Hawaii Celebrity Makeup Artist is Looking To Staff A Glam Team For The NBA All Star Weekend 2020


img_9874Hey Guys, it’s that time again where I am looking to put together a Hair & Makeup team for the NBA All Star Weekend.

This year the NBA All Star Weekend will be held in Chicago from Feb 14th-16th and I’m looking for a fly group of Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists to add to my team.

If you know of anyone in that market, you can have them contact me through email at (brandy@bgdmakeupartistry.com ) with their information and work or you can refer them.


Thanks in advance.

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Behind The Glam Scene Of NBA ALL STAR Weekend

Regardless of how many years I have been the NBA Key Makeup Artist I get excited about the first day like I’m in high school. My makeup kit is ready at the front door, my clothes laid out and it’s a production getting ready, music on, food and drinks ordered, selfies being taken. When I know I am going to have a long day and I know I’ll be taking lots of pics of myself I use L’OREAL Paris Infallible foundation.

All of the credentials for my team

Here is the hair & makeup room for the talents, the headlinersΒ have a different green room

I have known Shannon since I opened my first makeup store in New Orleans, she started out as a client then later started doing makeup. Luv her!

My team captains for all 3 days, all of these amazing people worked with me for the last NBA All Star’s in New Orleans but also for so many other different assignments. If you do great work and have great energy I will call you every time I need hair & makeup in New Orleans. The rest of the team will arrive Saturday& Sunday.

Getting a touch up by my favorite girl Shannon…did I tell you how much I luv her!

Getting a little hair touch up to….Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

Now it’s time to do some real work, started our day with getting Megan Miller ready. I’ve worked with Megan before so it’s always a treat working with repeat talent.Β 

Using Stila cosmetics custom color blush in coral on Megan

Carl is being teased because he hates being on camera and is not a fan of social media

Hey Erin…Erin was my personal hairstylist in New Orleans. She’s TALENTED!

Nicole is the NBA Host and another sweet girl that I always enjoy getting makeup ready. Her skin is FLAWLESS!

Shannon got jokes, she’s imitating MOI and how I apply makeup with love to my clients

Heading To New Orleans For NBA All Star Weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m heading to New Orleans for NBA All Star Weekend to work and I can’t be so elated. On this trip my travel companion is my daughter Envy. She wanted to go home to party while visiting her friends. Hubby dropped us to the airport and us girls were on our way. Being that I been the Key Makeup Artist since 2010, Michael and I have gotten use to me working out of town on this day. But I always find a fun creative way to leave them cute gifts at home.

Did you see my beauty testimonial in Life & Style magazine, if not here it is.

Because I knew we would have a full day at the airport we decided to grab food and a cocktail. We ordered food from Anglers at LaGuarida airport.

So I order the Viva Villa, a Patron Silver tequila, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup, for $14 but my drink didn’t look like the picture. After speaking with the waiter this was the best they could do he said. I’m a girl that order food by presentation and packaging. My complaint is when businesses advertise the food /drinks one way and bring out something totally different. Anyway, I did enjoy the lobster but I didn’t eat the bread and I luv my fresh hot crinkle fries.

After I got my grub on I decided to get some work done with all the updates coming in about the celebrity talents. I found me a quiet spot at the airport spread out all my stuff and I ordered myself a drink on one of those tablets. Oh, I was straight got a lot done while we waited to board.

After leaving the airport I only wanted to make one stop and as I WISHED the red light was on at Krispy Kreme. I order 2 dozens of the original doughnuts and now I’m complete.






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