Working From While Living On The Lake

The best part about living by the lake is it’s so relaxing! Working from home on a beautiful day like today a girl could not ask for anything else. As I’ve gotten older I like my ME TIME, quiet time. I really get a lot of work done when I’m sitting out on the deck. I turn on some ambiance music from the Parisian scene, electric lounge of Hotel Costes since the deck has surround sound speakers out there. I work so much better when I have on music that makes me think.

I don’t want the summer to go away it’s been WONDERFUL this year.

As Ice Cube Said Today Was A Good Day

Today was a beautiful day minus the rain. Waking up to a nasty morning of rain at 6am I wasn’t feeling well. My body was so achy that it took awhile to get out of the bed. I was so  worry that I was going to have another not so good health day. My day started early having to be at Sephora for 8am for a Nighttime Smokey Eye class.

Great time teaching a Sephora client, a regular client of mine how to complete her rebel eye makeup look with a bold colorful lip.

Having to much fun with Stephanie Blanco trying to make a video for the Instagram page. We had this great idea but it didn’t come out as we planned…to funny!

It’s now 3:30pm, home just collecting my thoughts while the guys are inside preparing dinner.

I purchased these beauty sunflowers yesterday while in New York.

Dinner is on


This Is What I Love About Connecticut Sunday Mornings

It was so GORG out this morning that I had to go sit outside by the lake, wile enjoying a few glasses of champagne. It’s so quiet, so peaceful, just listening to the water relax me so much. This is one of my favorite past time, I wish I could spend more time out here but when the sun come out I have to go. Because of my lupus and the meds I burn really bad but I get my time in as much as I can…Look at this view!