Ridgefield Master Hair Stylist Shares Her Top 5 Dry Shampoos

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Do you ever get sick of the white residue some dry shampoos leave behind? Well, I do! Some have horrible scents and get all over your clothing.

In this industry preservation is key!  You want that blow out to last more than one day and you most certainly do not want your hair looking flat or oily.
I always get asked about my hair so I thought I’ll go straight to the source. Meet my hairstylist, Master Stylist & Owner Of MC Hair Designs. Maghen does a great job with my hair, I always joke that she gives me Victoria Secret hair.
I asked Maghen exactly what is a DRY SHAMPOO? Maghen explained that a Dry Shampoo’s is designed to help absorb your hair natural oils so that you can extend that style few more days without having to wash it.  They also deodorize and help maintain volume in the hair. I then asked Maghen to tell me her Top 5 Dry Shampoo’s, here’s what she shared with me.
Maghen Cook
Master Hairstylist Maghen Cook


Dry cleaning spray-removes odors and excess oils- spray evenly throughout hair holding the spray about 5 inches away from root then brush through.
As the bottle states, “Shake me, Spray me, Style me.”  This dry shampoo absorbs oils that weigh down your hair- leaves a matte look- spray in and brush
Clear mist VERY lightweight
Rather than using Talc Powder in their spray like most other dry shampoos, Unwash uses Volcanic Ash and has a light fruity scent to it that will not clash with any perfume you are wearing.
This is a Katie Holmes favorite as well as mine!  This dry shampoo has a stiffer feel to it for those woman who have a hard time keeping volume in their hair after the first day its blown out. I’m such a scent person I love how the Mango and Coconut smell in my clients hair.  If you want to keep the blowout I gave you three days ago this is a go to!

A Glam Morning With The Connecticut Housewives

This morning I had an early call time on location in Ridgefield, CT. I had 5 fabulous ladies to get makeup ready with lashes. Hair stylist Erin also from Whip Salon met me at the client home. I am only able to share with you the ladies getting hair & makeup ready because the other photos will be used. It was such a great day with the ladies that I felt like I was in the city. Our host Rebecca knows how to entertain and pamper her guest. I still don’t understand why the ladies in Connecticut don’t have a reality show. We wrapped the day around 2:30pm enough time for me to get ready for my No Makeup Makeup class tonight at Whip Salon.

My makeup goodies

Rebecca is up first

I luv that DYSON dryer. If you never gotten your hair dried with a Dyson dryer then your missing out. What it does to the hair…everything! We use them at Whip Salon but you have to request for it.

Getting Kim makeup ready. I luv when clients let me have my way with them

Rebecca face can wear any makeup look I give her

Going back in to finish up Rebecca makeup look. I decided to highlight her complexion a little bit more.

YASSSSS Rebecca…. that hair

Erin gave Andrea a little tousled curl

No Erin you cannot take Brooklyn home

Nikki has really good eye space so I couldn’t wait to have fun with them

Yes, the eyes coming out really good


Va Va Voom

Now it’s the little girls turn…

A Glam Evening In NYC For The Movie Until 20

  Leaving Connecticut heading to do makeup on my gorgeous client Zulema


Every glam makeup you need to get a glamxurious women makeup ready

I luv what Zulema has decided to wear to the movie screen; Herve Leger top & skirt and  jewelry from LeLe Sadoughi

  Mia is doing hair while I set up

Zulema opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate

Zulema is stunning !

She’s Ready!


Selfie time as we head to Time Warner Center

Mia & I enjoying ourselves at the reception for the movie Until 20

Brandy and Mia at Until 20 Movie Screening

Step In Repeat Time


Hubby was in attendance

Until 20 screening

Looking forward to seeing this film, Until 20

During the movie I started having a flare up…the pain was horrible my body was going numb was having chest & arm pains. I stayed through the entire movie but couldn’t stay afterwards. Hubby got me in a cab we picked up our car at Zulema home and he drove like a mad man to get me home… that damn lupus, always spoiling my fun!

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