Let LA Vlogger Teach You A Glam Makeup Look For New Years Eve


Are you looking for a glam NEW YEARS EVE makeup look tonight? LA Makeup Artist & Vlogger Vanessa Talamantes put together a glam makeup look using Entitled Beauty Bold liquid lipsticks and our Glamxurious lip glosses. On her eyes are she’s using The Witty Lash Collection in Tease. Let Vanessa show you how she created this gorgeous makeup look.


Vanessa is wearing Princess Peach Liquid Lipstick and Sunstone gloss from Entitled Beauty makeup line.


Vanessa is wearing Reef Liquid Lipstick and Sunstone gloss from Entitled Beauty makeup line


Watch the entire video of Vanessa getting glam for New Years Eve and learn a new trick or two. She’s great!!!!

Happy New Year!


My Business Partner Made Headline News Talking About Entitled Beauty Makeup


Johnny Luoma in Star Beacon newspaper
Johnny Luoma talk to Star Beacon newspaper about Entitled Beauty makeup line 

I’m like a proud mother or Madame Rose when it come to my business partner Johnny Luoma. While Johnny was home for Christmas the local paper Star Beacon sat down with him to talk about his newly launched makeup line, Entitled Beauty.

Read the full article Lakeside High School graduate starts cosmetic line here. Great piece, thanks Warren Dillaway!

I Was Featured On Everyday Health To Share My Story Of Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, & Lyme

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Last month I spent about an hour chatting with writer Maria Ricapito from Everyday Health. She reached out to me about featuring me on Everyday Health to share my health story of living with RA while working as a makeup artist in the industry. Usually, I’m the one who’s sharing about my health (Lupus & Lyme) on my blog and all of my other social media pages to followers who really are interested in my story. I always find people who don’t know me tell me that I inspire them, I give them hope and I show them that being diagnosed with a chronic illness isn’t a death sentence even when there are lots of days it feel that way.

Makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is known for her beautiful handiwork.

I gave a lot of tips on how I get thought my work days by using certain products, doing little tricks, and how I manage to stay stress free on set. That’s one thing I had to learn to give up, STRESS and that’s including people. I shared with Maria my must have items to help me to maintain stress free days.

  1.  Victorinox Swiss Army
  2.  Royal and Langnickel
  3. Sally Hansen Eazy Tweezy Comfort Grip Slant Tip
  4. Coco’s Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer
  5. HotHands heat warmers
  6. Biodara Immortal Mist
  7. essential oil blend from Tata Harper Skincare
  8. Bath & Body Works Stress Relief collection
  9. Floafers shoes

And if I can share one thing with someone who may be new to hearing me speak. When you start to feel like something is wrong, SOMETHING is wrong. You have to be your own advocate when visiting doctors. If you don’t feel like your doctor is not understanding you, it’s ok to find another. Get a notebook, start documenting everything. Don’t let people tell you that your to young, your depress, your stress, and any other reasons. You know your body better than anyone else. Fight for blood work and not the basic pregnancy test, diabetes test, and thyroid test.

So here’s the article, I hope you enjoy it and learned something new that can help you or a love one….Thanks Maria and the editor at Everyday Health for selecting me.