Don’t Piss Me Off

I just have to vent as I sit on set doing rally nothing at the moment. I always say or tell new people that come into my life that I am NOT…I repeat…I am NOT…that girl or friend that can play on the phone or hang out all day. My career is very important to me and especially now as I rebuild my business and my name as a Makeup Artist I don’t have time just lounging around doing nothing and gossip, shopping, going get nails done or going see the new movie and etc. I work long hours and my day usually starts when most people are still sleeping. I’ve already put in 3 hours so far. So when I have down time like now on set I don’t have anyone to call who can talk because I respect that my friends or asleep, or getting ready for school or work or dealing with their kids. So I don’t call them and chat and chat and chat when I know damn well they can’t talk to me. So, I don’t get angry or mad an throw a fucking fit.

So, I would like people to respect my schedule as well and understand that when I am at work don’t blow my damn phone up. If I don’t pick up then understand that I must be working in can not talk. Unless your going to pay for the production company to stop filming so I can speak to you then don’t expect for me to answer the phone. I explain that I can respond by text and if you don’t like to text that’s your ass. I am working so I can’t just stop and ignore what’s going on to entertain you with not important topics you want to speak about. Stop texting me these chain letters…I don’t do chain letters so stop.

This is why I keep my list of friends short because I don’t have the time to deal with new people who need that type of attention daily. Blowing up my cell phone or emailing me 4 or 5 times a DAY…is some stalker shit. I don’t play that. Maybe something was going on yesterday because everybody was PMSing with me. But new fucking people that I don’t deal with on a regular due not have the right to send me nasty emails or voice message. Now when I have time to play and don’t have any assignment I make sure I call and invite or make time for FRIENDS…but if you piss me off don’t think your coming into my circle.

UNDERSTAND THIS…If you are a person that is sensitive…need a friend that you can call all day and just talk about stupid shit and just hold the phone saying nothing…you need a friend to go see the new movie…you need a friend who like to gossip…need a friend to just sit around the house with you…need a friend to play on the internet and read all the different websites…need a friend to play dumb games with your man…I AM NOT THAT FRIEND!!!

Gotta go back to work.

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