On A Crazy Mission Today

Ok you know my mission is to be an A-list
makeup artist. I don't know if you thought
I forgot all about it. Going to the special
invited L'Oreal event in Connecticut,
being called about the NBA All-Star 2009
and just last weekend being in Tampa, Florida
doing makeup with L'Oreal cosmetics and having
women love my work…let me stop lieing to
to you…havin women ask for my card and one girl
ask if I would come back in October for her
wedding. So, I know I must get movin more
than I am.

I have been on The Knot a wedding/bridal website
for about 4 years now and I was told
about the new issue that's out. I am going
to go buy one to see if I made the list as
one their top vendors in my market. But,
because I didn't get any calls from brides
saying they saw my name listed that's how
I have a feelin I ain't in it…

So, with that said I am about to push myself
like a crazy woman. If yall think yall can't
get in touch with my black ass now wait
to what's about to happen.

This boy is stupid… I am watching Mason Betha
this morning. When I can I try to catch him
in the morning. I love starting my day off
watching him. I have been able to listen
to his sermon and not see the rapper MASE.
I actually reaaly get his words and I do feel
like I got feed. It's like when I hear Pastor
Rowe from Upperroom Church in New Oroeans
East. He just said something real but it was
crazy how he deoivered it.

Of course I am home today but have a lot
to today. I am about to head out to the studio.
I have Mike the sign guy coming by. The same
one I used before. I email Xavier to see if
we could get together to do some update
on the site. I have tons of emails to brides
and I need to get in touch with my makeup
peopoe. I need to get some makeup in
to retail. once I get in touch with Mark Bloom
in LA about the new name for the makeup
and I get copyright to it I'll share it with
yall later.

I think the city inspector is suppose to
come by this week. One of my girls have
been helping me while I was gone. She
has been handling my paperwork cuz I had to
renew everything because of the new location.
Since I had to do the out of town dates
she offer to assist me with that since she
works at City Hall. How sweet was that.

Alright my babies I am out… gotta go
make myself an A-list makeup artist.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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