img_1258-1When your peers reach out to say they would like to feature you on their blogs and share your story to their readers it’s always an honor. Two features in one week, this time on Vine & Oak lifestyle blog. As many of you know I don’t hide my health issues so hopefully my story will give insight and inspired new peers. Read the article from Vine & Oak here.

Thanks Tiff and good luck with Vine & Oak.

This Is What A Lupus Person Look Like On A Bad Day

Lupus problem quote

When a person with lupus say to you “I’m Fine” we are lying to you. No, we are not liars but we are having a bad flare up, and or/maybe heading to the hospital in not trying to worry you. I had 4 horrible days of flare up’s. I was given a steroid shot to help alleviate some of the joint pains. Because in 2 days I have to teach a makeup class so I have to get it together enough  to get through both days. Once I get in drag (hair& makeup) I can get away with it. I know how to turn on to new people who don’t know anything about me that they won’t notice. The most they will think is that I’m congested. Usually somebody else is dealing with allergy or sinuses so I don’t come across ill.

Warning, this is not a pretty picture, this is what happens to me when I’m having a flare up. My body is kicking my ass, I’m not winning at the moment. Everything that can go wrong with my body is happening, triggering all of my Lyme & RA symptoms to act an ass as well. Guess what, I win at the end cuz I made it to another day.

You Don’t Look Sick…Auto Immune Disease

Do I need to be 6ft under in order for me to be consider a sick person. Nowadays when people are sick, non cancerous they look like me. They are fighting everyday living with some type of illness that they have been diagnosed with. If you know someone who have any type of an auto immune disease try to be there for them. Just like you show emotions for a celebrity who is sick and in the hospital the world hashtag and go hard, show that same support for your friend. Instead of suggesting they go out with you in the girls after work offer to maybe have something delivered to them. Maybe get together with friends in skip Starbucks for a week in treat your bestie to a one day maid service or if she has young kids treat her kids to healthy food/snacks or some type of educational entertainment that they can do at home while mommy is not feeling her best. Don’t wait for the person who don’t look sick to be under the grave to finally wanna step up. Real friends show up before the tombstone does.