Kinda Scary Photo Shoot

I just did this photo shoot on yesterday and for the first time in a long time I didn’t like the talent I was working with to much. Baby Girl, was really feelin herself way to much. The talent manager (Mark) contacted me by phone to first let me know they needed to do a rush photo shoot. The shoot was for an up in coming model who needs picture for her trip to LA. So you know I’m excited to help.

The manager and I spoke by phone first and then we emailed each other a lot after. I sent my rates and my needs to do this shoot. I am very clear and don’t do shady or last minutes charges, not my style. So I’m thinking everything is a done deal since I confirmed and he confirmed.

I arrive at the hotel where the shoot was suppose to take place. Parked my car pulled out my makeup kit and bag with my lap top, speakers, credit card machine, lights, and other goodies I like to bring with me when I work. Anyway, I am in the lobby where they tell me to meet them and after 10 min’s I call the manager. He answer but said he had to move the location. I am so pissed off because he should have picked up the phone to call me …right. So, he told me that he will call back in 5 min’s with the new location. Because we never met I was getting a little concern. He calls back with a new location. The second location was not far but I did have to move my car and drive there. Of course this bill is getting added to his invoice…you know that right.

Get to the location this time a condo but nobody is downstairs waiting for me or anything. Finally, this wanna be looking LA country boy shows up and introduce himself. He wasn’t the manager just a friend of the manager and wanted to help me upstairs plus buzz me in. At this point I am on the phone with my people to see if I need to walk away from the assignment. We arrive on the 3rd floor and I am still on the phone. There is a set up and people everywhere but the manager or the talent is not in sight. The young man who brings me up to the condo shows me where they wanted me to set up. He finally tells me his name plus what was going on with the shoot.

Basically, Mark didn’t have enough funds and that he was trying to get the rest of the cash before the shoot started and before he got to far in debt. The shoot was 2.5 hrs late and when Mark arrived he paid in cash for the day rate, both parking charges and the overtime. The shoot went well after we were ready to start. The fashion stylist, the hair stylist and I met with this bitchy model who finally arrived to go over the looks for the day. Then the photographer joined us with his feedback on the ideas and we were able to set up and start after all the meetings. The photographer and the model did not get alone to well. She had her trashy look in mind and he had his porn ideas in mind.

The model was your typical PLAYBOY…ENTROUAGE extra…PLASTIC body with a Paris Hilton weave. From what I could see the pictures were coming out GREAT and she was giving us some crazy lip action. Hopefully, there is one pic that I could use in my book…hopefully. They did provide great music, and food was catered so I didn’t need my extra bag I brought with me.

The best part was getting paid cash so I didn’t have to worry about a check bouncing and I didn’t have to worry about safety or drug issues:))))