Happy Mother’s Day To All The Amazing Mother’s

I started my morning very early had to be up for 6am to get ready to go to Sephora to coach a Beauty Class. After the class I only accepted 1 appointment because it was a very sweet client who trust me to do her daughter makeup for all her special events. Angie shared with me that she has never gotten her makeup done before. So I had to treat her on Mother’s Day.

By 1pm I was home celebrating with my family doing everything that I enjoy doing daily especially when I’m feeling well.  My son told me everyday is Mother’s Day because we all spoil each other. That is so true, I try to raise the kids to be good everyday to one another not just on holidays. I love been home for holidays entertaining with the family. I hate going out to eat or celebrating with a lot of people. We all like the intimacy of being home celebrating (eating & drinking) together. The weather started out very nasty with a rain storm, by 2pm I was outside enjoying the lake in eating crawfish outside while sippin on prosecco. We had a fantastic dinner then movie time. I only made to 1.5 movies, crashing before 10pm. I was so grateful for my day that I used up all of my energy.

Thanks Family for a nice day! I hope everyone spoiled their mom’s yesterday.

My daughter order me crawfish cuz she know how much I miss it. We like ordering from Louisiana Crawfish Company. Always fresh and nice size crawfish

2 treats that I can never get enough of: Mionetto Prosecco  & crawfish 

may 10th lupusday

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