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Another Fab Day At Warren Tricomi Salon In Greenwich, CT

img_5252Another lovely day of working at Warren Tricomi Salon in Greenwich, CT. Saturday’s are always a busy one at the salon and the energy is so good with all those creative people working on beautiful canvas that I enjoy being there. Now that I have Entitled Beauty, I have a second love in my life. Being a new business owner and a entrepreneur it’s a lot of work. So to answer many peers concern if I’m still going to do makeup  now that I have Entitled Beauty makeup line. The answer is YES, definitely! Makeup is my love, it’s my life, 21 years of doing makeup. I’m not going to stop until my hands fall off. It’s almost there with RA but even that can’t stop me. I want to see my beautiful artistry using my products on my clients.

I’m really excited that I am able to use my Entitled Beauty Mineral Liquid Lipsticks on my clients at Warren Tricomi. It’s nice to see my perfectly matte lippies on them. As you can see I’m wearing my comfortable Floafers shoes in black so when I’m working for over 8 hours my feet doesn’t hurt.

Samantha is wearing Arleth and Julie is wearing Jaco

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Influencers Fun Day Of Getting Content For Their Blog


Yesterday photo shoot with Lifestyle Blogger Ilse was done on location at Stamford Town Center.  Today we both needed to get new content for our social media pages so I took a trip out to Stamford in Ilse neck of the woods. Because I was doing a sponsor post I needed pics of me wearing the the foam loafers that I was wearing from Floafers and Ilse needed new casual pics for her blog. I selected a black pair of the loafers so that I can wear them when I’m working at the salon, on set, any assignment that I would be on my feet for long hours. I figured black would go well with my all black wardrobe. I can honestly say I LOVE THEM! I’m not a CROCS shoe girl because I didn’t like the slip-on and the shoes was not the most stylish looking. I always felt like I was going to fall in them. I need support when I’m working. The last thing I need to worry about is falling. I’m not sure why but my feet didn’t do well in them. I would swell up so so bad in the CROCS. So, it was a relief to see that I didn’t have any problems wearing Floafers.

Let me tell you guys about these foam loafers because I’m now obsessed. Not only are the shoes very stylish and comfortable the shoes are; lightweight, breathable, scuff proof, that have sectional traction so you won’t slip on wet surfaces, it’s made out of antimicrobial foam so they will protect you from odor, mildew, and mold. And the price is easy on the wallet. These loafers are great for anyone that is on their feet for long hours. I wore them all day and my feet did not swell up that’s not normal because when I’m on my feet all day my feet is usually swollen. As you all know my battle with lupus I look like elephant man by the end of the day. Well, not yesterday. So if you know of anyone that suffer like I do I recommend a pair of Floafers.

After a hard day of working taking beautiful pictures both Ilse and I was ready for lunch and of course cocktails so I suggested Kona Grill because we both wanted something healthy for lunch. I know I know we both had cocktails but it was Happy Hour so we couldn’t resist the COSMO75 they were DE-LIOUIS!!!!