Pre Birthday Celebration Unbox With Me

Libra Season, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Tomorrow, Friday, October 13th is my birthday and I’ll be 53. So many of my peers are shocked that I’m not afraid of saying my age. Let me tell you something, when you’re blessed to wake up everyday being honest about your age is nada.

Most of my old followers is familiar with my health back in the days and know how bad it was. Being asked three different times by doctors, “how am I alive” is definitely a wake up call. So sharing my age is a blessing because some doctors thought I wouldn’t make it this far.

Unboxing my 100 Pink Roses

My youngest, my son Jordan gifted me with 100 pale pink and pink roses for my birthday.

Earlier this year on Mother’s Day he gifted me with 100 White roses. He believes in making sure I get my flowers while I’m still here. These beautiful flowers definitely puts a smile on my face.

Happy Birthday To All My Libras!

My Fourth Of July Was So Relaxing


Started my day really late, my body was so exhausted from the day before that I stayed in bed as long as my body wanted. I have learned with having an auto immune that you have to let the body rest.

Plus, the kids were not coming home until 7pm so I had all day to go food shopping at Stew Leonards, pick flowers, while getting the deck ready because we had dinner outside. The food was left for Michael so I had an easy job.

So here are pictures of my Fourth Of July. What was your day like?


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