Advertising & Marketing

So today I needed to focus on placing ads in the local papers so I had a lot of the reps scheduled to meet with me today so that I can just knock it out all at one time. Basically, when you meet with new reps it’s like doing interviews. Cuz everybody wants to ask questions and I get the same questions asked all the time…how did u get started….why did you want to become a makeup artist…how long have u been a makeup artist….

So I understand when celebrities get mad and tired of doing press because you really do repeat the same thing over and over. Now I have all these press kits to look at to see which ones I will advertise in and not go over my budget. Some will not get my business because at the meeting they were not listening to me and you know how much I hate that. I feel like I give you a lot of homework;pics, web site, blogs, bio’s, old articles and etc to give you info about me. And after all that you suggest something totally opposite from me then I get pissed…now I have to cut you. I think I am very easy….GLAM, GAUDY, LOUD, OVER THE TOP!!!

Gambit was my favorite as usual …they ‘me…and I have a great working relationship with them. So, I just have to decide on how much I can spend with them and still do something else. The last 2 hours I returned phone calls and did some emails.

I had to hurry home to get myself some time to go home and shower and get ready for the Tanqueray Party at the CAC. My baby girl Jamielynn was suppose to come by to get makeup and lashes but because she still has so much to do for the event she didn’t have time to sneak off. I promised I will come out and support and I support my friends when I can. I had such a great time…we just needed Ms Shontell there to party with. They had a nice adult crowd and the music and food was on point. My favorite was the dessert!!! My boys stopped by after the game (CJ & CHRIS PAUL) and I introduced baby girl to Chris and STAR to CJ.

As usual I took lots of pics…PAPARRAZI in the house.


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