How Are You Re-looking At Your Future

I don’t have all the answers but I do live with a study guide that I call it my personal blueprint. With everything going on, it’s ok to rewrite your story from time to time. All of this new TIME is allowing me to work on self-growth. 🙏🏾 ⏰

How about you, are you finding yourself rewriting your future goals & plans?

Do You Have A Fancy Journal That You Enjoy Writing In

If you have been following me on social media then you know I am working on my books. I write every chance I get because I promised myself that I want to have the first book finished this year. The first book will be a fun self help book for girls/women, the second will be about my life as a makeup artist working with celebrities while living with lupus and the third is a beauty makeup book. You’ll always see me with a fancy journal on set, at the airport, in the park, or by the lake. So here are a few new journals that you’ll find me writing in this year. Do you have a favorite journal to write in?

a gift from Leah Bradley at L’OREAL Paris

a gift from my girlfriend Lizzie Mestren

Diane von Furstenberg