Feeling Like A Pink Lady In My Entitled Beauty Makeup

img_2722Hey Girl Hey…Today I’m giving you a Pink Lady vibe with my Entitled Beauty makeup look. Hanging out in the Boogie Down Bronx feeling fly, You Like?

Can you believe that all this fabulousness is mineral makeup. When I finally decided that I was going to do a makeup line, I knew that it had to be a mineral line because of my health issues with Lupus. My autoimmune is so weak that I have to be very careful about the makeup I put on my skin. And I wanted women to wear healthy makeup as well if they are going to be wearing Entitled Beauty Cosmetics. With mineral makeup it’s usually very neutral and boring and since there is nothing boring about me I wanted the makeup to be highly pigmented and long wearing.

So let me tell you what I’m wearing today.

Entitled Beauty Cosmetics:

  • Eyes “Broke A$$” Social Eyeshadow launching Nov 14th online
  • Cheeks “Resting Bitch Face” Spotlight Highlighter
  • Lips “Venice” All Nighter Liquid Lipstick + “Sassy” Glamxurious Lipgloss

Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

“Resting Bitch Face” Spotlight Highlighter



Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

"Venice" All Nighter Liquid Lipstick




Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

"Sassy" Glamxurious Lipgloss



New Orleans Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Gomez-Duplessis is a wife and a mother of 2 adult kids. She also has a home in Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. In 2014, Brandy was diagnosed with Lupus, Lyme & RA. She uses her platform to help bring awareness about her health.








Entitled Beauty Mineral Makeup Online Store Is Open


OMG, can you believe it? The day has following come. Entitled Beauty online store is Now Open for business. It took us 1 year to plan with many days testing out colors, coming up with names, and just having fun creating Entitled Beauty. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy one. With both of us working hard at our regular jobs we first started with Makeup And Martini’s NYC doing makeup review videos. With the success of Makeup And Martini’s NYC we are now consider a Vlogger. But for us makeup junkies we wanted more, we wanted our own makeup line. We’re just so excited that we finally did it. We are starting with 10 highly pigmented perfectly matte lip colors that has 3x the pigments then most.

All of you bloggers will appreciate that us beauty influencers are proud to say we are now owners of a makeup line called Entitled Beauty. We both wanted a signature color to call our own. So Johnny and I worked hard at creating a shade that we would personally rock on our lips. Johnny color is a beautiful pink called Venice and I chose a flirty violet purple shade called Orchid.

Stay connected with Entitled Beauty also on Instagram. Thanks in advance everyone for all of your support. I hope you luv all the colors we came up with. Please go shopping and let me know your thoughts, take pics and post, give us a shout out. Again THANK YOU!