Hawaii Celebrity Makeup Artist is Looking To Staff A Glam Team For The NBA All Star Weekend 2020


img_9874Hey Guys, it’s that time again where I am looking to put together a Hair & Makeup team for the NBA All Star Weekend.

This year the NBA All Star Weekend will be held in Chicago from Feb 14th-16th and I’m looking for a fly group of Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists to add to my team.

If you know of anyone in that market, you can have them contact me through email at (brandy@bgdmakeupartistry.com ) with their information and work or you can refer them.


Thanks in advance.

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I Didn’t Let My Chronic Illness Stop Me From Starting Entitled Beauty Makeup Line

The reason why I can’t stop screaming from the mountain top about Entitled Beauty makeup line is because it’s been a year in the making. Many of the days I was home in bed having bad flares from my Lupus, Lyme & RA. My amazing business partner and I would take advantage of us communicating through technology like Face Time & Skype about colors, textures, and packaging because I wasn’t able to do face to face meetings. So this baby is very special to me and this is why I want everyone to try it, I want everyone to fall in love with it because it was made out of love. Plus, it’s mineral based so it’s all healthy for the skin and for you. My health is very important to me and after sharing about my chronic illness I have met so many other women suffering with a invisible illness like myself.  So, when talking with Johnny about wanting the makeup to be health he supported me. That’s why he’s amazing!

Working in the beauty industry for 21 years and using other makeup brands on my clients, on assignments, at fashion shows I now have my own makeup line to use. So I can’t wait to see it on everyone I now work on. My partner Johnny and I only have 10 perfectly matte lipstick shades for now but so much more lippies colors are coming with a new item in 2 weeks and by Spring 2018 we will have another item added to the line.



Just in time for the holidays maybe treat yourself or someone to Entitled Beauty mineral liquid lipsticks. We have a lot of great things coming up in just a few days so stay tune and stay connected with Entitled Beauty by following our Instagram page.

Will You Be Watching Bruno Mars 24k Magic Show on CBS

Will you be watching Bruno Mars presents 24k Magic Live At The Apollo Theater on CBS? I worked on this special about 2 months ago grooming The Hooligans. Now I can finally share with you all some behind the scenes pics & videos I made. I will also share with you some of the products I used when grooming men for TV.

If you’re a Bruno Mars fans definitely check it out because it’s going to be a great show.

The Life Of A Makeup Artist Who Does Video Blogs


I really enjoy been busy with a variety of things that pertains to my career. This morning started at 8am prepping for a second Skype interview from the team in London about my upcoming speaking engagement.

I have worked so hard as a makeup artist in the beauty & entertainment industry for 20 years and the last few years I have looked at others avenues in the beauty industry like speaking at events about makeup & skincare. So when I receive emails and calls about speaking and educating others it’s a dream come true because as I have gotten older I am looking to stay in the beauty industry but I’m now ready to educate others more whether it’s aspiring makeup artists and/or consumers.


The call went very well I was able to get all of my questions answers and we went over my time frame, topics, and products needed. After the call I headed out to meet up with Johnny to film our second makeup video for Makeup & Martini’s NYC. I feel that the second video was so much easier and felt really good because I once again love to teach so I was able to show a little of that on the second video. I can’t wait for you all to see it on Friday.

Recently, I was gifted with a box of goodies from one of my favorite makeup brands so I waited to open the box of goodies with you all. We also took still pics for content to use on our Instagram page as well. If you haven’t followed us yet please do when you get a chance. Once again thanks to Finlandia Vodka for supporting us with products and our cute Finlandia martini glasses.

Behind The Scenes pic while filming Makeup and Martini’s NYC 

Can I tell you how much hard work goes into this whole world of video blog. For now we are the producers, the directors, the lighting people, the camera people, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, and bartender. Poor Johnny has the hard part he does all the editing. This is why all of those 100’s of videos I have of myself on my computer and hard drive just sit there is because I don’t have the patience for editing. So I am grateful for having Johnny cuz he handles all of the social media as well.

After filming we discuss our next week topic. So that we can have current content for you all.

Don’t forget to tune in on tomorrow to see our second video. Thanks Guys!



Instagram Page: MakeupandMartinisNYC

YouTube Page: Makeup and Martini’s NYC

Makeup And Martini’s NYC Makeup Review On Pat McGarth Labs Lust Matte Trance

This is a fun blog post because the content was so much fun to do. Johnny and I have been flirting for some time now to do a makeup review video. Being in the makeup industry for 20 plus years I only know how to do is the artistry and not making videos. So it’s good to have someone who is stronger with technology. I have filmed numerous of videos of myself but when it comes to editing I suck at it. So they never get posted.  I’m excited about recycling the name Makeup & Martini’s, it was one of my theme’s at my makeup studio in New Orleans years ago. To bring back Makeup & Martini’s with a twist is actually pretty cool. So welcome Makeup & Martini’s NYC!


The first makeup review is on products by an amazing makeup artist Pat McGrath. If I am going to do this new venture then it had to be on something fabulous from a woman that I admire very much. Her newest makeup items from Pat McGrath Labs  is called Lust Matte Trance Trio.  Johnny purchased the trio called Vicious Venoms, they are dark like channeling your dark side. Think vampy gothic meets glamour. Here’s the video to see for yourself what the lipcolors look like on.

We just went for it, NO editing just one take so that it could be us being us. I hope you enjoy and support. Also, I would like to thank Finlandia Vodka for supporting me once again with vodka & glassware and to my daughter Envy for providing us with music. Most of all to Johnny for pushing me to do something that I would probably never have gotten around to do…can’t wait to film our second video. Also, follow us on Instagram at @makeupandmartinisnyc 

Beauty: “What’s Her Secret” In Closer Weekly Magazine

You always hear me say that it’s an honor to be asked to offer beauty testimony for magazines. When your industry peers select you for your actual makeup artistry, your celebrity resume and not your follow & likes counts it means a lot. So when Closer Weekly magazine Assistant Beauty Editor Lauren asked me to participate in her upcoming article on “What’s Her Secret” I was elated about it.  I was asked to give a beauty quote on actress Joely Richardson makeup look and how wearing a certain eye shadow shade to look younger in seconds.

The current issue is on the newsstand today.


celebrity-makeup-artist-brandy-gomez-duplessis-at-home.jpgMeet Brandy, my fairy glam-mother, as I like to call her. She’s probably my most fabulous and glamorous friend – and I know a lot of fab women! Why do I want you to know her? Because she’s definitely a #GirlBoss, paving the way for women entrepreneurs in the makeup industry. She’s been in the game for years, from owning her own makeup concierge boutique in New Orleans to working with some of the most high-profile celebrities and directing top print and editorial campaigns.

I first met Brandy about two years ago and instantly, we clicked. If you have the pleasure of knowing Brandy you know her personality is magnetic, over-the-top in the best way possible, and the warmest soul. She won’t boast about all the amazing things she’s accomplished. Nope. She’d rather learn about your goals and do anything in her power to help you achieve them – to know her is truly to love her.

A few weeks ago I asked her if I could share a bit of what she’s accomplished in her amazing career and just chat about what she’s currently up to. She agreed! So we sat down, I got to play reporter and Brandy got personal about life as a professional makeup artist in Connecticut.

How did you get started in the makeup industry? Did you always know you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I started at Estée Lauder in Walt Whitman Shops in Suffolk County, New York. I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty and fashion industry. I love being around fashion, hair, and makeup. I also flirt with photography and interior designs. I feel like I love everything that has anything to doing with enhancing a look.

You just came back from New Orleans working a big assignment. Can you share a little about it? 

Yes, I was working as the Key Makeup Artist for the NBA All-Star Weekend. I was in charge of bringing on a team of hair and makeup artists and working on the talent. We always get big name actors and artists that are hot on the charts. I also create makeup looks on their background dancers, the NBA dancers, the band, and sometimes the players if they have a photo shoot scheduled. It’s a lot of work because everything is live on TNT so you always need to be ready for anything.


Read the rest of this fabulous interview on Ilse beautiful blog here.

Sunday Night Out With The Girls

A much needed girls night was needed with Ilse & Daisy. After work I met up with my girls at Mezon Tapas Bar & Restaurant on Mill Plain Road in Danbury. Ilse selected the spot because she always pick the best place for girls day or girls night. We had a lot to celebrate, Daisy birthday & her dream job becoming a M.A.C makeup artist. The other topics was business, business, & business for 2017. The next day I texted Annya with all the notes because she wasn’t able to meet up with us on short notice. I’m so glad we managed to get together before the new year to organize our blueprint.

My Daisy is 21 years of age, she’s legal to drink now!

Makeup Monday Is All About Great Skincare

Everyone is always talk about getting that flawless beat face. Well, you can’t achieve that if you don’t use skincare. This month my skincare of choice at Whip Salon is from First Aid Beauty. You can see FAB being featured in this month Glamour & In Style magazine.

I selected FAB for the month for a few reasons. It’s simple yet effective, it deliver immediate relief & it’s great for sensitive skin.

At the salon I do a lot of No Makeup Makeup looks so using First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer gives the skin that daily glow. The Detox Eye Roller is a fan for many of my clients. They luv the cooling effect in the instant improvement under the eye.

I’ll always use the best skincare that I can on my clients, because it’s not the BB Cream & Foundation that’s important it’s the SKINCARE!


A New Makeup Shipment Came In Today

You wanna know what makes me happy…Anything makeup! Whenever I get a new shipment of makeup in, it always feel like Christmas. So when Jane Iredale makeup order came in today I was so happy for the recipients. The ladies that attended my “After Hours” makeup class at Whip Salon all received 10% off the makeup they purchased. So I’m putting together everyone goodies so that they can have these  must have OMG makeup. I know when I buy new makeup I look forward to getting home to play. I’m sure they will be happy when they get a call today. Ok, gotta go…makeup is calling!

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