fiery Red

Heartbreak-Sassy Red

In The Nude-Pinky Nude

Jaco-Brown Pink

Mayan Chocolate-Reddish Brown

Orchid-Violet Purple

Venice-Barbie Pink

A Big Day For Us Makeup Entrepreneurs

img_4427Another big day to add to my list of special accomplishments in my life. My partner-in-crime Johnny Lumoa and I are heading down to Danbury City Hall Permit Center to finish up the last of the 2 important paperwork we needed for Entitled Beauty.

So elated about this day because we both have been working hard on Entitled Beauty. Starting a business is such a special moment. Yes, I’ve done it before in New Orleans but today I’m still excited about our baby Entitled Beauty. Having Johnny, someone who believes in me and my love for makeup standing next to me as a business partner I know we will be successful.  I wish I knew how to do a back flip but just look at our smiles that should say it all.




It’s OFFICIAL!!! We are legit…we are in it to win it!!!! I hope you give us a try.

To celebrate our big day we went to Brio to grab a few drinks and bites

OH, FYI…my lip color is ANASTASIA, from Entitled Beauty.